Greetings sports fans, fellow Americans and to all the ships at sea. Good day and welcome back once again to yet another thrilling Monday afternoon adventure in journalism I like to call Vegas Valley Sports Beat. It’s a beautiful Fall day here in the lush Las Vegas valley. The sun is sunny and the tweety birds are tweeting but not if they happen to be conservatives, Republicans, patriots, or nationalists and have the misfortune of finding themselves trying to make their voices heard on Facebook or Twitter.

If you are a left-leaning lying Journalist, propaganda bot, liberal, and/or left-wing psych-socialist radical, a mob of Antifa thugs beating down a crippled veteran in a wheelchair, or a senior citizen who supports the Republican party then you can say or do practically anything you want to. Even to the President of the United States. Last night I saw two people try to dupe President Trump into giving his blessing on Twitter to a serial killer and to Jack Nickolson who was dressed as Marine Colonel Jessup from the movie A Few Good Men. There comes a point when it’s no longer funny but foul, and that was the limit for me.

One day I was engaged in conversation with a lovely lady about the pros and cons of illegal immigration. The debate was civilized up until I posted a picture of a homeless baby and asked her what about them? Then all of a sudden my account was all screwed up and I could no longer Tweet anything at all. They call this Twitter jail and I for one do not appreciate being jailed nor censored without the benefit of due process of law.

I have been a member of Twiter since 2013 but when my account was tampered with by Twitter who said only “oops we did something wrong.” I have been working tirelessly for many months building my brand and had 8,478 followers. Most of whom are writers and members of the #WritingCommunity, artists, actors, musicians, entertainers, editors, publishers, literary agents, building and business professionals, and many more of them are just plain old ordinary people. People who come from every corner of the globe.

People of every size, shape, and color, country, and creed imaginable. Those have, to the best of my knowledge, been wiped out by Twitter for no good reason other than I had the temerity to advocate for homeless American children to a liberal crybaby who does not even by her own admission live in the United States.

Her views of how America should conduct itself on immigration are neither here nor there. What is relevant is why Twitter is taking an active role in censoring the opinions of Americans who demand justice for the forgotten citizens of the United States and defending all of her enemies, foreign and domestic against the Constitution? The question is why Twitter has their collective head so far up Megan Rapinoe’s bum that if she sits down the entire staff of Twitter would likely suffocate and die when the sentiment there is dead set against her and her teammates.

The same can be said for Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Allysa Milano, Colin Kaepernick, Cher,  Ocasio-Cortez and the rest of that goon squad, plus any number of Antifa punks who care to take a branch from the Twitter tree and beat  the life out of America with it if not some hapless senior citizen , or Journalist who cannot defend themselves against a concerted mob attack. In many cases, while law enforcement offices stand there and watch.

At this time my account has been restored but that does not change the fact that Twitter has been strongarming conservatives left and right for staing their opinions on social media. If it to ever be accepted as the norm that a private company is not bound by the Constitution which also governs their trade practices and the laws of every state they do business in then freedom of speech is on its way out the door and I for one find that completely unacceptable.

The time has come, America to stand up for our individual rights as one people and demand that they be respected not danced around and loopholed into submission by private interests who have more than demonstrated a willingness to publish fake news, (FaceBook) and other false narratives made by declared special interest parties on Twitter and on Facebook while stifling and outright censorship of people from other parties and opinions. Perhaps the strangest thing of all, or perhaps not so strange, is the fact that many of the social media trolls are from other countries. They have nothing better to do with their time because their own nations are such paragons of virtue and individual freedoms.

The President is coming on Twitter and on the news media calling the media the enemy of the people and calling for the media to be privatized. Clearly as Twitter and Facebook have demonstrated that is anything but the answer. News outlets such as CNN must be held to account for false news stories they rush into print before they even bother to check out their sources.

If a liberal snowflake says President Trump should be shot on their websites, that is just fine with them both. But let anyone else express such a violent opinion and they are banished just as I myself was last year and I was not even using Facebook when they threw me out. The time has come for Journalists to be held accountable for telling bald-face lies to the American public and upon the world-at-large.

I have caught both CNN and fact-checker in lies and I called them out in public to defend their claims with evidence but to date, there has been nothing but blessed silence from them. Other countries are passing or have already passed, international internet content accountability laws and the United States must follow them.