The Democratic Congressional Condemnation Committee Writes…

RE: Marjorie Taylor Greene CONDEMNED

Tue, Feb 2 at 5:28 PM

Charles, Republicans are showing us that they’ll stand by — and even reward — Marjorie Taylor Greene’s disgusting behavior.

So we need to know:

Will you CONDEMN Greene and her Republican enablers in Congress?

YES! → NO →
Charles, we’re furious.

We’ve made it alarmingly clear just how dangerous Marjorie Taylor Greene and her radical agenda are — including her calling the tragic mass shootings in Parkland and Sandy Hook hoaxes.

But right now, Marjorie Taylor Greene sits on the Committee on Education and Labor.

Someone who has implied a school shooting was a HOAX has no business serving ANYWHERE in our government.

Of course, House Republicans don’t care.

They knew exactly who Greene was when they supported her run for Congress.

We must show Republicans we will NEVER forget how they HELPED Marjorie Taylor Greene have a voice in Congress and that we’re coming for their seats.

We need 5O,OOO grassroots supporters to CONDEMN Greene’s lies, dangerous conspiracy theories, and radical right-wing views. Will you sign on before midnight to CONDEMN Greene and every Republican who continues to support her? >>



To Which I Reply:


Dear DCCC,

Although I’m a Chaplain I can’t even imagine a universe in which there are enough ways to tell you all to kneel down and kiss my black ass. I don’t participate in group condemnation anymore than I would on my own. She was elected and she has the God-given inalienable right to express any opinion she wants to whether it’s ignorant or otherwise.

Can you prove they weren’t hoaxes? I doubt anyone could prove it either way and certainly not off the cuff as you do. Qanon is a group of people that share information. To the best of my knowledge, they’re not breaking any laws, or I’d say so, and I’d also know.

I do know, however, that this kind of targeted political harassment and retaliation against anyone is highly illegal. By definition a group of news addicts cannot constitute a conspiracy theory, it’s a very real thing made up of many nouns. As opposed diametrically to the baseless conjecture, lies, and the glorification of racially motivated violence, revolution, civil war, and insurrection that your party seems to thrive on advocating for in the public square.

There’s no denying the Vice President’s statement that rioters never will and never should stop rioting. Can you disprove that? I know for a fact that you cannot. That’s an impeachable offense according to Speaker Pelosi and the screaming mob backing her sham impeachment trial of Trump part 2.

Are we going to look away and pretend the whole Russian collusion hoax was not declassified by Trump before he left office? They show a long list of traitors in the DNC that are in need of a military tribunal followed by summary execution on the gallows or in front of a firing squad. Not Republicans, not conservatives, not Trump supporters. Democrats.

Democrats did it all.  That is the very definition of an organized insurrection. An attempted takedown of an innocent President right in plain sight. What nerve, what utterly contemptuous gall to act like it never happened now. Bullshit.

My question then is what’s it to you? Does it make you nervous, the things Representative Greene says? Is she hitting a raw nerve ending? Or do you just want to grab power by canceling a duly elected official? I think it’s likely both. Once you take her out then there’s no limit to who you can’t eliminate is there? All you have to do then is steal the election and grab her seat and the crime is complete.

I would tell you all to go f**k yourselves if this wasn’t a family-oriented news agency, but I’m going to be the bigger man here and hope you can read it between the lines since you all think you’re so good at it.