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Greetings sports fans and welcome to another exciting episode of Vegas Valley Sports Beat. That funky little sports column that can defeat the coronavirus with one hand tied behind its back. And plenty of other stuff too we just don’t like to brag about it. This is day 1,875 of the lockdown and things are getting a little hairy. Be sure you stay at home unless you absolutely have to be out and about getting groceries and other necessities. Maintain proper social distance, and be hyper-vigilant about washing your hands and your person, and be careful about not spreading the deadly virus to your family or friends who might be highly susceptible.
It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood today here in The verdant Las Vegas Valley region. A great day to be alive. I went out earlier venturing amongst the viral and non-viral alike for groceries. I made out like a bandit for only $42 and change and I got enough grub to last for more than a week. The best part is that I left plenty for everyone else. Every time one of these national tragedies comes up around me I see fools running to the store and grabbing every roll of toilet paper and every must-have item du jour off the shelves before anyone else can have one. I only take whatever I need for the week I’ve never run out of food or the toilet paper. When I see those same people selling a 12 pack of Charmin on eBay for $230 delivered it’s not hard to figure out what that run on 2 ply is all about. It’s a man-made Black Market situation. Those people selling Charmin for $230 are going to find themselves in hot water for price gouging in a time of a national emergency. But I digress
Let us turn our attention now to the subject at hand which is the coronavirus relief bill recently passed by Congress which will give every person $1,200 and every child $500 in instant relief in the form of a check. I was speaking with my cousin last night who is homeless living in another state and he asked the question how are they going to mail out those checks? Where are they going to mail them to? He was, rightfully, concerned getting his because they don’t know where he is, whoever they are.
This, of course, got me to thinking where are they going to mail my check? I did not file a tax return last year because I had no income. I was receiving food stamps and Medicaid but I no longer receive them. Are they going to mail a check to my last known address there I wondered? Are they going to send it to the last address from where I filed taxes? If they do then it will end up in Colorado and I live in Nevada. Will the checks be mailed to the address on my driver’s license? Will it matter that my driver’s license does not have the approved gold star on it yet?
If history has taught us anything at, which I seriously doubt, a lot of the checks are probably going to be undeliverable and returned to Sender. That raises another good question of what then happens to that money, and will that intended recipient still be able to retrieve those funds? If so, how does one go about this? How does my cousin Billy let the check printers know where to send his check? Or how does he go about finding out where it is going to be sent? This relief bill clearly raises more questions than it can answer.
In an attempt to get to the bottom of this matter I first called the office of Nevada Congressman Steven Horsford but there was nobody in his office during business hours but the answering machine so I left a message at the beep
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So then I tried calling the office of budget Management in Washington DC. They have also Abandoned Ship leaving the answering machine in charge. It was not helpful, to say the least
Next, I tried calling the IRS, also during business hours, and I had a very lovely long-running interactive conversation with their phone robot as I navigated my way a little bit of time towards a live operator. Unfortunately for me, the phone bought decided it was too busy to speak with me advised me to call back some other time and hung up. Freaking bureaucrats are all alike. Even if it is a phone bot. You give it a fancy title and a telephone and the next thing you know it’s trying to take over the world. Don’t laugh, they’re getting there.
Next up on the list to call was the officer of Nevada’s governor Steve Sisolak. The phone was answered immediately by a very well-mannered professional lady named Angie who advised me that the relief bill was still new and they still do not have the details available. She said for me to continue checking back with her office or go to their website at and keep an eye on it for updates. That, of course, does not answer a single question that I had but I will keep you posted as I learn these answers and more. Now even more so because since I drafted this article this afternoon I was laid-off from my job with Internet Brands so I am going to need my share of that money. I don’t want to wind up falling through the cracks and getting no help at all again.
What I have learned since is that it goes by your tax returns for 2019 or 2018. If like me, you have not filed either one then you do need to file for 2019 as soon as it is humanly possible to get on the rolls. The IRS is drawing the guidelines up even now for disbursement.