Good morning friends, Romans, and Countrymen, good morning Las Vegas, and welcome back to yet another thrilling adventure in Journalism and the unflinching defense of the 1st Amendment of the Constitution and champion of the 4th Estate. otherwise known as Vegas Valley Sports Beat. That great-tasting low-calorie alternative to exploratory brain surgery recommended by 4 out of the 5 dentists surveyed. He’s weird, don’t ask.

It’s a very dark Sunday morning at 4:20 am but in just a few hours the sun will be coming up over Tampa Bay, Florida where Super Bowl LV will kick off at 6 pm EST on CBS as the Tampa Bay Buccaneers with legendary veteran QB Tom Brady at the helm play host to the defending world champion Kansas City Chiefs, led by another phenomenal young quarterback, Patrick Mahomes.

I have $9.2 million fake digital dollars on the Bucs but I can assure you that it was anything but an easy call to make when the fake sportsbook has the Chiefs favored to win. I tend to lean toward the Chiefs too but the bet is down, the die is cast. Tonight I might win or lose millions of meaningless digits when the confetti cannons roar in Tampa Bay to celebrate the ultimate victors but there’s no doubt this is going to be one hell of a game, folks.

Tom Brady is called the greatest of all time, or G.O.A.T., and nobody can debate that. Save perhaps for that 5th dentist, but I told you he’s weird didn’t I? Moving along then, Patrick Mahomes has been called The Kid in this contest by many people on social media now including me but I say it with all due respect. Mr. Mahomes is unquestionably the genuine article, not some upstart rookie quarterback hoping to make a name for himself going head to head against a gentleman that you can very easily picture standing before him like a healthy full-grown ram facing a young challenger.

Nope, not Mahomes, The Kid has his stripes too, and he’s not only bringing the defending world champions to the field with him but they have already met the Brady Bunch once this season and they defeated the Buccaneers 27 to 24. The score from that game alone should tell you what a shootout that was and the Kids from KC came out on top.

I’m a Dallas Cowboys fan as some of you know so I don’t have any skin in the game as they say, but no matter who is playing I sure do love me a great football game and I have a feeling that Super Bowl LV is going to be epic.