Greetings sports fans and welcome back for another thrilling episode of Vegas Valley Sports the quirky little column that’s about everything but sports, and occasionally, sports. It is a cold and blustery Friday morning the temperature is hovering at around the freezing mark here in the Las Vegas Valley and the wind has picked up since sunset. And it’s barely past midnight. 

But now I am editing and it is simply a beautiful sunny day, and now that the wind has dropped it’s not as cold either. The magic of print media.

Let’s get right into today’s news. Yesterday, Congressional Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi (D-Cal.) Gave a speech to the terrorist states around the world courtesy of American taxpayers and CNN of course. In this speech she let them know in no uncertain terms how consternated she and the Democrats in Congress are over the untimely death of a terrorist leader responsible for more than 600 dead Americans. She went on to promise that they would tie the president’s hands so that they could continue their bloody reign of terror on the United States and its allies without any further interference from the White House. 

Nancy Pelosi #youtriedit clap 👏🏽

They even passed the resolution yesterday but it is not a law and it is binding on the President. So really it is just more of the same meaningless time-wasting garbage as anything else that has been coming from that side of the Congressional aisle since November of 2016. Another empty grand gesture from Pelosi and Company.

Now we know who Abraham Lincoln was speaking to when he said you can’t fool all of the people al of the time. Democrats.

Pelosi said, and I paraphrase slightly, we are all proud To die for our country but that doesn’t mean it’s right to kill for it. So all American soldiers in combat zones you are to take fire and die, but no matter what happens do not return fire. According to Nancy Pelosi that makes you some kind of traitor, or war criminal. If you think that is funny just wait until you get a load of this. She also said that America cannot afford to wage war. 

Bullshit. Yes, we can. 

We saved 150 billion dollars by jacking Iran for the money Obama was giving them for a temporary moratorium on Uranium enrichment. Not to stop it. Just to get them to slow down for a little while. Unfortunately, that agreement has a shelf life. Or it did rather before President Trump shot the deal down completely. If Trump uses that 150 billion and switches the Federal government’s auto insurance to GEICO he can save another 15% and then we can afford to spend a day erasing everything Iran has built of any value since 1979 when they committed their first acts of war against us. If that’s not enough then we the people will be happy to pass the hat and take up a collection and pitch in for extra ordinance.

I have no issues with the Muslim faith at all. It’s murderers I have a problem with no matter what their beliefs are. I have a problem with having listened to Iran posture and threaten the people of the United States for 40 years without let up. I have a huge problem with bullies and a major tendency to take them out at the knees wherever I find them. 

Code Red Podcast with Iran Hostage Crisis Survivor Kevin Hermening | Secure America Now - YouTube

I for one am sick of Iran and “Death To America.” If they want a title fight then let’s strap up and get it on right now. Let them take their best shot and get it over with. Or they can keep on planting bombs and provoking further military responses from the White House because we are all behind him 100% and I can safely call that no fewer than 60 million voters who are tired of Iran’s bad neighbor bullshit too.

There once was a bully who lived in the Florida Everglades in the 1930s that liked to throw his weight around his little town and terrorize his neighbors. One day as he walked out of the general store his neighbors opened fire and cut him down like a dog in a hail of bullets. Iran is about to get the same treatment from President Trump if they don’t find some other hobby real soon.

You can’t make much war across an ocean with no oil, gas, electricity. Air Force, Navy, or airports, and bridges.  That’s all in a day’s work for our military. Literally. And now we finally have a Commander-In-Chief who is not too buttscared to go after them and do just that if that is what it takes. The shrinking doves and traitors in Congress be damned. Pray for peace but prepare for war or there will never be peace.

On a related note; I cannot believe that some vapid female news anchor, on Las Vegas Fox 5 News this morning had the gall to say that taking out the General almost caused Worlld War 3. All I can say is, lady, you are very dangerous, and irresponsible and you should be working at McDonald’s or at a car wash. Anywhere else that you cannot do any harm, but certainly not in broadcast journalism. Almost started World War 3? Seriously woman, are you off of your medication? Where was everyone else in the media when this global war crisis almost happened? Obviously, they were on Twitter getting their information from Robert DeNero who gets his news from Iranian state radio. That was really yellow.

In other stupid news, the Dallas Cowboys fired Jason Garret and hired a new head coach. Good luck, Coach, you’re going to need it. Sadly, however, early reports indicate that Jerry Jones has decided to keep the same malingering starting team. The one that actually went out on the field and blew this season for Dallas fans by putting in a half-assed effort more often than not. 

Speaking of stupid news, back on September 23rd of 2019 I reported in this column on the grave dangers associated with vaping in an article titled, “ARE YOU DYING FOR A SMOKE?”

In this article, I explained why this was so. I also backed up my conclusions with research that fully supports those conclusions. Since then science has proven that I was right all along. Vaping does kill as shown by the evidence, including a long-term study of thousands of young persons who Vaped or Vaped and Smoked Cigarettes, and THC through their vaping pens and developed lung injuries within 4 years of taking up vaping. It also found that those who smoked cigarettes and vaped at the same time are more than three times likely to develop those same lung injuries.

In the meantime, the vaping industry was pointing fingers in the media at the THC industry and blaming people who make their own cartridges and fill them for causing the sudden influx of dying vape victims and their own immediate marketing woes. Doctors began to find trends among the victims, both the living and the dead, that showed the majority of the victims used THC in their vaping devices as well.

I was in the cannabis dispensary in Pahrump a few weeks ago and I saw some of the salesperson’s wearing t-shirts that said ask me about trying Terpenes. That got me to thinking and so I looked into terpenes and sure enough, it was exactly what I was afraid it was. They are the naturally occurring essential oils that are found in marijuana. These essential oils are means by which the flavors and the levels of THC have been altered and heightened far beyond normal levels. From those essential oils, we get such goodies as Green Apple, Mango Kush, Lemon Banana Sherbet which is what I have now, Blueberry, Pineapple Kush, and so forth. 

After having researched the article on vaping it was obvious to me that raising the levels of those oils in recreational marijuana could not possibly be good. They would undoubtedly cause the same symptoms in the long run that vaping does. Even if they were only smoked the conventional way through a water pipe or a joint. 

However, if one were to vape these new strains of marijuana the onset of lung injuries would certainly be a lot quicker because vaper’s of THC are using levels that are 50% or higher in their devices. And these are the results that we are seeing already beginning to manifest themselves. Science finally agrees with me on that point that the new strains of engineered marijuana are in fact potentially lethal over time. No matter how you approach it, it’s a dead-end street. Of that, there is no question.

Medical marijuana which has levels of THC that hover around 6% is as safe as it’s ever going to be considering that smoking anything is bad for your lungs. Recent independent medical studies do show that lower levels of THC are better for malignant cells than higher concentrations are. Those studies showed that higher levels of THC are actually detrimental to the respiratory system, among other things, and they had no effect upon malignant cells in patients who medicated with cannabis.

Sometimes it is nice to be able to say that you were right. This, however, is not one of them. These products are clearly deadly but it is just as clear that no one really intends to give them up for life. Myself included. The marijuana I bought today tested at 27.94% THC and I intend to smoke the entire ounce too.

It’s too late for me to worry about it anyway because I have smoked too much for too long. Plus, I would rather not have to deal with the pain of being conscious every day and pot helps.  So, let’s just leave it at that. But young people and teenagers are dying from using these products for fun and that’s tragic news for their loved ones I’m sure. But, if they don’t care then it’s not my funeral. Just keep in mind when you’re sucking on that vaping pen that you’re not going to get lung disease which can be treated in most cases. 

Nope, not you. You, my friend, are headed for a severe lung injury that will most assuredly kill you within 5 years. That seems to be the magic number for all things vaping to come to an early end for the vaper. Make no mistake about it. It is going to coat the air sacks in your lungs and when they can no longer exchange CO2 in the lungs they will die and then you are going to be attending your own funeral in just a few short days.  

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