Play music while you are in the water.

Las Vegas,NV- CES 2018 showcased some waterproof speakers , these speakers first launched  back in 2014, by Aquajam an award winning Australian Tech company  for its waterproof speaker line. They started with the AJ 1, and now have expanded to offer a full range of speakers and accessories. Their products are unique in the fact that they are designed to work as well in the water as they do out of it.

They believe in creating feature rich products with a difference in design and performance. The result is an exceptional audio experience truly built for the outdoors. Here are the waterproof speaker products from AquaJam.



The World’s smallest Waterproof Speaker… With a big sound.

It’s the size of a walnut and of course it’s 100 percent waterproof.

A life ring has been included in the packaging. This has been designed to fit around the AJ mini, allowing the speaker to float with the speaker side facing up so you can enjoy your tunes in the water.



Inspired by our AJ mini design. The AJ 105 has been scaled up to deliver more power and it comes with true wireless technology allowing the user to pair two AJ 105’s to one device and create amazing stereo sound.




The AQUAJAM is an extreme climate, floating, waterproof, full range wireless speaker system.

Equipped with several multi purpose mounts, you can attach your AQUAJAM anywhere, from the handlebars of your bike to your shower wall,boat or even surfboard.

Light and portable, with up to ten hours of playtime and high quality audio, now you can swim, paddle, hike and ride with your tunes.



Our award winning speaker just got better.

Taking all the best features of the AJ2, such as self righting flotation and the quick release mounting system.

We added more power and a true wireless function allowing the user to take two units and pair them to the same device to create amazing stereo sound.