Greetings sports fans and welcome to another action-packed episode of Vegas Valley Sports Beat the little column that, much like Syphilis just keeps on giving. Happy Taco Tuesday to all you diehard taco fans in the beautiful Las Vegas Valley Region and as always to our friends and family worldwide. Tacos are universal for nom nom nom no matter where you are.

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Which might explain UFOs. They come for tacos of course. That would explain the Extraterrestrial Highway. I can totally relate. And I cannot possibly think of any better place to get tacos than in Las Vegas. You can not throw a nickel out the window of a moving vehicle in Las Vegas and hope to miss a taco stand. Now, before you start sending hate mail to my editor, let me state for the record. I love demolishing mass quantities of tacos with my face. I can handle a dozen tacos any day.

I know that Las Vegas has a plethora of taco stands, and or restaurants because I had the misfortune of being hungry one night and spent an hour riding around on my Harley looking for a Denny’s where a girl, friend and I could throw down on some serious grub. Or any restaurant would have been fine but the only thing we saw for miles and miles were taco stands. I cannot recall the many different names of the establishments and it would not be fair to the others to leave them out that way.

My default favorite will always be Taco Bell, but there are some wonderful alternatives to your usual place whatever that place might be. Or stick with your favorites. Either way, you can’t go wrong. This statement is true. I used to make Klondike Bars.

thegingerpowers: “Happy Tuesday! ”

I am not exactly sure what the cause of the bad call that cost the Las Vegas Golden Knights their run at the Stanley Cup in game 7 against the San Jose Sharks but I do know this much is true. First, this seeming epidemic of blind referees causing games to be won and lost by blown or bad calls in high stakes sports contests is odious. It stinks. Why? Because it is horse shit is why.

The NHL apologized for the blown call but in the meantime, the Golden Knights have left the building and gone home for the remainder of the Stanley Cup Playoffs. That is bunk. Hi, we are really sorry that our referee screwed the pooch and cost you the chance for Lord Stanley’s Cup perhaps you’ll get a better ref next year?

And what can the Golden Knights do about it? Nothing. The fans can do nothing. Personally, I believe that the rules of fair play demand the game be replayed. There is no doubt that the advantage given to San Jose was unfair and to let the score stand under such circumstances is foul.