Greetings sports fans and welcome to another Monday morning edition of Vegas Valley Sports Beat. It is going to be tomorrow by the time you read this and the weather is supposed to be outside when you wake up. If it is not I suggest you might owe your wife an apology and something very expensive for whatever it was you did.

Let us get down to brass tacks and talk for a change about sports and the seriously poor performance of the Dallas Cowboys who struggled to a bitter loss to the New York Jets who are probably still trying to believe they won the game. Any game. Granted With two starting tackles, Tyrone Smith and La’el Collins already laid up with injuries, losing wide receiver Amari Cooper hurt the Dallas Cowboys a lot.

Ezekiel Elliot cannot carry the team even if he tried to. I don’t think he really tried to do that this afternoon as the Cowboys lost to New York 22-24. Just like last week’s loss to the Green Bay Packers which was bad enough, it was a case of too much too little too late effort-wise for Dallas. In both of their last two games, the Dallas Cowboys have not looked at all like they did in the first game of the season. They came out playing weak and were not executing plays well on offense or on defense.

Green Bay ran the ball straight up the gut with impunity until the Cowboys mounted an attempt at a comeback and failed. Basically, the same thing happened in New York today in the sense that Dallas waited until late in the game to get in it and they lost again. I could not believe my eyes when not an hour ago I read in the news that Jerry Jones would not fire Jason Garrett over the loss. Why should he? It’s not the coach that is losing the games it is the players themselves. Whatever is going on they are not clicking as a unit on the field and so they are not executing plays that should be producing consistent yardage, first downs, and touchdowns.

There is no doubt that Coach Garrett is capable and is good for the Dallas Cowboys football program so any rumors of him being fired are wishful thinking and it would not be a good move for Jerry Jones to make at this point in the season. Terrell Owens had the audacity to troll Coach Garrett on Twitter by tweeting something predictably inane and self-aggrandizing and tried to disguise his hope for playing for Dallas again, by playing it off like he was making a joke. Let us pray that ever hiring Terrell Owens is a mistake that both history, and the Dallas Cowboys organization have learned a lesson from and do not repeat it.

As with being a lifelong fan devoted to any team in any sport, you know you have to take the good times along with the bad times. Some days you eat fried chicken, and other days you eat feathers. When Dallas was 1-15 at least we could say we beat the Washington Redskins that year. Troy Aikman’s rookie season. I firmly believe that the team can get it together and do better next week. Either that or they’ll lose again but hopefully, they will learn something of value from that loss if they do. I hope they have learned from these last two losses that they could have and should have won and go on to win next week against the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday Night Football.