Greetings sports fans and welcome back once again to that fiesty little exercise in bold, honest Journalism I lovingly call Vegas Valley Sports Beat. If you didn’t hear it here it’s probably because I didn’t say it. But that goes without saying.

What also goes without saying is that the uberweird inauguration that took place in Washington D.C. today January 29th, 2021 sounded more like a coronation and looked more like a funeral for a free nation. I don’t typically push the fact that I’m an ordained minister of Jesus Christ but I am. What you believe is your own business, what I know is my redeemer lives. Nuff said.

I also noticed that Joe Biden has a sudden renewed interest in going to church. Just weeks ago he couldn’t even remember God’s name so it’s nice to see he finally looked it up. Even if he is a liar and a traitor at least he’s in the right place even if his heart’s not. All things work together for the Glory of God and it’s God’s will not mine that’s done in Heaven, and Earth, that I know. I also know a tree by its fruit, and I know the entire Russian Collusion delusion was a deliberate hoax perpetrated by Hillary Clinton and the DNC. I know they paid for the Steele dossier and I damn sure am not going to be quiet about it. The rule of law must prevail. Period.

The declassified documents relating to Obamagate prove what I and many other honest Journalists have been trying to tell everyone for years now but it’s like pissing in the wind when the left-wing media is dead-set against you and they cancel you out, shout you down, libel you and shut you down for good if they can.

I noticed one more little thing that might have escaped everyone else’s attention at the coronation of our new buttnaked emperor but it certainly did not escape mine. Out of all that talk of unity and all the self-serving prayers in public, Garth Brooks singing Amazing Grace and the lovely benediction; the name of Jesus Christ was not spoken even once. And this isn’t the first time it’s happened either. Congress has made a habit of it of late. I personally wish to thank you heathens for keeping His Holy name out of your filthy mouths unless it’s to repent for the evil you do in His sight.

But I digress.

I have evidence of my own that the election was tampered with in Nevada. I knew in 2018 that the machines used in Nye County had been seen by a voter to have changed his vote inside of the machine. I looked into it further and discovered that the machines were accessible online and that they had user-friendly ports of entry that they clearly should never have.

What to do? Who do you tell? It was obviously no accident. Duh. Nobody’s that stupid as to buy that. Except for our Secretary of State and Governor perhaps. I certainly couldn’t write about it here because the last thing I wanted to do was to let the person(s) responsible for this crime know that the jig was up. Again, duh.

At that same point in time, it came to my attention through a very reliable source that the 2018 mid-term elections had been stolen in Southern California. That source related to me how it was done and I could not find fault in the evidence. It was clearly done via mail-in ballot harvesting but the source suggested that the ballots all came from a single mill. It was funny that 60,000 of the 200,000 ballots that were dropped off at a single post office branch were missing the same vote for Senator? Someone messed up a whole batch it seems. The FBI’s document forensics lab could clear that right up by examining those ballots.

It’s almost funny but not quite that Gavin Newsome just happened to get elected Governor by 200,000 votes. It’s almost funny too how all of the Republican candidates that were ahead by spacious double-digit margins in most cases suddenly lost in every single race. And every last one of the deciding votes came from that one drop. How convenient. And everybody just looked the other way. Look at he third world turd pot the Governor has made of California in almost no time at all.

I grew up in California. I’ve lived, worked, played, loved, and traveled all over the state of California from end to end. I’ve stayed in San Francisco a rare city that I used to love until it was covered with homeless people, trash, needles, filth, hunger, disease, and feces. I’ve been over the Golden Gate Bridge and I’ve been under it. I’ve sailed the bay, shopped on Fisherman’s Warfmore than once, I’ve ridden the cable cars too. I’ve even surfed Ventura County Line. I like to froze my arse of one night when I walked off a dock and fell in the Sacramento River in Red Bluff. And I’ve camped out for a month at a time above Ojai and in Rose Valley. I’ve skinny-dipped in the Matilija Hot Springs. Before vested self-interests shut those places down and fenced them off that is. I’ve been across Death Valley on my Harley in July and I’ve ridden it through the mountains from Bakersfield to Port Hueneme and back to Las Vegas through Gorman where they make the best Texas chili size this side of Heaven and back home through Baker and Shoshone.

I’ve climbed Mount Whitney and I’ve lived in the shadow of Mount Shasta. I haunted the penny arcade at the end of the boardwalk in Santa Cruz when I was in Jr. High school in 1975-1976 when I wasn’t taking the bus to San Jose and sneaking into Marriots Great America almost every day during one summer. I’ve stayed in Alturas, camped out in Kings Canyon, hiked Frasier Canyon, and toured the coastal mountains of Ventura County on an enduro at night. I’ve even climbed Magu Rock and watched whales swimming offshore from the top of it at dawn one drunken morning a long time ago. I played in Disneyland’s 25th Anniversary parade On Main Street, and I know Magic Mountain like the back of my hand. I have hitchhiked the entire length of the state including through Watts and I’ve sailed close to the Channel Islands on a schooner so I know California. I’m not some interloper from another state that doesn’t know how to mind his own business. I love California. I love Napa Valley, I love Truckee, and Modesto where my Great-Grandparents lived most of their lives. I have a ton of family all over California and a ton of interest in the state and in the fairness of all elections.

I’ve lived and worked all over this magnificent country and I’ve built a great deal of it with my own two hands. Places you might have seen like the Florida Suncoast Dome in St. Petersburg, Florida. I was the first Ironworker hired to put the roof on it. Or St. Jude All Children’s Research Hospital in Memphis I helped set up the crane that hung the pink pre-cast sheathing. I built the Star of David atrium in front of the Jewish Community Center there in Memphis too. You can still see where I had to cope out a bunch of the steel to make it fit right. I’ve driven almost every highway in this beautiful land from Washington to New Hampshire to Florida to Mississippi to Ohio and back to Las Vegas. I went to school with Bunny Taylor and John Daly in Dardanelle, Arkansas, I’ve walked through Jackson Wyoming into the Grand Tetons on foot, thumbed my way across The Continental Divide and I’ve lived in Yellowstone park until they evicted me for not paying rent. Then I lived and worked in West Yellowstone as a maid at the Best Western and a dishwasher at some nasty restaurant down the street from there.

I’ve walked across the top of the world in Oregon and almost been rundown by a snowplow walking down a snowy 2 lane highway in the wilds of Idaho. Georgia, North Carolina, Hershey, Pennsylvania, Hartford, Connecticut, Windsor, and White River Junction, Vermont, Hanover, Indianapolis, and Cleveland rocks nobody can dispute that. I love the Flats. Covington, Kentucky, and the ride east along the Ohio river in he dewy morning is breathtaking in places. I’ve rocked with the Rolling Stones in Bengal stadium and attended River Fest on the Kentucky side. Oh my God, what a magical night that was. Richmond, New York City, Baltimore. Philly, Atlanta, Buffalo, Niagra Falls in winter is unfreakingreal.

Portland, Reno, Sturgis, Laconia, Jacksonville, Dallas, San Antonio, Yuma, Ft. Smith, you name it I’ve been there. Lived there, worked there, or played there but one thing they all have in common is that I love every one of them. Especially the people I’ve met in all of those beautiful places like in Solvang, California, or while canoeing down the Alafia River in Florida. Hundreds of thousands of people from all walks of life. Some were good and some were not so good but they all want to know that they participated in a fair election no matter who wins.

This brings us back to the point.

The emperor is not wearing any clothes. I realize that is normal for someone as openly perverse as Joe Biden appears to be in his many public displays of outright creepiness but it’s not literal nakedness it’s figurative. It’s criminal, and at some point, we have to hit the saturation point where the people demand that cooler heads prevail in the interest of law and order step in to ensure everyone involved that the rule of law prevails regardless of the outcome. America does have an Ombudsman like I have been asking for. That person has the duty and the authority to intervene and uphold the Constitution.

Joe looks unhappy about being President.

I know good and well that I am not the only person in these United States of America who sees clearly that Joe Biden has been and is likely still involved in acts of crime rising to the level of treason and I know I am not the only one that has serious issues with how the national elections were conducted. I for one am not going to sit down and shut up for anybody on this planet when I did not vote for Donald Trump either time. I voted for Hillary in 2016. Yes, I do know I was an idiot now, thank you very much. I tried to vote for Trump this time but the Secretary of State or somebody in his office changed my ballot to provisional and since I was unaware of that and didn’t verify it my vote was never counted. What really pisses me off is he fact that I voted for Democrat candidates too in certain races where there were no other candidates. I didn’t leave them blank. I might as well have though as it turns out.

Somebody, I don’t know whom, also changed my voter registration information and issued me a second “unique” voter ID number that’s different from the first one the state of Nevada issued to me when I first registered to vote. Now, why is that I have to wonder? It couldn’t possibly be because that allows someone with access to the before-mentioned user-friendly voting machines to cast a second ballot in my name for whoever they wish? Nahhh nobody would cheat in an election, right? Not according to the Judges that refused to even look at the evidence before dismissing it out of hand they wouldn’t. If that’s not evil then I don’t know what is.

If lying to my face, and to your face is not evil then what is? Looking the other way while it happens springs to mind. And as if that’s not bad enough, after all of the crap that the democrat party has put this nation through over the past 4 years of false accusations against the sitting President that they knew were false, political hatred and violence directed at the Republican Party by elected officials who I know damn good and well weren’t sent to Congress to carry out political assassinations. And yet there stands Maxine Waters screaming for their blood in public. There stands Ocasio-Cortez telling her minions to make retribution lists of trump supporters. Put my name at the top of that list traitor. There stood the entire Democrat party and impeached President Trump for something that Joe Biden bragged about doing on videotape and they all knew it was a crime but they blithely ignored it.

I demand to see that damning evidence that Adam Shiff said he’s seen that would lead to the impeachment of Trump. Where is it, Schiff? Where is it, Eric Swalwell? And where the hell is Fang Fang? Your Chinese spy girlfriend anyway? Gone back to China on a diplomatic pass I’d wager. I can overlook China being China, that’s to be expected. Every country surely spies on us, but sleeping with the enemy is entirely different and that’s entirely on you, Congressman Swalwell. You got caught in the honey pot and it’s time for you to account for that to your bosses. We the American people.


There stands a Congressional leader threatening Justices of the U.S. Supreme Court in public and inciting his minions to do the same. Who in their right mind stands and beats on the door of the nation’s highest Court and makes threats if they don’t get their way? Who else but the Democrats. Those same people who brought you the war for slavery. WTF is this, Venezuela all of a sudden? Just who in the hell do these people think they are? They are supposed to represent you and me but that’s clearly not the case is it? The entire world is watching these traitors and laughing at all of us openly. As well they should because we’re apparently too stupid or too sheepish I should say to do anything but bleat a few times and then forget about it when the next convenient national crisis hits the fake news airwaves.

Who is going to get blown up today? Who is going to get shot down in a hail of senseless gunfire? Anifa was out in Seattle last night trying to goad people into coming outside to be attacked. Stay in your house and if someone comes in then stand in the defense of your life and the lives of your family and friends. Don’t be drawn in like that. It’s a fool’s game. That’s a God-given right guaranteed by the Constitution even if you don’t know the victims. It rises to the level of one’s civic duty in my mind as a cost of doing freedom in America. And yet here we are with our so-called honorable leaders in Congress bowing down to those same violent factions and praising them on their knees.

This very minute Nancy Pelosi is accusing Donald Trump of fomenting the violence in D.C. when there is no evidence beyond her wild imagination that he could have had anything to do with it.


I for one didn’t elect anyone to get on their knees and kiss the asses of a violent mob that’s hell-bent on destroying America in their perverse version of social justice or to falsely accuse anyone without evidence but that’s how Democrats operate. I heard your friends screaming for open insurrection, Nancy Pelosi. I heard John Sampson, the same clown that stormed the capitol building inciting violence and insurrection in other cities last year. Suddenly he turns up in the house with a CNN reporter in tow claiming to be a Journalist, and Trump gets blamed for it? I don’t think so. Not in this lifetime, not in my face you’re not. This is what an act of insurrection looks like.

I demand here and now to know who put the pallets of bricks and propane bottles around the capitol building on January 5th and why they were never reported in the press. Why were the 4 busloads of Antifa activists that were escorted to the grounds of the Capitol by police never reported by the left-wing media? I can easily guess why. They were planning on attacking the crowd from the rear while their compatriots broke into the House and Senate chambers and offices. Just imagine how much further south that would have gone if a bunch of civic-minded patriots hadn’t taken those bricks and propane tanks to a safer location where they wouldn’t get tossed around, blown up, or stolen by violent left-wing radicals whom we know planned the assault well ahead of time on Twitter and Facebook. I saw it myself when it was first posted. If I knew then the FBI had to have known. It’s all still on my timeline too.

Not only that but if you go to Dominion Voting System’s Twitter page all you see are a bunch of bots. But, I have screenshots of all of the characters that were following them on November 3rd when they all unfollowed Dominion and vanished. Most of those accounts are high-ranking state election officials and Democrats.

Trump and his party were still on the Mall. He was still speaking when it went down so how did he incite that again? Yeah, bullshit. He didn’t and we all know it. The FBI even said so and we know they tried to take Trump down, so they have to be believed if they cleared him. We know who did that.

It’s always acceptable when the better man or woman wins in a fair contest but when it’s so blatantly rigged and tampered with as this last one was then it’s time to put on the brakes and find out who did it, how they did it, and why. If the investigation proves otherwise then so-be-it but who can even be trusted to do it now? The FBI? Don’t make me laugh. They shot their credibility in the ass trying to spy on the Trump campaign for the DNC and covering up Hillary’s email scandal for her. We’ve already been over that. The FBI can be mad at me all they want to but I still didn’t do it they did it to themselves.

This is so far beyond he pale of what is acceptable and what’s not that it almost defies logic or description. It’s evil and there’s no nicer way to say it. The Democrats have been lying to our faces all along and the left-wing media repeat their insane narratives like trained parrots.

Katie Couric, a woman I once respected vastly as a Journalist is on television now saying that Trump supporters are mentally ill, they’ve been brainwashed, and they need to be rounded up in reprogramming camps. Other people on the left are saying that Trump supporters have indoctrinated their own children to support Trump so they should be taken away from their parents and sent to reprogramming camps. Over my dead body, you will. That woman is deranged as fuck as in straight out of Camarillo crazy.  They want to de-platform honest news services like Vegas Valley News and tell you what you can think and say. Parler was taken down by Amazon for allowing free speech, so who’s next? OANN, or NEWSMAX? VVN? You? Probably so unless we act with one voice and demand justice from the law.


If you support Trump you’re a white supremacist according to the unhinged left and Joe Biden is fanning those flames of unwarranted hatred. I’m Mexican and Native American and I don’t know more than a few actual racists. I think those people are clowns. There’s only one race and most conservatives believe that. We’re a basket of deplorables? Or is the truth of the matter that anyone in public office that would label a group of common people deplorable is unconscionably evil and that’s the best face you can put on it. I went to a Trump rally in Las Vegas to see these despicable people for myself and I was astounded at how much like myself they were. I don’t hate anybody. I’m just a squirrel trying to get a nut. As long as nobody pisses in my Rice Crispies or commits a heinous crime in front of me I don’t care what they do. Be who you want to be dance how you want to dance as long as you respect my right to live too then we won’t have any big nasty problems. To me, those are direct threats to my person for exercising my civil rights and I don’t respond well to such threats.

Unity? Are you freaking kidding me? Joe Biden wants to blither on about unity with all of these psychotic freaks running around trying to put a hobnailed boot on the necks of myself and those other common people demonized by Hillary Clinton? They’re only trying to further infuriate the people they’ve disenfranchised, accused, and attacked violently without letup. No way, Jose. That’s just a personal observation of what is going to happen as a result of these actions if somebody at the top doesn’t step in and get these traitors in custody PDQ.