There’s Music In The Air At The Pahrump Music Festival June 3-6

Greetings sports fans and welcome back once again to Prince. The literary thrill ride, formerly known as Vegas Valley Sports Beat. That quaint little sports short that’s like music to your savage mind that quenches the need for a full-frontal lobotomy in 4 out of 5 dentists surveyed.

Don’t ask.

It’s a sweltering hot day here in the lovely Las Vegas Valley region. The high for today, Wednesday, June second, 2021 is expected to be around 108 degrees in the shade. No shade is expected to be found so be sure to bring your own. Bet your assets I have a compact umbrella in my saddlebags for just that reason. Instant shade.

Since Nevada opened back up for business yesterday I would imagine many of you are out and about enjoying the taste of freedom once more on the heels of a supposed two-week lockdown that lasted well over a year.

But it’s the second day of June, the sun is shining, and the birds are singing about how doggone hot it is, and all is somewhat right with the world as we once knew it anyway. The world has changed and will not be unchanged so there’s no going back now.

But I digress.

Let us turn our attention now to the West and our neighbor’s just 74 miles away in the tiny frontier town of Pahrump, Nevada. You know the place. It sits just over the hump on the Blue Diamond Parkway/ Nevada Highway 160 West. If you’ve never been there then this would be a great time and event to familiarize yourself with your neighbors and have a ton of fun, food, and friendships, at the Pahrump Music Festival happening in Petrack Park starting tomorrow, June third and it runs for the next four days through June sixth. They have a car show or two planned for Saturday. There is a flag art and essay contest that’s being sponsored by the Pahrump ELKS Lodge #2796

The American Flag Art/Essay Contest.   Open to ALL AGES.

The theme is: “What does the American Flag mean to me?”

Entries for the America Flag Art/Essay Contest need to be submitted by Saturday at 5 PM.   Children are welcome to create their art entry at the Bob Ruud Center Thursday – Saturday.   Paper and coloring supplies will be provided.  Essays are to be 500 words or less.   There is a physical size limit on art. Please download the entry form for more information. Winners will be announced on the main stage Sunday morning.

There’s also going to be an American West Art contest, a talent contest open to all performers. Entry in the contest is $25.

Do you, or someone you know, have a talent? Have you wanted to perform live music or another talent for others but never had the chance? We are looking for you….

Contact Jenniffer at or Tiffannie (sic) at

You can pay for ride tickets in advance. A wristband for an all-day ride pass is $25.00 per person. You can find all the pertinent information your heart desires regarding all of the many scheduled activities for the Pahrump Music Festival here. Petrack Park is well-maintained by Nye County and has ample restroom facilities, shade trees, and room to roam about and perhaps even do some shopping in the Walmart mall just across the street from the park which is easily located at the corner of Basin Street and Hwy160.

Enjoy your drive over the hump to Pahrump where you’re sure to meet many fine new friends and possibly run into a few old friends as well. And who knows, but you might even pick up an arch-nemesis or two. If you’re going to be drinking alcohol during the festival we beg of you to please act responsibly in front of the children, and always drive safe and sober. Arrive alive, not fighting to survive.

A cab ride to Pahrump and back to Las Vegas would still be far cheaper than the cheapest single funeral. Or two, or three, or four, or the cost of having yours and yours alone. Can you really afford to miss that much time from work to mend a broken body or to spend trying desperately to mend someone else’s lost or broken life? Nope. You most assuredly cannot.

Before you get behind the wheel of a vehicle impaired by drugs and or alcohol, ask yourself if you have the next 12 to 16 years to kill in a Nevada state prison for vehicular manslaughter – DUI? Or even longer in some cases. Nobody plans to have an accident, but you can plan not to. Buy a sleeping bag at Wallyworld for $12 and sleep in the desert. Anywhere you like just pick a spot anywhere. To find the open desert just stagger off in any direction, you can’t miss it.

I own a small parcel of desert land behind the park myself and I certainly won’t run anyone off of it that wants to sleep one off there. You can hijack a neighbor’s teenage licensed driver and pay their way to the festival, or hire a  designated driver for the day, do whatever it takes but please do not drink and drive. The life you save will always be your own.

Pahrump Music Festival 2021

Save a life,

Show you care,

Look once, look twice,

And be aware,

Kids on bikes are everywhere.

I would dearly love to meet you, but not by accident.