Greetings sports fans and welcome back to another fine feathered edition of Vegas Valley Sports Beat that free speaking advocate of freedom and free speech that will never be silenced, not even in death. It was an amazing Super Wild Card weekend for football fans everywhere that saw more than it’s share of spectacular play on the field and more than just a few nasty surprises for those teams who are left to wonder what they’re going to do with themselves until training camp starts up again this Summer. The Cleveland Browns shocked and awed the Pittsburg Steelers who had the better record but the dog pound let the dogs out and they ran away with the game.

This past week also saw the information war begin in earnest for a small handful of unscrupulous characters who want, and somehow believe they have the right to tell free Americans what to say and when they can say it. Specifically, Jack Dorsey, and Mark Zuckerberg, whose Facebook platform regularly allows the hate-filled violent speech of others to flourish while suppressing the peaceful viewpoints of those whose only crime is having sided with their sworn enemy, President Donald J. Trump.

On January 6th Dorsey saw fit to suspend Trump’s Twitter account prior to the incident whereby the capital building was breached by a number of characters that contrary to the official communist party dogma were not all Trump supporters but were in fact known members of BLM and Antifa. Both of whom spent the entire last half of 2020 burning, raping, looting, pillaging, and killing in the name of social justice while their Democrat masters cheered them on from the halls of Congress, social media, and the left-wing controlled media blamed someone else.

They have all blithely ignored the obvious fact that there are pictures of Jake Angeli (an alias) a known Antifa leader standing at Nancy Pelosi’s place in the House Chamber in the same buffalo headdress that he was been wearing at BLM rallies in other states such as Arizona.

I for one have had the dubious dishonor of having to watch the unlawful actions of the Democrats in Congress and the Senate try to take down the President by any means possible while they completely ignored their own Treason. But that certainly comes as no surprise to any conscious individual that has also been watching it going on for any length of that time.

For two long drawn-out years, they told us that Trump was a Russin agent and Putin’s puppet when the truth of the matter is they had absolutely nothing but a way to blow $42,000,000 of the taxpayer’s hard-earned money on a hoax they perpetuated first on the FISA court, and then on the American people. When that fell flat on its face as it was bound to, they impeached the President for something nobody but the same liars who sold us the collusion delusion saw.

The very same thing in fact that Joe Biden confessed to doing on videotape. He thought he was slick as snot and he laughed at how his threat to withhold aid to Ukraine resulted in them caving to his demands to fire a prosecutor that was investigating Burisma. The same company his son Hunter Biden gets a regular royalty check for sitting on the board of that would choke a horse.

But that’s okay because there’s nothing to see there. Those are not the droids we’re looking for according to Joebidenwan Kenobi Jedi mind-trick, escape artist, and official party pooh-pooher of inconvenient truths. As he said before, we rely on the facts, not the truth. Clearly, the facts are whatever narrative they make up and to explain away the inexplicable and the criminally insane actions of others.

As long as they do it in the name of social justice, Kamala Harris has said they should not stop and they will not stop. Truer words she has never spoken, but she’s wrong there because it will stop. I know that if Trump doesn’t take the DNC down then the people will do it themselves because it’s a God-given right for America to choose or reject their leaders and being voted in doesn’t mean you’re righteous by default. There is not going to be any peace or unity because as Antifa likes to scream into the cameras, peace was never an option.

Like many other Nevadans, I have not only seen evidence of election tampering and fraud abut some of us such as myself have evidence that was never heard in court. This is way beyond egregious and it’s wholly unholy and unacceptable for our elected officials in the Legislature to laugh in our faces when they know they’re guilty and tell us there’s nothing there to see. Why not? Because a friendly Judge refused to review any evidence before dismissing the concerns of the voters without giving the evidence so much as a sidelong glance.

I want to know why my voter registration information does not reflect my legal name ever since I had to reregister for the 2020 election. I also want to know why the Secretary of State’s website says I cast a provisional ballot when I voted in October on the first day of early voting. I turned in my unsolicited mail-in ballot before I could vote but I still have another one that the state sent me. I also want to know why I now have 2 “unique” voter registration ID numbers.

I want to know why the state keeps sending Mr. Alvin Rayfield mail-in ballots to my mailbox when he died 13 years ago.  How many times has his ballot been cast in the last 13 years, and for whom did he vote? There was no pandemic the last time Mr. Rayfield got a mail-in ballot so what was the excuse for sending him one? I know we all know why.

The Constitution and the nation for which it stands has remained free and equal under the eyes of the law for almost 245 years and no thanks whatsoever belong to the Democrat Party. Their sycophants from Antifa or BLM, most of whom are as white as new writing paper, carried a Confederate flag into our capital when they somehow managed to breach it in the face of armed police. Police whose show of force extended only as far as shooting a woman named Ashli Babbitt in the face for sticking it into a hole in a door where a window should have been.

Ashli Babbitt’s killer at the moment he fired the fatal round.

Regardless of who or what Ms. Babbitt served, she dishonored the United States Air Force where I happen to have been born and served myself, by being inside the building in the first place. Conveniently enough the corporate media chose to overlook the fact that there were riot police behind her armed with automatic rifles when she was shot. The next thing we know the police simply walked away and let the mob have their way.

Where have we seen that lame trick before? Do the Portland, Oregon, Seattle, Washington, Kenosha, Wisconsin, and Washington D.C. riots ring any bells? The depth of the DC swamp is equaled only by their undisguised hatred for everything that is good and decent about America. Including the Constitution, its Bill of Rights, and especially American patriots who refuse to say that the Emperor isn’t wearing any clothes.

Their hatred cannot be covered up and they don’t even try to. They simply blame Trump for everything that happens and ignore the ruth even if you scream it in their faces and nail the evidence to their wooden foreheads with a spike. This is a method long-favored by the Soviet Union’s Communist Party. Where you say potato, they say shut the hell up and get in line if you want a potato or you’ll get nothing but pain, and trouble.

If you dare to speak out they have you canceled by their staff of “fact-checkers” who have absolutely no seeming grasp of reality. In truth, however, they do know the truth and they lie to the American public deliberately. They even do it across party lines by soliciting the biased opinions of RHINOS (Republicans in name only) like Cindy McCain. The same Cindy McCain whose father, Senator John McCain had a regular habit of abandoning the ideology of his own party to support numerous unpopular issues favored by Democrats. The same one that was censured by the Arizona GOP yesterday.

Issues that we now see were part and parcel of the erosion of our individual freedoms that we once held so dear as to bleed the ground red at Bull Run, Gettysburg, and Manassas. Just to name a few. In what has to be the most astonishing social con job of all time the Democrat Party has not only managed to remain in power after starting the Civil War in 1861 because their candidate lost to the first Republican candidate, but they have convinced an overwhelming number of colored people to support them and do heinous acts of violence to innocent people whose only crime is that of being born with skin of a different color.

Now, thanks to a picture of a single Confederate flag of unknown ownership they have set forth the narrative that the Republican Party are the Confederates and must be punished for their treason where none exists outside of the DNC as a whole.

We the people are expected to sit down and shut up about it or we’re racists. I’m Mexican and Native American so if anyone’s got a finger to point at racists it’s me but that’s not my style. I own my dignity, not Mark Zuckerberg, not Jack Dorsey, and certainly not Nancy Pelosi who cares more about the ice cream content of her pair of $12,000 refrigerator-freezers in the kitchen of her posh San Francisco mansion.

If you dare to speak out, Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez says she is going to have your name put on a list so that her friends from the BLM and Antifa can try to cower you back into silence by ostracizing you publically, by denying you the right to work, and if that doesn’t make you cowed in fear, by violence. Her corporate sponsors will not hire you and they will seek to ruin you.


Photo by Reuters who didn’t quite hide the boots of the cop standing at attention behind that “flag of treason” as the Lincoln Project calls it.

If they shut down your social media accounts then shout the news from the rooftops, but we shall never hand America over to socialists who are nothing but the same cheesy old communist pigs with lipstick painted on to make their lies more colorful. They’ve formed an unholy alliance they call the Lincoln Project that would have you believe they are on the righteous side of their own evil history. They murdered Abraham Lincoln and now they’re dragging his body through the mud for political gain. They want to spit in your face until you agree that it’s raining and it seems to be working but in truth, they’re scared out of their wits of what President Trump is going to do next. And very well they should be.

We know Italy was behind the theft of our election.  That’s why there’s a warrant out for the arrest of their Prime Minister and one of their top Generals. We also know that China is behind it as well and we know how deeply they have compromised our government all the way from Nancy Pelosi, right down to your local dog catcher and they no longer care who knows it. Or so they’d have you believe.

We are supposed to look the other way and pretend that NPR News never reported the breach of the capitol building at 9:34 EST before it even happened. We’re expected to be good sheep and pretend they shot a woman in the face for trying to climb through a broken window at the exact same time that a thug dressed in black-block was squirted with pepper spray by a Capitol cop as he jumped into the building through a broken window.


We’re expected to buy into their false-narrative that all of those armed police officers ran from a mob of unarmed rioters after shooting only one of them? Bullshit. If they’re that scared they have no business even being there. All of these actions we witnessed are Antifa’s MO. They’re BLM tactics and we know that this is precisely what they wanted to happen. Now they get to beat their breasts like Pharisees and tear at their clothing at their perceived treason of Donald J. Trump when the only treason anyone has seen committed to date was committed by the Democrats over and over again and again.

The mainstream media would love for you to believe that BLM and Antifa are bigger than they are when in truth they’re not, they’re nothing and they are going down because as of this time Parler has been taken down by Jeff Bezos who is going to lose everything he owns along with Jack Dorsey, and Mark Zuckerberg. The insurrection act has been invoked by the President and it’s going down.

Have no fear of anything that cannot destroy your soul. If you see your brothers and sisters being attacked by a violent mob take action in the defense of life. If you need help do not hesitate to ask or to offer your hand if you can be of service to another person in need or in danger.

Stay tuned to the Emergency Broadcast System for incoming alerts and messages from President Trump in the coming hours and days. Above all else rust the plan. Do not give up hope to anyone, do not back down from anyone. Put on the whole armor of God, take heart, and be of good cheer all who wait on the Lord because the time is at hand and despair’s an affront to the Lord thy God.