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Greetings sports fans and welcome to another thrilling adventure hello. That crazy little second year Super Bowl watchdog affectionately known as, Vegas Valley Sports Beat.

Are you ready for some football? I know I am.
After two weeks of Super-hype and the constant mindless chatter of talking heads talking about every aspect of football and football by-products as it relates to the Super Bowl in absurdum, I’m pretty sure everybody is.
But at long last, the players have taken the field in Atlanta, Georgia and the big game is about to begin.

Tom Brady was intercepted on his first pass of the game when a tipped ball flew into the waiting arms of a defender. Brady has not been sacked in the postseason so far. But he has now though the Patriots still have not scored in the first quarter of the Super Bowl as the last play belongs to the Rams.

The Patriots have not scored in the first quarter in 8 Super Bowls. With 5:50 seconds to play Steve Gostkowski who is 36-36 to date, is attempting a 46-yard field goal. It’s up it’s… no good.

The Bud Light corn syrup commercial is the best so far in the first quarter. I think we can all agree on that. Dilly Dilly?
Tony Romo is proving himself to be the master of speculation. When he speculated whether a call was for offsides against the Patriots or false start against the Rams turned out to be delay-of-game I was almost embarrassed for him. That’s a pretty nasty presumption against the officiating crew I think.
Bud light definitely wins best commercial of the second quarter hands down with their Game of Thrones tribute commercial. Dilly Dilly  Well played, gentlemen.
Neither coach has been able to establish dominance on either side of the ball as both team’s offense’s and both team’s defensive units are playing up to everyone’s expectations for a Super Bowl team.
On a fourth-and-five play, Gostkowski kicked a 42-yard field goal to put the first points on the board for the Patriots. With 10:29 to play in the first half the score was three to nothing New England.
As the clock runs out on the first half with the score New England 3 Los Angeles Rams 0 this is the second lowest scoring half in Super Bowl history. There has not been a lack of effort on behalf of the Patriots or the Rams on either side of the ball. Quite the opposite in fact and the score bears this out.
I don’t think anyone’s commercial will be able to top the one that I just saw though.  That was the NFL’s 100th Anniversary promotional video that one merits Super Bowl Hall Of Fame commercial induction by acclaim. I have seen all of them since 1971 and that commercial embodied the game of American football to the Tee.
100 Years of National Football League/NFL (USA)
I would say break a leg, fellas but it looked like there were at least two broken legs and a sprained wrist before the big cake got tackled and things went south but as a sports journalist, you have my nomination for Best In Show. Good luck with the judges.
The halftime show was flashy and the one dude’s entrance as a meteor was rad but outside of the music the rest left me flat I was not moved by it in the least and that concerns me a lot. The important thing, however; is that a good time seemed to be had by all. Whoever that one dude was I’ve seen Jagger live thrice now. No,  bro, you don’t have no Jagger moves. You sound like a flute too. Just saying, dude.
Rams #6 punts 65-yard and he breaks the former Super Bowl record of 64-yards there are 10 minutes left to play in the third quarter.
With 2 minutes 11 seconds still left to play in the third quarter the Rams 53-yard field goal to make the score 3 to 3 at the end of the third quarter.
This is the first Super Bowl to go three quarters without a touchdown being scored by either team. The way things are going it might be the first Super Bowl without a touchdown scored at all.
Bud Light’s end of the third quarter commercial with the Trojan horse was really funny but Microsoft’s commercial about adaptive game controls is the best hands down. When everybody plays, we all win.
After running the same play three consecutive times in three different configurations Patriots land on first and goal on the 3-yard line. 7 minutes are left to play in the fourth quarter a 3 yard run by Devlin for a touchdown makes the score 10 to 3 New England.
With 4:17 left to lay in the game Goff throws a lobber towards the end zone that lands in the arms of a defender and now it’s sure to be a time for nail-biting in Los Angeles Ram territory as New England takes over again on their own 4-yard line.
Talk about a nail-biter, folks. With 1:16 left in the game, New England is attempting a 41 field-goal. Up up and it’s good! And New England takes the lead 13 – 3
I especially liked the ad by the Washington Post honoring the freedom of the press and three journalists who lost their lives in the past year for exercising and defending that freedom which we all enjoy and which is necessary for the preservation of democracy.
With 0:08 left in regulation play 48-yard field goal is attempted by the Ram. And it’s up up and awayyyY! The ball goes wide to the left missing the uprights by no less than a mile and the 2019 World Champion New England Patriots will take home the Lombardi trophy for yet a sixth time with Tom Brady behind center.
Despite the many rumors that the Ram’s were going to surprise the Patriots and win Super Bowl LIII, they did not but nobody can say that it was for lack of trying or heart. Good luck next year gentlemen, you are all champions. And don’t you forget it either.
Despite all of the rampant rumors about Tom Brady playing another season next year, including the one that came from his own mouth not two weeks ago, however; he has stated unequivocally that he is going to retire now and sit on his laurels. And that is sure to be a very comfortable pile to rest on indeed. Whether you love or hate them The Brady Bunch strikes again and you really have to stand and applaud them for the unparalleled legacy which they have forged in the NFL.
Congratulations to Tom Brady, to The Brady Bunch, to Coach Bill Belichick, and to the entire New England Patriots organization,. And a special congratulations to Julian Edelman Super Bowl LIII MVP. See you all right back here next year when the big show comes back to town and TV again.