Greetings sports fans and welcome to another sunny Las Vegas Sunday morning edition of Vegas Valley Sports Beat. It’s August and that means pre-season football! WOOHOO! That being said let us turn our attention to food because good food and football go hand in hand.

I have to admit a certain bias whenever it came to the issue of sushi in the past. Even to the present day when I told a friend I have always considered sushi to be fish bait. It had been her dream for so long to eat at Sapporo however that I was willing to give it a try. Besides, I had 2 blueberry and cream cheese bear claws in the truck should it turn out to be that sushi was not my cup of tea.


Photobombing Sapporo in Las Vegas with Mom.

It’s nothing more than that I have never been much on fish-eating verses fish-catching because I don’t care for the fishy taste. Even so, I went in with the notion of giving it a try. If for nothing else to see what all the fuss was about.

For anyone living in Las Vegas or who might be planning on visiting our little city you, of course, want to experience the best that the city has to offer and the bolder the better is the gold standard in Las Vegas. Sapporo meets that standard admirably with its innovative revolving sushi bar.


I was surprised by Maria’s reaction when we pulled up in front of Sapporo. she got out of the truck dancing a little jig because she couldn’t believe she had finally made it there after waiting so long to find it. She forgot to mention that Sapporo is a revolving sushi restaurant but that was of no real consequence. For me, it added to the experience greatly.

It was nice from the first moment we sat down. Our waitress was right on the spot with drinks and throughout the meal. She was very courteous and efficient about taking our soup orders and making sure that everything was in apple pie order as far as whatever we needed and to answer any questions.


So this then was my first encounter with sushi and chopsticks together in the same room and I admit a slight amount of trepidation but I dove right in and I have to admit that I was more than mildly surprised at just how good it really was. I especially loved the Whitetail tacos, and the lobster tacos all of their fish tacos were delicious. But if I were to pick the very best one that I had, it would have to be the Cajun blackened style fish. It was very tasty.


Beside our booth, a conveyor belt ran carrying past us a parade of delicacies I think any sushi lover will be well pleased with. There were California Rolls, green tea cakes, fish tacos galore and lots and lots of tasty dishes whose names I cannot recall. All you have to do is grab a dish as it goes past your table and go to town. Each dish is preceded by a small sign that lets you know what it is and each sign is followed by 2 covered dishes of that item.


Maria told us that the key to eating sushi is to pop the entire morsel in your mouth at once not to nibble at it like a fish testing a shrimp on a hook. She was right of course and the dipping sauce made it that much better.


They have a little trolly that runs over the top of the belt and delivers special orders from the kitchen which is pretty cool. I have never been a big fan of ramen noodles as most people know them but the Miso ramen soup at Sapporo was excellent. I could eat it every day no problem.


I heard it was expensive to eat at Sapporo but for the 4 of us we ate 27 plates at $2.50 per plate the total bill came to $22 per person which if you think about the average cost of lunch at any decent establishment it’s likely to cost more in the neighborhood of $35-$50 per person. The sushi was excellent and we all got full so what more can one ask for? and at a great price too? It’s a no-brainer for sure.

There’s no waiting for your order it’s already going past you as you sit down to eat. I personally like that very much. I think many will agree that there’s not much worse than watching a crowd of diners eating while you wait forever for your own order to come.

Bear in mind that I have never had sushi before so I have nothing to compare Sapporo to but if you look at it in that light, I honestly enjoyed the food very much and I would recommend Sapporo to anyone who loves sushi, or to anyone who, like myself, have never tried it for whatever reason.

For those who might still feel like eating bait is somehow just not right you can always take a few of the shrimp home along with a few popcorn lobsters and if the fish aren’t biting that day you can always eat them yourself. I personally don’t see the shrimp making it that far.



Located at 4671 Spring Mountain Road in Las Vegas Sapporo is open every day from 11:30 am to midnight. Phone (702) 915-7500 or visit their website at