Greetings sports fans and welcome to another amazing adventure in gonzo journalism I call Vegas Valley Sports Beat. That quirky little column that can, and very likely will. Whatever it is. Today was another beautiful day in the lovely Las Vegas Valley region. The weatherman says temperatures could hit 94° on Sunday so the honeymoon with old lady winter might be over and done with.
In an effort to spotlight and support some of our amazing small business owners during the Coronavirus quarantine period I would like to bring your attention to a very lovely young lady whom I met by the side of the road this afternoon named, Denise. She is the one pictured on the right. Before the quarantine shut down Las Vegas, Denise supplied meat to some of the better restaurants in the city. Now, however, she finds herself in possession of a whole lot of high-quality meat and no customers and this is why she is selling meat by the roadside.
Being plucky, as she quite obviously is, Denise ordered a grip of meat, then she managed to procure this little red truck and she brought some delicious-looking meats to sell in Pahrump. Denise said that she went into the Pahrump Walmart store the other day and they had no meat on the shelves at all. She says she found this very distressing because she has family here and they like to eat too. And so now here she is with a great bargain to offer for the lucky ones plucky enough to seek her out and make a deal.
She has her health and business licenses and she states that the meat is guaranteed for one year past the purchase date against spoiling or freezer burn. She showed me the package that she is selling and I visually inspected a sample case of the meat itself. The cuts looked very tasty and tender and are well-marbled. In some cases, they have been seasoned in the package so you can open a few up and throw them directly onto the grill if you wish. They are obviously a good value and Denise says besides cash, she also accepts EBT, pre-paid debit, and all major credit cards.
Meat seeking customers in Pahrump can find Denise and her little red pick-up truck posted up tomorrow at the corner of Game Bird and Homestead in Pahrump from around Noon to 6 p.m. When I spoke with Denise it was late in the afternoon. She was packing it in and calling it a day. She had been there all day long along with her friend, Eilene, who was down here in Southern Nevada visiting us from the great state of Utah. She is also a very lovely lady and she has been lending Denise a helping hand. When I first saw Eilene she was chasing one of their signs that the wind had gotten ahold of and was attempting to relocate to a new zip code before she caught it at the intersection.
Helping Denise out is what we hope to do here now by sending a customer or two her way tomorrow and perhaps in the future.
As we are all aware by now our very survival is dependent upon our ability to come together as one people egos aside in the spirit of human kindness and look out for one another as best we can. That doesn’t always mean making a charitable donation of money. What you give of yourself is beyond price; its value is immeasurable even if you are the only one who knows it.
All the more so then if you ask me because heroes don’t need medals as so many people all over America have been demonstrating in the wake of this horrible pandemic. It would have been so much worse had everyone not taken the measures we did and stopped the infestation in its tracks for short of projected numbers that would have meant a great many more people whom we might know and love would have certainly died. As tough as it has been for everyone, everyone has come together so beautifully to make it all so much better than it would have been otherwise. So many people who were always overlooked before are now keeping a nation alive and its people are keeping the spirit that made this nation great alive and well despite the bad news. Jesus Christ even said let the dead bury their own, life is for the living. It is also the duty of the living to make meaningful the lives and sacrifices of those good people that have gone before them. So it’s no Sunday picnic being a Christian either, especially in times like these, but the retirement benefits are simply to die for.
Denise is a very fine Christian lady, an enterprising, energetic young entrepreneur and I enjoyed meeting her very much. I am certain that you will too and that you will probably want to take home a case of those mouthwatering steaks and throw a mess of them on the grill. I do know meat and the cuts I saw looked very good. They are super thick and just as fresh as they can be. The seasoned meats that are ready for the grill even look scrumptious when they are uncooked. You, of course, can inspect it and decide for yourselves, but I am certain you will agree with my assessment. The meat is blister packed and guaranteed to be fresh so you can’t go wrong there. If you are looking for an outstanding food value you will definitely find it here. With the purchase of a full case, Denise will include an extra package featuring seafood, pork, or chicken for an extra $100. Stop by and see Denise tomorrow at the corner of Game Bird and Homestead and buy a case or two of steaks from our new friend, Denise, and tell her Charles said, how you doin? ;c)
Nv. License #20111576019
NV. Health Permit #AC 02 11062