Greetings sports fans and welcome to an unprecedented third day in a row of Vegas Valley Sports Beat. That silly little column that loves to tickle your funny bone.

It is a bright yet overcast day here in the sun-dappled Las Vegas Valley and all is not right with the world but what can ya do? I heard a thunder boomer a few minutes ago so perhaps we will see a little rain today. Especially if the weatherman said we would not. Hopefully, it will burn off soon, if that is the wind doesn’t blow it away first.

Let us turn our attention now to what is new for you in Las Vegas and see if we cannot find somewhere exciting for you to take yourself or your loved one/s this weekend. If music and fun is your bag then might I suggest an evening with the indomitable King of Las Vegas himself, Mister Frankie Moreno.

I have had the distinct pleasure of spending several nights with Frankie and the band during the past year and from all reports he just keeps knocking them dead in the aisles at every show.

Never one to rest on his laurels, Frankie Moreno has been quite busy writing new songs and releasing album after album. “This is Frankie Moreno” was recently released March 29, 2019. It is available on iTunes and at the Google Play Store. Please download the album and give it a review.
3 of the last 5 have gone to the top of the charts. But that is certainly no surprise to anyone who knows Frankie at all. He is not only exceptionally talented, but he’s also genuinely warm, funny, and a fine human being as well.

One need only meet his parents to understand why that is. His brother who plays bass guitar is more reserved and tends to stay out of the spotlight but he and the rest of the band make seeing the show an experience one is not soon to forget.

From the time you arrive at the showroom or auditorium were Frankie is playing that night you notice the difference between Frankie’s fans and those of any other entertainer. Frankie Moreno Army members and long-standing fans and friends are always there at the front door to meet and greet you. They’ll be happy to answer any questions you might have and you can get the finest Frankie swag you will not find anywhere else on the planet.

What a bargain eh? The greatest thing about it is that if you purchase a Frankie Moreno shot glass before you go in to see Frankie he will fill it up for you at least twice, if not thrice before the night is through.

ON APRIL 15TH, 2019 FRANKIE IS GOING TO BE RAFFLING OFF ONE OF HIS EPIPHONE GUITARS TO SUPPORT HIS SCHOLARSHIP FUND AT THE NEVADA SCHOOL OF THE ARTS. RAFFLE TICKETS ARE $5 EACH OR 25 FOR $100.  Don’t miss your chance to win a beautiful keepsake, and help support school music programs, and music scholarships for kids.

I am just a foot soldier in the FMA but our fearless leader, Kathy Cornelius is a veritable force of nature and she is the force that drives us grunts to well grunt. Much like I am now, but it is all Frankie that drives us all to want to share his music with you and the fun of being a part of it.

It does not cost a dime to join the ranks of the Frankie Moreno Army and with membership, you get loads of goodies not available to the general public. That includes invitations to members-only events and other promotions which I am not at liberty to discuss under penalty of death or worse.

When you see Frankie live onstage you are a close part of the event and Frankie has a way about him that draws you in because it is not disingenuous and that comes through loud and clear. That is why we love him and that is why I can forego my usual journalistic objectivity and recommend a night or three with Frankie Moreno, and the band.

Why five nights you might ask? Simple. Because every show is different and every show is even more fun than the last. Typically, Frankie stays after the show to meet and greet his fans. I have even seen him stop a show just to give the guitar he was playing to a young first-time attendee. She was allowed into the showroom for the first time that evening due to casino rules.

From left to right. 2 of my brothers, and me. Right before security locked us out of the showroom. :cP

He not only gave her the guitar but he had a roadie bring her the case for it as well. When was the last time you saw anyone else do something like that? Uh, never right? I have been handed a guitar pick by Pat Travers before but that’s the extent of my experience in seeing anything of that sort at a concert and I have been to 61 live concerts to date.

It’s not any one thing that makes a night with Frankie Moreno so special it is everything taken as a whole. The music is always upbeat as are the people that you meet. While the show is ever-changing but always wonderful.

If you are coming to visit our beautiful city, or even if you call Las Vegas home you can hardly do better, certainly you cannot go wrong by taking in one of Frankie Moreno’s performances live at The Smith Center or at the beautiful South Point Hotel and Casino showroom.

We are extremely lucky to have lured Frankie from New York to Las Vegas and his performance at Carnegie Hall proves that admirably. They said they will keep a future date open for him to return, which is almost unheard of.

Upcoming shows:SOUTH POINT:  4-11-19, 4-25-19, 5-16-19, 5-30-19, 6-13-19, 
 SMITH CENTER: 4-3-19, 4-23-19, 5-7-19, 5-28-19, 6-11-19,


April 3, 2019 – Jun 25, 2019

TICKET PRICES: $30.00 — $42.00 
VENUE:Myron’s Cabaret Jazz

On a personal note: If you have the opportunity to see Frankie live tomorrow night you can’t go wrong. If it’s not sold out first. You can’t go wrong anytime you have the chance but one of these days I hope you get to see him in full swing with an orchestra behind him. If it’s at Carnegie Hall? You’re a lucky dog for sure. Bet that.

Frankie is a bandleader in the truest sense and a very talented singer with a vocal range that will amaze you if you’re hearing him for the first time. When it comes to banging the Beethoven, Bach or straight out of the bayou boogie-woogie out of a set of ivories. In my honest estimation, no performer or group that I know of can compare themselves to Frankie Moreno and the band.

I know one thing. He sure as hell didn’t get to Carnegie Hall by luck or by taxi. Frankie Moreno practiced, practiced, practiced.

Rimshot, Maestro, please.

And he arrived in style. Cheers!
More performance dates:
5-3-19  – Cedarburg Performing Arts Center in Cedarburg, WI
5-4-19  –  Lake Las Vegas Days in Lake Las Vegas, NV
5-18-19 –  USO Gala in San Diego, CA
7-13-19 – Dover Downs Casino in Dover, DE
7-20-19 – Festa Italiana in Milwaukee, WI
As always, please go to http://www.frankiemorenofanclub.com for
tickets.  As soon as they are available we will put a link for you to

But don’t just take my word for it, go see for yourself.-Charles Ramos Jr.

Need a Frankie fix?  Go to YouTube and subscribe to his official channel.  You can find it here: https://www.youtube.com/user/morenobrothersfilms.



Thank you for supporting Frankie and theFMArmy. Be sure to follow the Rules of Engagement! We truly appreciate your support! – Kathy Cornelius, FMA Founder.

As always I wish to expressly thank all parties who contributed to this article and that includes a whole lot of fine people far too numerous to list.