Greetings sports fans and welcome to a simply fabulous day in Las Vegas and the Vegas Valley region. And welcome to another magical edition of Vegas Valley Sports Beat that crispy crusty little sports column that proves definitively that life can indeed be sustained by hot coffee, and cold pizza, or any combination thereof for long periods of time. God is great.

Speaking of God and His glory, tomorrow’s weather forecast calls for sunny and warm in and around Las Vegas with an expected high of 70 degrees before the sun sets at 4:48 ish. I say ish because the days are getting longer now.

When The Puck Drops The BS Stops

Earlier this evening at 6 pm PST the first puck dropped at center ice as the Las Vegas Golden Knights hosted the Anaheim Mighty Ducks at T-Mobile Arena. The game had only just begun when Steve Marchessault scored the first goal of the 2021 season less than two minutes into the season.  Before the first three minutes of the season could get into the history books, the Golden Knights scored again and went up 2-0 very quickly. Unfortunately, the Ducks came right back and scored two unanswered points in a row. The Golden Knights played very well from there on out and the Ducks would lose 5-2 when the final goal was scored on an empty net by #89 Alex Tuch with 13.8 seconds to play.

Watching the LVGK playing in front of an empty arena hearkens me back 3 years to the beginning of their inaugural season when they told us here at Vegas Valley News that we could not cover their games in the press booth because we are not big enough to suit the team. Karma’s a bitch, isn’t it? We won’t be covering any more of their games this season unless they get smashed by another team.

In an era when everyone is screaming for equality and inclusion of all races what about the minorities that operate this honest, albeit small news agency? I’m Mexican and Native American and my boss is Hispanic from the Philippines. His wife is from there too. They are so white privileged they welcome the lying media propagandists with open arms while they have the unmitigated gall to suggest that all we want is a free ticket to their lame games because there’s nothing else to do around here. Nobody likes a racist or a hypocrite.

UFC Taps Out On 420

It largely went unnoticed in general but not long ago the NFL announced they are no longer going to suspend players who test positive for using marijuana. I can’t express how happy this news made me because I think the players are wise enough at this stage of the game to know better than to play stoned in a game that demands the utmost focus. If they don’t and their game suffers for it then they also know there are hundreds of new players ready to step into their shoes if they can’t. There’s a time and place for everything and the medicinal benefits of THC are well known, and cataloged. I myself smoke it more for pain than recreation.

It goes without saying then that I was just as glad today when I heard that the UFC is not going to test fighters for marijuana any longer either. I think it goes without saying that going in the octagon stoned has to be the world’s worst idea ever and it would tend to weed out those who partake of marijuana just before a fight when one needs 100% of their faculties to be alert and in tune. That said, I do not think anyone should be barred from the competition for marijuana when nobody that’s at all familiar with it can call pot a performance-enhancing substance with a straight-face.

The final hockey score

Anaheim Ducks -2

Las Vegas Golden Knights -5