Greetings sports fans and welcome back to another hit or miss episode of Vegas Valley Sports Beat that sporadic little sports column that doesn’t know when to quit. It is simply a beautiful Sunday evening here in the verdant Las Vegas valley region. I think it is safe to say that visitors and residents alike are eating up this unseasonably cool Summer weather we are having lately. I am sure nobody has any complaints but if you do too bad.

I have to apologize to my ever patient editor, Mark Satorre, and to my one regular reader in Wahoo, Nebraska for my prolonged absence of late. As some of you may or may not know I am still recovering from the aftereffects of stage 2 kidney cancer and losing my left kidney to a large malignant tumor on October 4, 2017. I should be better by now but for whatever reason, I simply have not improved much after all this time. Plus I have been doing a lot of manual labor lately that has simply exhausted me to the point of depletion but I am rested now albeit still weaker than I should be.

I have my 8,317 followers on Twitter to thank for helping me to get through it but I still have a long way to go yet before I am whole again. I’m not in any shape to do much of anything besides agitate the nation and do whatever I can to make sure that the people of the United States are not taken on a Nantucket sleigh ride to a dog and pony show by the liberal Democratic party.

Tact is defined as the art of telling someone to go to hell in such a way that they look forward to the trip. Socialism can be defined as the art of leading a nation into hell in such a way that people demand they be taken there immediately or else.

This seems to be the agenda of the Democratic party as anyone who has half a brain and who watched the Democratic debates over the past two days could clearly see for themselves. When asked who supported free health care for undocumented aliens in America all 20 candidates raised their hands high.

I have made my position quite clear on the issue of immigration but I will say it one more time. I insist that Congress take action and build the wall along our Southern border with Mexico because it is for a known fact an open invitation for criminals to enter the United States and get set up for life by liberals in Congress, the Senate, and in various state legislatures. And we know that is just the tip of the iceberg. Racketeering, prostitution,  human trafficking, drugs, guns, and money flow back and forth across the border like we are having an open house. This is not an inappropriate metaphor given the fact that little could be closer to the truth and yet so far away from it at the same time.

Add welfare fraud, and voter fraud to that shopping list and you begin to see the true scope of the battle between good and evil that is playing out between the Trump administration and the liberal/socialist Democrats. It is anything but a secret anymore yet they continue to deliberately thwart the President at every turn in a pathetic attempt to hold onto the power base. One that they thought they were going to utilize to gerrymander the Republican Party out of the majority in the Senate and for all time in both houses. This would, of course, mean the end of the Electoral College and make it all but unlikely America would ever have seen another Republican President seated in the White House.

I am flying mostly by the seat of my pants here so to speak in that I am writing mostly from memory but I have a pretty good one and I have had the dubious honor of having watched this whole melodrama unfold from the moment Donald J. Trump first announced his intention to run for President in 2016. To say that I was appalled and campaigned against him even being nominated vociferously is an understatement of epic proportions but one that will not be repeated.

Trump was nominated anyway so I said okay fine, he has a snowflake’s chances in Hell of ever beating Hillary Clinton anyway so let the fool run for President. But to be fair I was genuinely interested in what Mr.Trump had to say as a candidate and what his agenda as President might be. It was with a keen interest that I watched all of the news shows and all of the debates and I heard him say nothing of any substance except that quote, unquote “It was going to be great,” and that he was going to, “Make America Great Again.”

I was insulted by the very notion that America was ever anything but great in the first place and I still hold this truth to be self-evident that America is, was, and always will be the greatest nation the world has ever seen. I believe it to also be self-evident that every person who has fought and died, or given of themselves as a sacrifice so that it should be so, and remain so, intended for it to stay that way in perpetuity. This is clearly spelled out in the United States Constitution and its Bill of Rights.

We owe a blood debt of gratitude not only to the men and women who have served honorably in our nation’s armed forces but to veterans of many nations starting with France and Germany. If not for their assistance, and of course the Hessians gift of rifling for General George Washington’s rifles New York would certainly have fallen to the British and the Union Jack could very well be flying over our capital today.

We all know, with the exception of a group of butthurt students in certain unnamed public schools, that when General Washington crossed the Delaware River in a bold and daring attack on the British army we as a nation were teetering on the brink of disaster. The Continental Army was in dire straights and suffering horribly from exposure to the cold in Valley Forge. They were facing starvation and ultimately defeat. It is said that General Washington suffered from self-doubt and indecision throughout the war so his decision to cross the Delaware River had to be one born of desperation. But fortune favors the bold and we won the War of Independence, but only by the skin of our teeth.

During the intervening 24 decades following that unlikely victory over the tyranny of King George and the overwhelming military might of the British Empire the men and women of many great and sovereign nations, including Great Britain, Canada, Mexico, Russia, Australia, France, and Norway just to name a few, have fought bled, and died alongside our armed forces to defend the United States of America so that a nation so conceived in liberty and dedicated to the principle that all men are created equal should not perish from the face of the Earth.

So now here we are 243 years later debating whether or not to simply give that nation away to any foreigner who cares to walk across the border from Mexico and take it from us. I for one am not inclined to just sit back and watch that happen and, happily for America, neither is our President, Donald Trump.

Sadly however the same can not be said for the liberals, socialists, the Democratic party,  and now even self-proclaimed Communists who are in the House and Senate. One can just imagine that Senator Joe McCarthy is spinning in his grave right now saying, “You see? I told you so.” You can almost hear him laughing and justifiably so considering the amount of static he caught after he began what I believe was then dubbed a “witch hunt.”

In 1950 Republican Senator Joseph McCarthy of Wisconsin began accusing members of Congress, the federal government, Universities, and the motion picture industry of being widely infiltrated by Communist sympathizers, agents, and spies. His strong-arm smear tactics backfired in his face, however; and the term McCarthyism was coined to mean someone who, by means of reckless, demagogic, and unsubstantiated rumors attacks the character and patriotism of a political opponent. Senator McCarthy was ultimately censured by the Senate and his name has more or less been a pariah ever since. In 1957 he died while still in office at the ripe old age of 48. “Hm.” said Alice, “Curiouser and curiouser.”

It seems that Senator McCarthy may have fallen down the proverbial rabbit hole and in his excitement to catch the hoard of proverbial Communist rabbits he found there he came off to the American people as being somewhat of a loon. In light of recent events following directly as they have on the heels of Donald Trump snatching victory right out from under the feet of former Democratic Secretary of State Hillary Clinton suddenly it doesn’t seem so funny anymore does it?

Raise your hand if you remember Hillary Clinton stating to members of her adoring fans in the mainstream corporate media (whom we all now know are as trustworthy as any used snake oil salesman) that the people who supported the candidacy of Donald Trump were a “basket of deplorables.”

I, of course, supported Hillary Clinton because I have always been a Democrat. To me, they were the party of the working man and the Republicans were against everything I thought I stood for. Was this a rational way of thinking? Nope. I caught it from my parents and from other working stiffs like myself on the job, in the classroom, and in the media. The Republican Party was so McCarthyed by Democratic propaganda that it went down one’s throat like an elixir of truth. Real smooth.

So smooth in fact that when Republican Ronald Regan was elected President in 1981 I thought for sure the nation was doomed. President Jimmy Carter was in office before him and the country was a huge mess. Iran had been holding 52 America’s hostage for 444 days, gasoline was in short supply, and unemployment had risen from 6.3% to 7.5% between January 1, 1980, and January 1, 1981. I remember that time very well because, I much like everyone else, could not find a job for love or money.

Miraculously the Iranian hostage crisis ended the day President Regan took office. Before they could even swear him in office in fact and that was because he had served Iran notice that he was coming to kick their collective asses and get the hostages out of there as soon as he became Commander-In-Chief. I also remember it because it was only a matter of weeks later that I had a great job working on an offshore oil drilling platform thanks directly to a program implemented by the Regan administration to help young people like me to find work.  I never did make it to the airport to catch a helo out to the platform due to transportation issues but that’s beside the point. Another Regan program helped me learn to find another good job by honing my interview skills and learning to dress the part and to write a respectable resume.

Nobody was offering me a handout just a hand up. But only if I was willing to put the work in to lift myself up and get back onto my own two feet. I was still a dyed in the wool Democrat though, and I thought Ronald Regan was a fool with his trickle-down economics package and Star Wars missile defense ideas. I scoffed at his ideas but I was working so I couldn’t scoff too loud. I had Nancy Regan’s “war on drugs” handy if I really needed something to laugh about.

Mainly I wanted Hillary to win in 2016 for my own selfish reasons. I was hoping that if she was elected President she might possibly make amends for what her predecessor had done to me by taking my name off of Top Hat 10 and sweeping us both under the Oval Office carpet before anyone thought to ask how in the world he ever managed to seal off the runaway oil well in the Gulf of Mexico within a month of having told the world on June 16, 2010 there was no way the U.S. or British Petroleum could stop the 45,000 barrels of oil spilling into the Gulf every day until mid-September. BP never did cement the wellhead shut until then either.

But by then it was already capped off and the oil no longer spewed into the sea. If you were to look up the press conference President Obama gave that day he asked for anyone from the private sector who might have any ideas at all how to stop it to write to him at the White House and that is exactly what I did. While he was still yapping I wrote down a plan I had been ruminating on for two weeks because it really bothered me to see it day after day gushing oil into the Gulf unchecked. It bothered me to see the gulls and pelicans covered with crude oil and the beach communities I once lived and worked among innundated with oil sludge.

As you can see my plan worked perfectly. Obama followed my instructions to the letter. He even used my own words to describe to America how it would play out in his next press conference on the subject. Am I lying? Not according to the many people I told about the solution prior to it being made public. And since I was in prison at the time it’s highly unlikely that President Obama called me and told me all about it. This all goes to what I am getting at so bear with me a little bit longer. I was devastated by his callous dismissal of my contribution to society and I never got so much as a thank you post-it note from the White House but the truth will come out sooner or later as it always does.

That was when I began to lose all faith in the Democratic party but mostly in Barack Obama. I still hoped Hillary Clinton would make it right because she and Obama did not like one another according to the news. media.

But that all became moot on election night when Donald Trump pulled the rug out from under her political career once and for all by defeating the heavily favored Democratic hopeful so quickly and decisively that it was clear he had somehow engineered a coup of sorts that made it all but impossible for her to win before it was too late.

And then all of a sudden it seemed as though the entire world caught some type of collective insanity which has since been dubbed  TDS, or Trump Derangement Syndrome and the crazies started coming out of the woodwork like cockroaches. And from whence did they crawl you ask? From Congress, from the Senate, from Universities, and from the movie, television, and music industries and from their fans. ANTIFA took root and the McCarthyism began with gusto.

They called President Trump a Nazi, they called him a racist, they called him a rapist although nobody could produce any credible proof. But then again nobody with TDS needed proof all they needed was a baseless accusation to base their unbridled hatred upon and they were thorough about it too. I saw a big man punch a woman half his own size in the face because she dared to support her choice for President in public.

And then when you thought that things could not possibly be any crazier than Kathy Griffin displaying the President’s severed head in effigy, online along comes the Steele Dossier and for the next two years, we were all caught up in the Robert Mueller led witch hunt that President Trump calls the Collusion delusion. And rightfully so.

I began writing for Vegas Valley News on January 31, 2017. Just over a year after President Trump took office and thanks to the Parkland shooting two weeks later on February 14, Valentine’s Day, I began watching the news like a hawk. Especially after having personally witnessed how biased the media was with regard to the students of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School and to David Hogg in particular. I heard him say that he was at home when the shooting started and how he had ridden his bicycle the three miles to the school to collect “interviews” from the students on his camera phone.

He claimed that his “friend” had confronted the gunman in the boy’s restroom but he was unable to get his story straight after several false starts and the CNN reporter coached him on. If you can not remember the details of a school shooting and keep changing your story then you either were never there or else it never happened. Either way, he was lying. He also said he was not a crisis actor like many people claimed at the time but there on his own IMDb webpage it said Crisis Actor and I got a screenshot of it before he went in and changed it just hours later the following morning because another news agency was looking into it and had discovered Emma Gonzales’s IMDB page and was saying they were cousins.

Once I knew they had a propensity to lie for ratings then I began to watch them more closely and it is crystal clear to me that they don’t report the news they make it up as they go. Sometimes out of whole cloth and always it seemed for the sake of McCarthying the sitting President with vim and vigor. Rachel Madcow and Steven Colbert latched onto the Mueller investigation like a starving pit bull would a raw steak and they, along with other late night pundits who had a seemingly endless supply a cast of clowns from Congress and Hollywood who were quick to declare that President Trump was guilty as sin and should be in prison any day now. They made the most fantastic claims you have ever heard before in your life and the talking bobbleheads in the mainstream media ate it up with a spoon.

Meanwhile, back at band camp, President Trump continued to keep his promises to the American people while the mainstream media circus, clowns and all, attacked First Lady, Melania Trump, and denigrated her for any reason they could find or fabricate, and their left-wing fans took it upon themselves to go so far as to threaten President Trump’s grandchildren. Peter Fonda made a plea for someone to kidnap the President’s 8-year-old granddaughter and said she should be tied up, raped, tortured and killed. Mr. Fonda has since decided and wisely I might add, to crawl back into the depths of the slime pit he crawled out of and keep his idiotic comments to himself.

These same monsters and their fanatical fans would now have us believe that they care so much about the fate of illegal immigrant children who have to live in Federal detention centers because their parents dragged them across the border of the United States and got caught. During the intervening two years between then and now, however; the Mueller report was released after an expenditure of $30 million taxpayer dollars and enough libel and slander to fill a series of novels and make the movies from too.

Robert Mueller stated that he could not find evidence that the President did not act to obstruct that investigation. Which is a unique way of saying guilty until proven innocent. That I have never heard before and now even unto this very minute there are politicians McCarthying on and on about how guilty the report says he is and how Donald Trump should be impeached. But when pressed for a cause liberals can not produce anything but innuendo and hyperbole to support their contentions. And, if you press any one of the liberal trolls on social media, they respond to the facts with violent and abusive language because that is really the limit of their capacity to reason.

Meanwhile back again to band camp and the Democratic majority gained during the mid-term elections has turned the whole thing into a three-ring psycho circus. The Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi and her good pal Chuck Schumer have blocked the President’s efforts to build a border wall at every turn and have even gone so far as to say there is no crisis on the border. This flies directly in the face of the fact that migrant caravans have been marching to our southern border by the thousands bringing serious diseases such as polio and influenza to American soil.

Nancy Pelosi lets them in and gives them hugs, houses, health care, welfare, and free education. Meanwhile, millions of American children and their parents are living on the sidewalks in front of the California Legislature building and in towns and cities all across America. San Francisco was such a beautiful city when I was in Jr High school but now if you look at certain maps all you can see are shit icons where homeless people have taken a steaming shit right there on the sidewalk in front of God and everyone. Why do they do this you ask? I think why not is a far better question. When you have nowhere else to go but in your pants and they’re the only pair you own you drop your drawers and let the chips fall where they may.

Not once have I seen Nancy Pelosi or Diane Feinstein address questions put to them on social media about the plight of homeless Americans living in their state. I have asked them myself several times and I have seen where other people have raised the issue only to be ignored. They all know it’s a huge issue with voters but to say so seems to identify you as a conservative or Republican to them and they never answer. It’s not all that difficult to figure out why they don’t care. It all boils down to money.

Obviously, homeless Americans have no value to them since they can not be exploited any further so they turn their backs on them and cry over the plight of someone else’s citizens who are oppressed in their own countries. They fail to see the hypocrisy in this and blame President Trump for everything that happens to them from the time they are born until they invade the United States looking to make Uncle Sam their sugar daddy. It is said that 65% of the 22 million undocumented aliens who currently reside in the U.S. are receiving state and/or federal assistance and more than 100,000 more of them cross the border every month now.

I wonder; is it just me or does anyone else wonder why it is that there were no caravans of migrants marching through South America to get here before President Trump began building his wall in earnest? Curiouser and curiouser still but it seems quite apparent to me that once the Democrats saw that President Trump is serious about  building a wall and closing off the now porous southern border somebody organized these allegedly impromptu marches on our nation in a transparent attempt to load up the numbers and create an intolerable situation for the President to deal with while they sit back and preach about the inhumane treatment of criminals by the White House.

Isn’t it ironic don’t you think to hear the same party who brought you the Civil War and the KKK lynch mobs preaching in public about the plight of “people of color” a term which they have graciously endowed Hispanics with? Being Hispanic all I hear is the N-word in a politically correct new package. I am not really sure if I like being called a nigger any better than being called a greaser, spic, or beaner but it certainly beats the Hell out of being called a liberal or a Democrat. Sticks and stones.

When Barack Hussein Obama was in the White House the Democrats in Congress went on record as saying that in essence that illegal immigrants are a serious issue. Obama went on record to say to the people of South America do not bring your children here. Now all of a sudden it is no longer a problem, Chuck Schumer and friends tell us that there is no human crises on the Southern border, and the detention centers which operated under their watch during the Obama administration are now “concentration camps” that are all President Trumps doing.

They have even gone so far as to trot out old photographs of children living under deplorable conditions that we know for a fact were taken when Obama was in office and lay them at President Trump’s feet. Even after that was exposed publically the same pictures and attendant propaganda continue to resurface on social media

These are the very same people that we were warned about by our founding fathers and who were spoken of by a Senator from Vermont in 1851 when he said that the Democratic party had been acting the way they were then and still are now when George Washington was in office. This was 10 years before Abraham Lincoln was elected President and the Democratic party decided to take their states home wuth themand start their own country in an attempt by the elite few to force slavery down the throats of the many who did not own other human beings.

In a time and place when the median income in the U.S. was $600-$800 a year an 18-year-old male human being cost upwards of $2000. This equates to $40,000 by today’s standards. By a show of hands who has $40,000 to spend on anything these days. Not me I have never even seen that much money at one time. If I did I sure as Hell would never buy a slave with it. A nice used Harley-Davidson and a used motor home so I would have a place to live and a way to get to work. But I would no more own a slave than I would ever allow myself to be one. Abraham Lincoln said that and many Americans mirrored that sentiment at the outbreak of the Civil War.

A  senseless and devastating war that claimed the lives of 620,000  American soldiers. Approximately half of all of our war casualties as a nation of 1.2 million soldiers killed in action, died fighting one another over the right of a few to enslave women, children, and men whom our founding fathers said were created equal. They even put it in writing and called it the Constitution but that didn’t include men of color as far as the Democrats were concerned.

Following Robert E. Lee’s surrender at Appomattox Courthouse in 1865 many Republicans and common Yankees alike wanted President Lincoln to punish the Democratic party or Confederates as they had renamed themselves, but Lincoln sought to preserve the Union by extending the olive branch of peace and brotherly love to the traitors and for that effort he got a .44 caliber lead ball in the head courtesy of Mr. John Wilkes Booth. A Democrat.

There are many, even to this day, who believe that Booth was in cahoots with the Democratic party when he and his co-conspirators sought to assassinate Lincoln and his war cabinet but managed to get only the President. That does not seem to make much sense given the fact that upon Lincoln’s death the Vice President took over the office of the President.

That is until you realize that in a pre-Civil War attempt to mollify the radical left in Congress and in the nation who had by then been whipped to a fever pitch of hatred for abolitionists or as we now call them, human rights advocates, President Lincoln named Democrat Andrew Johnson of Tennessee as his Vice President. So the result of Lincoln’s assassination was that the Democrats regained the White House immediately after the end of the war. Losing it was what they were so pissed off about in the first place.

What is even lesser known by most is that Andrew Johnson was not only a slave owner but he somehow managed to get Lincoln to exclude his district in Tennessee from the Emancipation Proclamation. which only proves my point, that some people just don’t know when to quit. This type of behavior is clearly alive and well in the Democrat-controlled House of Representatives.

I am certain you must all be wondering by now, how does this all relate to the trouble with Tribbles? I am so glad you asked.

Tribbles, as fans of the popular Television series Star Trek surely know, are an invasive alien species who are really cute, and cuddly. They come in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes they are seemingly innocuous. They do nothing more harmful than eating, sleeping, screwing, multiply, and they don’t say anything they just make a lot of senseless noise. In the episode The Trouble With Tribbles what starts out as a couple of Tribbles onboard the starship U.S.S. Enterprise soon turns into an invasion when two Tribbles suddenly become 20,000 Tribbles and threaten to overrun the ship within a few days before Captain Kirk ingeniously teleports them onto a Klingon warship then gets the Hell out of Dodge at warp factor 8 before they realize they’ve been had.

The lyrics might be different but the song remains the same when you apply them to liberals, democrats, socialists, and communists. On the outside, they seem innocuous. They are kind of cute in their simplistic ways but being gender fluid, and reportedly amorphous, nobody can make heads or tails of them. They do nothing but eat, sleep, screw one another and or themselves, multiply, and make a whole lot of senseless noise that nobody can figure out but themselves. If I were asked to hazard an educated guess I would have to venture that what the Tribbles are saying is, “divide and conquer,” because in the end they do nothing but cause a whole lot of trouble for everyone. Including themselves.

Two nights ago we heard Democratic hopeful Julian Castro say that abortion should be free for everyone including transgender males. That is something that would certainly love to hear if I were a transgender male and feared that I was pregnant and due to deliver an 8 pound anything out of my butthole. But I think it safe to say that is never going to be an issue for anyone. On a related note, some liberal health care providers say they are going to offer cervical smears to transgender males. I would give anything to be a fly on the wall when they try to get their insurance companies to pay for that.

Only in the troubled mind of a Tribble could this possibly make any sense whatsoever. What should really scare the Hell out of conservatives and right-wingers alike is the unfathomable fact that it makes perfect sense to them. What seems on the surface to be a lot of blithering about seemingly unrelated issues in the past has now come to a head and it is plain to see that we as American’s are under attack from an enemy within our own borders
and that such has been the case for no less than 240 years.

Abortion, gun control, ANTIFA gangs beating down innocent people on the streets while the police look the other way, mass shootings, mass school shootings, immigrant caravans, victimized children being kept in cages and the Tribbles who shed crocodile tears over their graves after putting them there in the first place, the Mueller investigation and the delusion of collusion, Tribbles in the Legislative branch running to and fro with torches and pitchforks yelling impeach and imprison the traitorous Trump then rape and kill his family, Trump alleged to have raped a Tribble 23 years ago but the trouble with that Tribble is she didn’t bother to mention it to anyone but another Tribble for 23 years. It’s a tied and true trait of Tribbles such as these to just happen to remember such seemingly trivial events just prior to the release date of their new book.

Typical Tribble trouble these days equates to people like Jussie Smollet and his little stunt, and who can forget the DA who slapped him on the tushie and let him off of a 16 felony count indictment with a Coke and a smile? DACA Dreamers and the Tribbles who idealize them, Senator Warren at the #DemDebate who looked like 1/1024th of her was ready to scalp President Trump with the tomahawk she got from a Stuckey’s in 1973. I would be remiss were I not to mention the trouble with one Tribble’s Green New Deal which would denude the nation of all buildings, electricity, trains, planes, automobiles, and of course cow farts. Coming as it does at the low low price of only $97,000,000,000,000 dollars you can add money to that list as well. She either doesn’t know or doesn’t care that once you turn off the electricity 330 million people are going to need wood fuel for heating, bathing, washing, and cooking which means add trees to the extinct species list right next to the entire human race. Turn the power off to America for one week and I guarantee you AOC will be bound, gagged and leaving Earth on the first manned mission to Mars.

The trouble with Tribbles is that their leaders incite them to foul new heights of odious behavior by making promises of free everything for everyone. But if you ask any rat who is caught in a rat trap how he liked the free cheese you are not very likely to get an answer. Still, the fact remains undeniable that if you reset the trap and put more free cheese in it the same rats will fall for it every time. Hook, line, and sinker.

I myself do not have much of anything as far as possessions and no money or hope for employment in the near future because I had some Tribble troubles of my own that left me unemployable due to severe PTSD and serious bodily injuries that make it all but impossible for me to find work but it does not stop me from trying. Nor do I turn down any job no matter how hard or menial it might be. I jump right in and give it hell.  Everything I have ever had I either worked for, won from a casino, or outright stolen it. I’ve never been without a home, a car or a motorcycle, or a good paying job. I have never in my 55 years on Earth had to live in a ditch and panhandle to stay alive until Barack Obama took office. Had I not been so naive as to trust him to do right by me for Top Hat 10 I am sure things would be a lot better for me right now.

I should have won a Noble Prize in engineering for the design of Top Hat 10 or at the very least a MacArthur genius grant which would have cost taxpayers nothing but would have changed my life significantly when I got out of prison. I even told him that in a letter. But nope, I screwed the poodle and trusted a Tribble in disguise. He seemed so honest and sincere on Television though.

The point is there is no such thing as a free lunch and the trouble with Tribbles is that they simply cannot comprehend this concept. To Tribbles it’s trivial, it makes no difference if nobody is working and paying for all of those free cheeses as long as it remains free and the trap is set. Then some socialist like Bernie Sanders comes along promising them all the free pie in the sky they can eat and then the Tribble trouble really gets deep. Bernie Sanders denounces capitalism then gets in a chauffeured limousine and goes home to his mansion to count his book royalties. He is laughing all the way to the bank and it is the people he pretends to serve that he is laughing at.

They play on the emotions of confused and undereducated children who do not understand that they are pawns in a bigger game whose ending does not bode well for pawns at all. But try explaining that to a Tribble and you see the true scope of the trouble President Trump faces and which we as a nation face as well. One tug at their tender little heart-strings and liberals are all atwitter with anticipation of the good life they will never be a part of. Why not? Because in a socialist economy if you are not already at or very near the top of the ladder then you are at the bottom and shit flows downhill.

Benjamin Franklin said it best when he described Democracy as two wolves and a sheep deciding what to have for lunch. Freedom, he said, is the sheep has a gun. Take away your gun and guess what the wolves are having for lunch? Mutton Stew, my little lamb chops.

We the people already have access to a free college education. You can also get a guaranteed paycheck, specialized job training, free medical, dental, and vision insurance, death benefits, a retirement plan, free travel, free meals, free clothing, free housing. And the best part of all is that this is also available to immigrants as a  direct pathway to U.S. citizenship. And it’s very easy to get too. All you have to do is go see your local United States Marine Corps recruiter and say I want to go Force 1 Recon, sign me up Sargeant. Ooh-rah! Or sign up to serve in a supporting role in the rear echelon if you don’t believe in fighting. You can be a cook, a driver, a clerk or an F-35 mechanic and make beaucoup bucks as a civilian when you muster out.

America was for a fact built on the backs of immigrants from all nations of the world but they came here and found the American dream because they worked for it and they earned it. They did not sit on their asses and demand to be spoon-fed peeled grapes like some would-be Caligula. But the truth of the matter is it has nothing at all to do with the high flown idealism they spew from the side of their necks. It’s all about power and control. Ask yourselves this: Why should the Democrats care about Americans who live in tent cities, on the city sidewalks and in the underground passages beneath cities like Las Vegas which has just that. A large subterranean community of homeless people. Some of whom have been underground for years.

But we also have flash flooding during the Summer monsoon season which means all of their meager possessions will get swept away by sudden torrents of water that sweep away countless lives as well. Lost lives that nobody may ever know a thing about. Why should the liberals care about the children who die every day from exposure to the elements and to hunger on the sidewalks of their cities when they have 100,000 + new voters crossing the border every month now? They are the socialist’s bread and butter because they can mail in their absentee ballots for them and the voters never have to know. It is even less likely they would even care as long as they get to stay in the United States and enjoy the fruits of someone else’s labor. Yours, and mine.

It is a simple math equation really. If 500,000 Americans are out of work and living in the gutter and another 500,000 illegal immigrants cross the border successfully then what you have is 1,000,000 unemployed people living in the gutter and voting to keep the wolves who put them there in power so that they can drain the treasury and be spoon-fed peeled grapes while you eat shit and die in the street. Socialist Democrats will walk over your bloated, stinking corpse without giving you a second thought and drive away in a limo.

President Trump said it himself, although I seriously doubt that many people were listening, that he was approached by certain parties and asked to run because he alone could defeat Hillary Clinton. And he did just that. It was set up from the beginning and now we are seeing why this took place. I knew as did a handful of journalists for months that the Steele dossier was a fraud and the fruit of a poisonous tree. The whole thing was a transparent fishing expedition that was orchestrated to take President Trump out of office before their house of smoke and mirrors collapsed. But they missed because President Trump already knew what they were up to. That is why he has insisted on the wall being built and that is why the liberal/socialist Democrats have been screaming so loudly for his head and running around Washington D.C. like a flock of headless chickens ever since they found out he was serious about building it.

Now hear this loud and clear. If you shoot at the king you had better not miss. They missed by a mile and they know it just as sure as they know they are going to get what is coming to them now. President Trump has stated that also when he referred to it as the coming shit storm. So what you need to ask yourself now, are these questions. And at least be honest with yourself if nobody else.

For the sake of argument let us say that you are Joe or Josephine Blowe from Cocomo and you think socialism is the answer to your prayers. Free money, free college, free housing, free everything. You are lead to believe will get a check and never have to work again. How can you say no to that? But therein lies the trouble my foolish young Tribbles because if you think I’m going to go to work and pay the income taxes necessary to support you and 330,000,000 other lazy American slobs then you are in for the nastiest surprise of your life. I, just like everyone else, am going to stay home and collect my check too because I have earned it already. How are you going to get free education when a teacher can make more money staying home and waiting for the mailman to bring them a check? Who is going to sew your new blue jeans? You? Your uneducated significant other who cannot even tie their own shoelaces? I sure hope so because I’m not going to. I already have a Ph.D. level of education and I know I can survive but it’s not looking so good for Generation X, Y or Z if socialists take over the White House.

Who do you imagine in your wildest dreams is going to waste their time driving to a factory to make your free sneakers and your free underwear when they can stay at home and collect welfare just like you? Nobody, that’s who. What farmer do you imagine is going to bust his ass even one more minute to grow free food for you? Me? Nope, wrong again. Nobody is.

If now you are running around in the woods naked and barefoot and starving to death, and you have no food and no guns to hunt for food with because you gave them away, do you think Bambi is going to walk up and throw himself down at your feet? You are young, strong, and invincible but tell me this; can you catch a rabbit in a footrace? Sure as Hell you better hope so homeboy because turtles are a protected species while you on the other hand taste like pork and are not a protected species. I suggest you read, “Lord Of The Flies” and take it to heart because that is the world you are advocating for.

Do your share...

Fortunately for you, we are never going to allow that to happen. If you need health care you can get Medicaid. If it’s an emergency go to the nearest county general hospital and they will take care of you regardless of your ability to pay. That has been in place for a long time. If you need food you can get food stamps and food from food banks already set up all over the U.S. just for that purpose. If you need clothing or shelter there are already places you can turn to. Every single solitary thing that socialists are promising you, they will only give you if they can have power over you and your life. Otherwise, what do they do for you now? Many of them are active legislators but what are they trying to do for you between elections? Not a damned thing. You say you want a free education but don’t wish to join the military? No worries. The public library system has 14,000 libraries situated throughout the United Staes and you can get any book ever written on any subject for free just for the asking and you can easily educate yourself for free

Contrary to popular belief this is not the land of milk and honey it’s the land of blood, sweat, tears, and money. The land where a homegirl from the hood can go from homeless to Harvard by the sweat of her own brow. And not only take pride in herself for accomplishing a daunting feat of perseverance but in turn, lift someone else up out of the gutter and help set them back on their own two feet again. That girl is the real deal and she is one of my real-life heroes. She is living proof that anybody can grow up to be anything they want to be regardless of their personal situation. Socialism is a mental disorder that can be highly contagious and fatal if left unchecked and the socialists are going to be put in check. Bet that.

Very soon you will all see what I am saying coming together because what it boils down to is a battle between good and evil and the good guys have already won. That is why love him or hate him, Donald Trump is the President of this blessed Republic and will remain its President come election day 2020. That is why I endorse him and why this time around I am voting for Donald Trump.

Deal with it. #WalkAway


Think about it.You think ?