– September 11, 2021 –

Statement by Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the United States of America

Has anybody noticed that the Biden Administration, working in close conjunction with the Fake News Media, has promoted mandates very hard in order to get people to stop talking about the most incompetent withdrawal from a war site in history? They will talk about anything, other than the Rigged 2020 Presidential Election results, in order to get people’s minds off of the horror show that has just taken place in Afghanistan!

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Greetings sports fans and welcome back for a special anniversary edition of Vegas Valley Sports Beat. That honest little sports column that does not blame American pride for the attacks upon America that happened 20 years ago this very hour.

Last night I found myself subjected to the words of college students that were not even alive when the World Trade Center towers fell, one right after the other. They did not have to watch it happening in real-time. They didn’t have to listen to the voice of a dead man who was splattered across a field in Pennsylvania or watch human beings jumping out of the WTC to their deaths to escape being burned alive live on the morning news.

If they didn’t care that would be one thing, but for college students to say we should not be blaming the same religious fanatics that did it tells me they have been brainwashed in school. They certainly did not learn any such insanity from anyone that was alive then that wasn’t in on it somehow.

For those kids to make excuses for them is beyond nefarious. It’s evil incarnate. Not one of those students could put together a string of coherent thoughts on the subject. One student said like, like so many times while he was like taking that I was like Oh My God. I’m all like if he like was one of my like students he would be like getting an F- from me.

Twenty years later we have to ask ourselves this one question. How much safer are we now than we were then?  Clearly, we are not. In fact, we are still under attack and it is coming from within. Still. This whole thing began internally and it continues to eat away at the heart and soul of the American spirit because that is something no weaker-minded enemy can overcome and we all know that is true. If we were to unleash the full military power of our combined armed forces the whole purpose of the US in Afghanistan would be finished in 3 days tops.

But they’re not.

Personally, I have little reason anymore to even try to believe what we saw that day is what really happened to the towers. There were far too many anomalies involved in the equation to add up in my mind. Twenty years down the road I’m seeing more and more evidence of that particular physical anomaly showing up at the scene of many other tragedies on he West Coast et al, as are other Inspectors in fire and other physical sciences.

I know why a parking lot full of cars burned up spontaneously several blocks away from where the Towers lay in smoking ruins. For the child in college that has never been shown everything and who has a skewed point of view that makes them refuse to see something that evil as anything but evil for its own sake.

The fact that this happened the day after Defense Secretary, Donald Rumsfeld told the MSM the Pentagon had no idea where $2.3 trillion dollars of taxpayer’s monies had gotten off to. There are still far more questions than answers, but I would bet my life it has the CIA’s fingerprints all over it. I just did and will when I publish this, but I’m good with that. If that’s what it takes.

It stinks to high Heaven of a red flag event that we are seeing more and more of twenty years later. Not less of as it should be if the hype from the so-called intelligent community, more and more of. The world is anything BUT a safer place now than then.

The CIA is on thin ice as it is with DOD, and they’re facing the burn notice JFK failed to sign because he died before he could. This was when Operation Northwood was in its infancy. Operation Mockingbird was a teenager by then so it would compliment the obvious aims of both operations, beautifully. President Kennedy was going to scatter the CIA to the wind in a thousand pieces because of it. Because the Agency was willing to crash a 747 full of Americans to make it look like someone else did it for the sake of attacking the accused and making war upon them.

That sounds a whole lot like what just ended after 20 years of pointless bloodshed. What culminated in the pretending American emperor, Joe Biden, pulling America out of Afghanistan and gifting the alleged enemy with $86 billion dollars worth of military weaponry and vehicles.

Wonderful. So the Taliban can have an F-16 and machine guns, but I can’t? That should be a matter of high concern to everybody in America. The fact that it’s not to an entire side of the political spectrum is cause for even greater concern twenty years after “some people did something.”

This whole sham is reminiscent of a B-grade western where he bad guy gunfighter throws a broken-down old gun down in front of a meeker, unarmed man and tells him to pick it up. Now Lindsey Graham is telling us we are going to have to attack them again. Well no duh, Dick Tracy.

Twenty years after the fall of he Twin Towers that were finished when I was in the 4th grade, Joe Biden handed our peace, dignity, and sovereignty over to a group they said was our sworn enemy and America is still under attack from within. That is what you should never forget.

The names and the faces of the tens of thousands of people all over the world that have died or been permanently maimed, and shattered mentally by the horrors of that twenty-year war are what we should remember.

In retrospect then it seems as though those college kids might see something that we don’t because they weren’t there. They were not led down the garden path of feel-good war-mongering nationalism and the national blood lust the rest of the world was led down twenty years ago today. Led by the talking heads in and of the so-called mainstream media.

The same big-money news agencies whom we all trust so much more now than we did back then.


It makes me ill to even hear people talking today of all days about the feel-good time that followed in the wake of 9/11/11 in light of the fact that we have been led down the garden path by the DNC for the past 5 years and now it’s obvious that it’s all interconnected.

When Kamala Harris speaks about unity what she means is the day when conservatives and everyone else that sees through the bullshit and propaganda bows down and kowtows to China and Iran, the way she and Joe have.

Because of this same event, we are now embroiled in a Cold Civil War with our own government in the guise of the Biden administration. We have been lied to so much by those whom we have complacently grown to trust that you can no longer believe anything that comes from the news or Washington D.C. no matter who they claim to represent.

I know this much is true. If one cannot be trusted in little things they cannot be trusted for anything.

Now Joe Biden, who said before that he would not force vaccines on the American people, said last night that his patience is running out for people that have not bowed down and kissed his racist ass and taken the vaccine he would never force on anyone. Lying son of a bitch. There is nothing, nothing, God hates more than a liar, and I can totally relate.

That is the most egregious affront to the dignity of the Constitution I could ever imagine. Or so I thought. And then I saw this just prior to starting this column.

National Archives now has ‘harmful content’ warning for US Constitution, all other documents.



I didn’t think I could be shocked or surprised by the absurdity of this whole Cold Civil War campaign thing anymore, but I stand corrected. That has to be a world-record low. They’re setting up the narrative to cancel the Constitution now because it stands in their way. Here is the link to the webpage that spells it all out in black and white.


The Constitution stands between we the people that defeated these bloody bastards in the first Civil War to set men free and all the people being enslaved by the Confederate Jim Crow Party and their own masters in the UN.

The funny thing is that if you read it the Constitution contradicts what critical race theory claims America stands for. Nope. No dice baby. How evil is it to see so many people of color, our own brothers, and sisters, being hypnotized by the very same cobra that tried to enslave their ancestors for their posterity? Whereas the framers of the Constitution fought a long bloody war with English socialists in 1776 to set all men free because they know that all men are created equal.

It says that in the same document that they find so offensive that it likely as not has a safe space nearby in case a liberal has a melt-down due to the language of freedom, justice, and equality for all persons without regard to anything but that they uphold and defend these truths as self-evident. That they obey those laws they only find so repugnant because they prefer to victimize American’s. They prefer to steal, rape, burn, loot, and kill. All of which is proscribed by the Constitution. They prefer to lock their political opponents up in concentration camps. They said so.

Last night Joe Biden said he would use his office to remove Republican Governors that stood in his way of forcing his untested vaccine down people’s throats. That is an affront to the Constitution, as is usurping the authority of those Governors while upholding the rights of the Democrat Governors and the vaxxed/unvaxxed people in their states who are obviously allowed to enjoy the color of law because they complied with an unlawful medical mandate Joe Biden doesn’t have the authority to dictate or to enforce. That is so far to the left of things that are Unconstitutional, and therefore against the law that I honestly don’t even know where to begin describing this outrageous conduct on the part of the DNC as a whole.

And again we fought for freedom during their bloody civil war, the one the Democrat Party started mind you, to set them free. Even so, they run to the flames of a Confederate Party fire. Flames that more often than not are from a burning cross planted in their neighbor’s lawn.

No conservative in their right mind would ever burn a cross in the pursuit of racial injustice. That all belongs on Joe Biden’s plate. He said he is the DNC as I recall. Seriously?! A freaking gringo who blames white superiority for America’s woes today, twenty years after 9/11 is really going to go on national television and tell your people they’re not black if they don’t vote for him after the son of a bitch told my people, the American Hispanic community that he doesn’t even need our votes?

I guess that explains that, doesn’t it? All he has to do is start talking about systemic racism and black liberals start salivating like Pavlov’s dogs. The empty-eyed, Don Lemon at CNN springs to mind, but they come in all colors. Rachel Maddow, in case nobody noticed is white. That makes her a white supremacist by the theory du jour, so if she’s sitting in a TV studio all comfy and removed from reality, and she or Jimmy Kimmel, or some other white person in the media business is egging you on and you’re not white what’s wrong with that picture? Think about it.

What does your heart have to say about it? Call your Grandma and ask her what she thinks about it.

I already know what my ancestors thought about socialism. They fought it and tried to run them out of Mexico, but all they did was fall back and regroup. They will never succeed in taking over America, or the world because we see them now for what they are. Hypocrites and liars who care nothing about anything but power and getting as much of it over you as they can grab.

White supremacists are out there in the streets with you fools throwing bricks and chanting slogans while they watch you put your chains back on of your own free will. Dumbasses. They did it to you again on January 6th. That was nothing to do with Trump except that he had the audacity to interfere with their plans for global domination that cannot work without the United States on board. It cannot succeed if any nation simply stands up to their own dictators and traitors in their own governments and say hell no. Sit down go on strike. If it doesn’t end now it will never end and that’s a fact you cannot deny.

Not to yourself, you can’t.

Joe Biden on the other hand has no qualms whatsoever about lying to your face. Just exactly how many lies does he have to tell the people before the people say enough is enough? How many lies make a Democrat President untrustworthy? One? Five? Ten? All we’ve heard for the last 5 years is what a lying dictator Trump was. Not one shred of evidence ever emerged to show any lies, all they did was accuse night and day, day and night. Who does that to their fellow man besides, Satan? Nobody does.

Yet when a lying dictator is standing right in front of you lying to your faces and trying to run your life in the interest of the greater good, the silence coming from the media is deafening. Now they think they’re going to play the 9/11 banjo again and we are all going to follow that pied-piper and his big red Communist flag back down the feel-god garden path of twenty years ago.

It’s no damned coincidence that all of the allies from WW2 are under attack the same as we are at the same time. None of the crazy things going on are disjointed. They’re all connected. Joe Biden and Obama did in fact spy on the Trump campaign and that needs to be handled. He was a traitor when he stole the election and now you can see why he had to steal it. They are on a timetable. Too bad they’re going to be a day late and a dollar short.

The audit in Arizona and the rest of the states will prove I’m right. I know this because I also emailed information on how the voting machines in Nevada were changing ballots and could be accessed online. I wrote that in 2018 and the emails are in the archives too.

I can only speak for myself, but I hate being lied to by anyone for any reason. To be lied to by a so-called President is unconscionably foul to me. As it should be to any rational, free, and right-thinking human being. I was one of the 5,000 people worldwide that submitted a design to build the WTC memorial at Ground-Zero. In my design called Met In A Stair Well, I represented the diversity of the people that died that day. Some are going down and the first responders are going past them on their way up. The stairwell rises out of the wreckage of the towers, all of which rests in God’s hands.

I have skin in the game. I’m putting my life on it now and I do so knowingly and without reservations of any kind. No matter whether I live another 100 years or die today, my goal is not to preserve the Union for me but for thee. So that America shall always be the last bastion of freedom and justice in the world because without freedom nothing else matters.

Any right-thinking person should be able to see very clearly now that we should be far more concerned by the acts of war being waged against us from the White House than what points to the reason why we are under attack by the White House, and the democrat party in Congress, and have been for a lot more than twenty years now. The enemy was within then and they’re in even deeper now. That should be the focus for today.

The apparent fact that at 9:03 am this morning when the rest of America was observing a moment of silence in remembrance for the victims of 9/11 Joe Biden was Tweeting some self-serving boloney on Twitter about never forgetting.

I guess he should have checked his watch, again. It’s time to rise and shine people.



NARA’s Statement on Potentially Harmful Content

The Catalog and web pages of the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) provide access to many millions of descriptions and digital copies of the permanent records of the United States federal government.

The Catalog and web pages contain some content that may be harmful or difficult to view. NARA’s records span the history of the United States, and it is our charge to preserve and make available these historical records. As a result, some of the materials presented here may reflect outdated, biased, offensive, and possibly violent views and opinions. In addition, some of the materials may relate to violent or graphic events and are preserved for their historical significance.

The National Archives is committed to working with staff, communities, and peer institutions to assess and update descriptions that are harmful and to establish standards and policies to prevent future harmful language in staff-generated descriptions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What harmful or difficult content may be found in the National Archives Catalog and our web pages?

Some items may:

  • reflect racist, sexist, ableist, misogynistic/misogynoir, and xenophobic opinions and attitudes;
  • be discriminatory towards or exclude diverse views on sexuality, gender, religion, and more;
  • include graphic content of historical events such as violent death, medical procedures, crime, wars/terrorist acts, natural disasters and more;
  • demonstrate bias and exclusion in institutional collecting and digitization policies.

Why does the National Archives make potentially harmful content available?

NARA’s mission is to preserve and provide access to the permanent records of the federal government. NARA, working in conjunction with diverse communities, will seek to balance the preservation of this history with sensitivity to how these materials are presented to and perceived by users.

How is this material described, and why are some of the terms used in the descriptions harmful?

  • Archivists choose what language to use when describing materials. Some of these descriptions were written many years ago, using language that was accepted at the time.
  • Archivists often re-use language provided by creators or former owners of the material. This can provide important context, but it can also reflect biases and prejudices.
  • Archivists often use a standardized set of terms, such as the Library of Congress Subject Headings, to describe materials. Some of these terms are outdated, offensive, or insensitive.
  • In the past, the National Archives  has not had standards or policies to help archivists avoid harmful language.

How are archivists working to address this problem and help users better understand such content?

Examples include:

  • informing users about the presence and origin of harmful content;
  • revising descriptions and standardized sets of descriptive terms, supplementing description with more respectful terms, or creating new standardized terms to describe materials;
  • researching the problem, listening to users, experimenting with solutions, and sharing our findings with each other;
  • evaluating existing processes for exclusionary practices or institutional bias that prioritize one culture and/or group over another;
  • making an institutional commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility.