The Evolving Man Class?


Who is The Evolving Man class for? Men! Men who know that there can be more to life. Men who have a desire to grow and expand themselves. Men who want to further the connection with themselves, as well as all relationships in their lives. Men who question what it is to be a man in todays society. Men who have never done yoga. Men who are afraid of change, of the uncomfortable, of connecting with other men.

The true power of The Evolving Man class is not what we gain…but what we allow ourselves to release.

See you there! Thursdays 7:15-8:30 pm at Tru Yoga Las vegas.

Shaun Glenn

Shaun is a Mindset Coach and T.R.Yoga Instructor based in Las Vegas, NV. He combines his experiences helping individuals living with severe mental illness through attachment based therapy and mindfulness along with over 10 years of his own self development knowledge to empower his clients through self connection. Shaun offers one on one coaching sessions both online and in person, classes and workshops. In addition, he created an empowering experience specifically for men in The Evolving Man class, designed to build both inner and outer strength through movement, mindfulness and meditation. The Evolving Man class is hosted at Tru Yoga Las Vegas, every Thursday 7:15-8:30 pm.