We are ONE nation. We have ONE anthem.

Let this be heard: America is one nation. We cannot have two national anthems.
As a conservative black man in America, I find the existence of a black national anthem startling and the fact the NFL is now playing it even more appalling. Growing up in the Jim Crow South, I experienced real segregation– and along with a generation of black Americans we broke barriers and shattered ceilings.
A divided country is not what we worked for, and it’s not something we can accept. We are better than segregated national anthems, which is why I’m working hard in Congress to bring our country together and stop the far left’s divisive racial politics. Will you contribute today to help me bring our country together and end the far left’s grip on power?
The NFL’s policy to play two national anthems shows the willingness of Americans to allow America to fall back into the ways of segregation and a divided nation.
America is stronger together, and it is critical that we end the divisive and racist rhetoric coming out of the Democrat Party. Can I count on your support to contribute today to help me get the job done?
For America,
Burgess Owens
Burgess Owens for Congress | PO Box 993Riverton, UT 84065

Author’s Notes:

If The NFL Hates America Then America Must Boycott The NFL 100% Or Die So Divided.

The NFL not only encouraged this form of organized treason, but they continue to nurture that same racial hatred and reverse discrimination, just like Big Brother is allowing an all-black coalition to operate blatantly under the color of prejudice and throw all the non-black players out of the game so one of them was guaranteed to win. If that’s not a group of Reverse KKK black racists fixing a contest then what the hell do you call that? The Better Blackness Bureau? Evil is as evil does. Period.

Have we not learned yet that socialists are literally balls deep into every aspect of American lives now for the purpose of destroying America and the NFL neither collectively, as is the wont of every Communist, dead or alive.

Communism claims to be all about the proletariat, yet their entire game plan since Mao is to see the seeds of racial division for their own political gain. They hate God and they hate anyone that dares to rise above the level of a drone bee. A sexless, mindless worker bee making honey for one imperial ruler is what their end-game is. Our end-game as patriotic American’s that don’t see everything as black and white as all that is to stop this popular discrimination from flourishing any further on our watch or else we won’t have anywhere else to go when America falls according to their agenda.

There is nothing even remotely Godly about organized hatred in God’s name or for that of any cult of color superiority theory.  The only thing the cookout coalition did on Big Brother is show the world that no black contestant can win Big Brother without cheating. And of all people, they’re led by a lawyer who only wants to win it for himself. What about the Asian, and Hispanic players that were not given a fair chance to win? I thought it was all black and white?

My adopted children in Africa, and what’s left of their families are going to bed hungry tonight while they sit there in the NFL and on CBS and talk their big talk about black superiority and it makes me physically sick to my heart because they simply do not care about anyone but themselves. Show me one BLM protestor that ever gave a shit about them. Show me one NFL player that even pretends to care even the least bit about them.

It comes down to one simple decision, do you want to watch football as a slave to a state that hates its own people? Or do you yearn to be free to watch football? Without freedom, nothing else matters.