Greetings sports fans and welcome back to a sad day in the annals of Journalism. Ever since whoever stormed the U.S. Capitol building on January 6th the media, the entire Democrat Party, and every dirty rat that loves them are accusing anyone and everyone who supports President Trump of inciting insurrection and violence if they so much as dare to say his name in public. President Donald J. Trump’s name that is in case I wasn’t quite clear enough about it.

They conveniently overlook the fact that Jake Angeli is a known BLM activist and that’s fine. They know they’re lying and I do too. I have a picture of Jake taken at a BLM rally in Arizona where he lives. We all saw who brought violence to the people of Oregon, New York, Michigan, and Wisconsin all last Summer. That’s right we know what you did last Summer. We also know what you’ll be doing next Summer. Hard time in Ft. Leavenworth if there’s any justice left in our depleted justice system.

I have made my views on violence, of any kind well in advance of January 6th and I will spell it out even clearer in case there’s any doubt. The job of dealing with traitors is that of the President, state Governors, and of law enforcement. Not of vigilantes, or whatever one styles oneself as. Good bad or other, no matter what the excuse is Vegas Valley News led the charge to bring the DC intruders to justice and will continue to uphold the law and condemn violence of all kinds. That’s no way to settle any differences, but especially not political differences.

There is no justification for what happened on the 6th than there is for Democrat leaders like Kamala Harris publically admiring the “mostly peacefulness” of rioters aka peaceful protestors burning Portland, NYC, Kenosha, the police precinct house in Wisconsin. And who can ever forget the sovereign nation of Chaz where they legalized murder for political expediency by killing a Trump supporter long before it was considered d’ riguer by Nancy Pelosi and friends who bowed down to them in that same Capital building and prayed for them?

There’s no more excuse for Harris saying they should not stop either until Trump is removed from office. That’s sedition at its finest. That is inciting insurrection by the very words the Democrat Party is using to accuse President Trump of it. I wonder if Joe Biden still wants to take Trump out behind the gym and beat the hell out of him? Apparently, that’s how schoolboys are supposed to work out their political differences with their classmates. That’s what I took away from that violent statement. Or if Robert DeNero is still posting video clips telling his supporters how much he wants to punch Trump in the mouth? That seems like advocating for and attempting to incite an act of treason and violence toward a duly-elected government official to me. We can do this all day long, Maxine Waters.

Let’s revisit Kathy Griffin and her severed head while we’re on the subject, and the play we saw where Trump was assassinated by a mob. That looked like seditious incitement to violence to me if there ever was. Johnny Depp can wonder aloud when the last time an actor assassinated a President was but that’s different because he’s an important movie star and you’re not.

If you, you being the subjective case, take it upon yourself to act with violence toward whoever for whatever reason then that’s on your head and your head alone. By reading any articles, and/or if quoting anything from this website you agree that you are legally responsible for your own actions, not us, not Trump, you can say the Devil made you do it but it’s still on your head and yours alone.

Civil disobedience is a right the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., died in the defense of at the hands of a violent lunatic, but violence, insurrection, and treason whatsoever for any cause is completely unacceptable.


Charles Ramos Jr.2