Greetings sports fans and welcome to the final chapter of Vegas Valley Sports Beat, that saucy little sports column that just doesn’t give a shit anymore. Up until just this same hour, I felt like I was a member of something worthwhile but I no longer suffer from that delusion. I’ve been doing this by myself as best I am able to for almost three and a half years now and I have taken a lot of static from friends and family members for writing for Vegas Valley News for free. I didn’t mind all of that though because I believed in it. I no longer suffer from that delusion either.

I do want to give a couple of shout outs to one very exceptional person before I say goodbye though. I want to thank a very lovely young lady named, Amanda whom I met yesterday when I went to Walmart here in Pahdump to get a few groceries. I scanned my things through the self=checkout register and when I went to pay for it I discovered that my EBT card was not in my wallet where it belongs so I told the clerk I was going to have to have the groceries put back and I would come back later and get them. I turned to leave when I heard a woman say I’ll get them for you.

She had a cart full of groceries herself so she was apparently shopping for her family but she did not hesitate to help me out when she did not have to. She could have kept quiet and nobody would have thought the less of her for it but she chose to step up and be a human being instead. That is not a very popular stance to take these days when tearing up or tearing down everything everyone else has worked so hard to build is a target of misplaced rage and hatred for one’s fellow man based upon the color of their skin.

I just wanted to take this final opportunity to say thank you, Amanda. You know who you are and I know that God will bless you and yours greatly for your kindness and the generosity of your spirit. I will certainly pay the debt forward at the first opportunity. $14 and change may not be much to some people but to me, it’s a lot because I don’t really have anything.

I have always done my very best for Vegas Valley News so I walk out of here with no regrets on my part. I have been dealing with chronic fatigue and pain since I began this job and it has only gotten worse, never better and it makes it very difficult to focus on writing when it hurts too much to be alive much less to want to try and put your thoughts together into crafting a coherent article for what now seems to be no apparent reason whatsoever. Nobody reads it anyway so what do I care? I can tolerate a lot of insults but being ignored by someone I work for without pay for three and a half years is not one of them.

Earlier today I sought the advice of my Editor-in-Chief, Mark Satorre, about publishing what I fell might be sensitive material and I am still waiting for a reply hours later. I have known Mark for all this time and he knows where I live but I have no idea where he lives because I am apparently not good enough to grace his doorstep. And I’m fine with that too. Let that be on his head I have entertained him and his family at my house so my conscience is clear in that regard. It’s one thing to dedicate yourself to something you feel is greater, but when you find out that you mean less than nothing to that ideal or to that same organization then it becomes a worthless gesture so I am walking away while I’m still insignificant. I doubt they’ll even notice that I’m gone for the next year or so. And that’s fine too.

I pray that God may bless you all, hold you close to His heart, and keep you always. This has been Vegas Valley Sports Beat, I am still your host without the most, and this my friends is farewell. I hereby tender my resignation effective as of June 31, 2020. So long, good luck, and thanks for the fish. I’ll see you all in the funny papers.

Charles Ramos Jr,