Greetings sports fans and welcome to a balmy Las Vegas Saturday night. Tonight we have no sports and we have no national news to report from here. Tonight let us turn our attention to the world of books and review an amazing new novel from first-time author, Jennifer Irwin. @jenirwinauthor A lovely young lady that I am proud to call a very dear friend.

This is an unbiased and fair review based solely upon the merits of the work itself. Friend, family, foe, or any combination thereof, business is business. Just as it always will be whenever any issue is at hand, and a book review is no exception to that rule.


About the author.

A native New Yorker and captivating storyteller with a flair for embellishment, Jennifer Irwin currently resides in Los Angeles with two cats, a dog, and her boyfriend. After earning her BA in Cinema from Denison University, she worked in advertising and marketing, raised three boys, and ultimately became a certified Pilates instructor. While she has written screenplays and short stories since her college days, A Dress the Color of the Sky is her first novel. For more information, visit www.jenniferirwinauthor. Reprinted from, A Dress The Color Of The Sky. Jennifer Irwin (pg.316)

After having read the first 63 pages in one sitting I wrote this to the author.

Hi Jenn. I made it 63 pages before doing the old familiar face down on the keyboard thing due to uncooperative eyelids that don’t always share my enthusiasm for insomnia. If I were to stop now and review it based upon what I’ve been seeing from page one I would have to say this; Author, Jennifer Irwin displays an uncanny natural ability to paint a scene so rich in graphic imagery with such an economy of words that it defies belief that this is a debut novel. She turns a flippant phrase as easily as a stray curl flipped aside and in those few words manages to convey the entire feel of an end of summer regatta on Long Island right down to the attendant emotions. Then flip, she transports the reader to the corn crib and an ill-fated misadventure with a beehive, then with the flip of a stray lock of hair, flip, and you’re rehab with Nurse Ratched and a host of colorful characters that any other author would need far more words to portray. Samantha Stevens transported people and Bewitched audiences by wriggling her nose while Jennifer Irwin does it with a stroke of her pen and the flip of a stray curl. A Dress The Color Of The Sky is an enchanting story masterfully written and rare.


For the story, I have to award Jennifer Irwin’s A Dress The Color Of The Sky 5 stars of 5. For elevating the art of storytelling above and beyond the call of duty, she gets the blue ribbon medal of excellence.


I read all the way to the beginning of chapter 13 and then last night I read the rest of the 33 chapters in one sitting. I stand by what I said originally, but I would like to add that it was very hard to read about Prue being molested and raped by family and people whom she thought were friends she could trust.

Prudence is a very lovable and real character in whom I think everyone who reads her story will be able to readily identify with on some level be it through an addiction or by upbringing.


I personally know many horror stories and I have a few of my own that would tip the credibility register towards unbelievable but sadly they are all too true to embellish. This is also the case with A Dress The Color Of The Sky. I have told nothing but the truth where this book is concerned for to even attempt to embellish it would only detract from it. And that’s simply not done.

I have known far too many persons who have succumbed to the indignity of it all and have taken their own lives because they simply could not live with it any longer. The saddest thing is how many people they left behind that actually did love them. It’s tragic that they somehow never realized just how valuable they were because someone seemingly took that value away from them when in reality nobody can take away your worth you can only give it away or sell it to the highest/lowest bidder. Unlike integrity, however; you can always get it back because it’s never really gone. It’s something you carry in your own heart.

It happens to men and women both and abuse takes many forms. It can be sexual, physical, and mental abuse and it can be all three wrapped up in one as it was for Prudence all throughout her life. Right up until the time she sought professional help to find her way in the world and a sense of self-worth that she could hold onto.

It was amazing watching Prudence transform from a helpless victim to a strong survivor who understands her own strength and value is not tied to the actions of others but is wholly within herself. A value that no person can ever diminish in any way or own. Prudence is a real hero and her story is a shining example for others who are trapped in the grip of such profane darkness. You have to admire her courage and her chutzpah. You cannot help but hope and cheer for her as she progresses towards graduation from rehab.

I highly recommend A Dress The Color Of The Sky as a must-read for anyone who is or has suffered from addictions and or abuse in their lives, or if you’re hoping to better understand someone in your own life who has been wounded in such a manner and to perhaps help them find themselves again.


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Images courtesy of Jennifer Irwin.