But she has no money for stimulus checks? Bullshit.

Greetings sports fans, and welcome to another thrilling edition of Vegas Valley Sports Beat. That spark plug of a sports column that makes you stop and think. Or not. In any case, my questions are very simple and I’m sure they echo the concerns of a great many Las Vegas residents and visitors alike. Nancy Pelosi and the rabid dogs of the impeach Trump for everything brigade are wasting taxpayer money to impeach President Trump yet again and on another baseless charge when Trump only has 8 days left to serve before he leaves office. Wink wink. He’s not leaving. Wink wink.

I voted for candidates in both parties so I am a non-partisan voter by definition but I am a voter whose vote was tampered with by the state of Nevada and I have proof. I turned that proof over to the White House long before the election so, go ahead and come at me Google, or whoever. That’ll be a retribution and civil rights violation lawsuit that you’ll never recover from. You’ll be lucky to own a Flinstonemobile again and I will shut you down by injunction until you get right with God. My attorney is my Kola Michael Standing Bear and I don’t think he likes people like that any more than I do.

What I have seen for the past 4 years and what I continue to see day in and day out makes me sick to my stomach and mad as all hell. I simply cannot and will not abide by anyone lying to my face.

My question for Nancy and the rest of her psycho circus in Congress is how is it that you’ve got money to waste on fake impeachments and fake collusion investigations, and for Pakistanis to study genitals but you only have $600 for stimulus checks for American’s that are suffering and facing evictions and foreclosures? Millions are dead from Covid-19 and it’s mutating into more virulent strains that can be immune to the vaccines, even the great white waffle doctor, Anthony Fauci agrees that it can happen. Claiming efficacy against an untested strain out of hand could cause people to die.

$600 doesn’t amount to a hill of beans to a family business owner whose business has failed or been looted and burned by rioters that are palatable to the sensibilities of Joe, Chuck, Nancy, and Kamala, Cuomo, et al in the DNC. Don’t spit in my face and tell me it’s raining I earned a 4.5 GPA in college economics.

That raises the question of why haven’t any of you fools in Congress done a damn thing to help in any way during the course of this pandemic but sit in your Ice Cream Palace laughing down your nose at the peons while you criticize the only person that has put in a lot of work fighting it and fast-tracking the vaccines? Nancy? Senator Harris? Not one of you hypocrites has done a thing to help anyone but yourselves. I fact-checked that myself.

For those of you that have invested in Twitter and Facebook, stock experts report that the tech tyrant’s stocks have suffered heavy casualties after Jack Dorsey deleted the accounts of President Trump, Sidney Powell, Lt. General Flynn, attorney Lin Wood, and as many as 70,000 other Trump supporters. Tomorrow might be too late to dump what will quickly become a penny stock. You simply don’t alienate 88 million of a man’s friends no matter how insane you are. That’s bad form.

Even the dumbest bird has more sense than to shit where it lives and eats and the public backlash has only just begun as Twitter users start to realize how insanely boring and lame the platform is without Donald Trump around. Perhaps the lesson for Twitter users that find themselves without a voice, who are being banned, suspended, and black-listed for free non-violent speech while they promote the violent ideals of China, Antifa, BLM, Iran, and anybody else that hates America including hatebots,  is not to put all of your eggs in one basket next time.

Network more closely with your friends and contacts on social media so that if the shit really hits the fan you don’t find yourself cut off from society with no way to make contact with your family and friends again. Let this truth be your guide. America certainly has its flaws and being a card-carrying Native American warrior of a traditional Lakota lodge, brother I can name you a few million of them by their first names. Starting with the entire American tribe that discovered Christopher Columbus in 1492.

America has its share of bad apples the same as any nation because people are the same no matter what color, or creed they come in. That’s how we learn to do better and to hopefully one day be better human beings worthy of God’s love. America has stood as the beacon of freedom for 245 years. During all that time, including during the Civil War, it is crystal clear to everybody but the criminally ignorant that socialism has killed everything it has ever touched like the death sentence that it is.

One more thing to keep in mind as you go through your day. If you believe you’re going to live through World War 3 because you live in Las Vegas you’re probably dead wrong, Nellis AFB, so let your conscience be your guide from here on out. How important are the things you love versus your political idealism? Only one of these lasts forever, and that’s why it’s the greatest thing of all time.

Anti-fascists did this too.