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Dear Charles,

Before anything else, I wanted to THANK YOU for all your support in the last week. Although Project Veritas headquarters is destroyed,



It’s been a long and painful process to clean out our offices this week.

Not only has the Veritas staff stepped up to physically remove items from our headquarters, we’ve also been working non-stop to figure out a new work location and planning our next releases.

For us to get back to where we were before Hurricane Ida, Veritas still needs your help.

We have a current goal of $1,500,000 to fully recover our losses. So far, because of YOUR SUPPORT, Charles, we are already halfway there.

My intention is to build back Project Veritas bigger and better than ever before.

We have a mission to accomplish. We cannot stop now.

In fact, a generous supporter has pledged to match all donations up to $70,000! This will only be matched if you donate RIGHT NOW.

I want to reiterate my enormous gratitude for your support in the last 10 days. I will never forget it.

I only ask for your tax-deductible donation again, Charles, because I want to be honest with you about where Project Veritas stands in this recovery process.

The Veritas family is counting on your support.

God bless you,

James O’Keefe

P.S. Support Veritas today to match your tax-deductible donation up to $70,000! Don’t miss this opportunity!


Godspeed, James.