Can you believe what the Democrats are doing now?

Nevada GOP

The effects of failed Democratic leadership are being felt in Nevada and across the country…

First Democrats sent our economy into a tailspin, spiking inflation with radical, Socialist spending.

Then Joe Biden affected us with a far-left, open borders scheme, paving the way for a record-breaking number of illegal immigrants to pour across our Southern Border in the middle of a pandemic and threatening to reshape our entire country.

And finally, his failed leadership created a complete foreign policy CRISIS overseas in Afghanistan – he showed us all the very real and disastrous consequences that result from incompetent decision-making!

In July, Biden said he was not going to mandate vaccines but that was a lie. He lied about vaccine mandates and he lied about leaving no American behind in Afghanistan. America deserves better!

Our state and country deserve better than what we’ve been getting from the failed leadership of Democrats like Joe Biden.

Because here’s the honest truth – fellow Democrats like Catherine Cortez Masto have shown they won’t lift a finger to stop the CRISIS that her party has unleashed!

Senator Masto is happy to sit back while Open Borders and inflation wreak havoc on Nevada and America – the longer that radical Democrats like her are in charge, the greater that everyday citizens will suffer!

And that’s why our party has set out to get the leadership we deserve…

We’re a grassroots organization that’s dedicated to stopping these Democrat failures by instilling bold, conservative leadership in Carson City and Washington, D.C. instead.

If you agree that our state and country need leaders who won’t leave our economy in ruins, throw open our Southern Border, or abandon our people, you can lend your support to our fight today!

Thank you for joining the fight,

Nevada Republican Party