Tell Governor Sisolak To Veto These Bad Bills

Nevada Republican Party


Democrat Leadership in the Legislature think that because they control the Governor’s Mansion they can pass all of these detrimental bills without pushback. We have one last chance to use our strength in numbers to VETO these bills.

Contact Governor Sisolak here and tell him to VETO the following bad bills!


Las Vegas: (702) 486-2500
Carson City: (775) 684-5670

AB 321: Makes universal mail voting and ballot harvesting permanent. This bill would ensure that voting irregularities, ballot harvesting, and all the issues we saw in the 2020 elections would continue. It would also cost millions of dollars to facilitate.

AB 126: Takes away the rights of political parties to determine how they will select their nominee for President by mandating that the nominee will be chosen in a separate Presidential Primary Election. This accelerates the timeline of the primaries in Nevada which could conflict and penalize our political parties on a National scale. Implementation of this bill will cost Nevada’s taxpayers.

AB 432:  Expanding automatic voter registration to 15 other state agencies and 32 tribal locations. Automatic Voter Registration (AVR) has been plagued with issues, as we saw during the election when over 60,000 voters were put into provisional status in Clark County alone. Many of these voters thought they had registered via the DMV, and yet their vote was put in jeopardy at the polling place. It is the height of folly to expand an imperfect program. Rather than increasing the uncertainty in our election process, the Legislature should be fixing the process and imposing penalties for systems failing.

SB 420: Sponsored by Democrat Senate Majority Leader Nicole Cannizzaro. This bill creates a government-run public option in the state of Nevada which will cost Nevadans $77 Million in its first two years, and nearly $200 million in the following two years. According to the legislature’s own fiscal notes, the ongoing costs will be tens of millions of dollars every year after that.

AB 261: Creates an environment on youth indoctrination.This bill will mandate all school districts to adopt curriculum grounded in critical race theory (CRT).