September Newsletter: Note from the Chairman, how to get involved, and upcoming events


From NVGOP on 02.09.2021


Democrats are caught in a web of lies once again. Recently, Democrat leadership have pressured private businesses to mandate a vaccine passport. The biggest of them being the Las Vegas Raiders. Tax-payers funded the construction of the new Allegiant Stadium yet unless you get vaccinated and disclose private medical information to them, you will not be allowed to attend a game. Nevada taxpayers would have liked to have known that caveat when we agreed to pay millions of dollars to build a home for the Raiders.

It’s not only private businesses that are being forced to restrict our civil liberties. Our children are not exempt from vaccine passports… In order to learn in a Democratic state, you must give up your rights to medical privacy.

Recently, Governor Sisolak and NSHE mandated that all students and faculty. UNLV, UNR, the College of Southern Nevada, Great Basin College, Desert Research Institute, Western Nevada College, and Truckee Meadows Community College are now all requiring students to submit proof of vaccination for students to enroll in the Spring 2022 semester.  Democrats don’t care about your pre-existing conditions… Either get the jab or forfeit your right to get an education. No Vaccine, No Entry sounds scarily similar to other times in American history where certain groups were barred from entering buildings, working a job, or living in certain areas.


We thank our U.S. Service Members who have made the ultimate sacrifice to serve our country in Afghanistan. We mourn for those lives lost and grieve even harder knowing this was preventable. President Biden and Democrat leadership have made us the laughing stock of the world with how they handled the exit of Afghanistan.

In Nevada, State Democrat leadership is holding education hostage until students are vaccinated. Vaccine passports are becoming a reality thanks to Democrat leadership.

And instead of focusing on the tragedy unfolding in Afghanistan, or the record unemployment, or rehabilitating our economy, or the forest fires that plague our state, Democrats are deflecting blame and hosting fundraisers for their re-election campaigns. Remember this time in history as we head into the 2022 midterm elections. We must take Nevada back!

A Note from Jill Dickman- Assembly District 31

“Benjamin Franklin once said, “A democracy is two wolves and one lamb deciding what to have for lunch.”  Sadly, this describes our legislative session perfectly. Democrats love to talk about bipartisanship and working together, but the reality is that’s just not how they approached this session. Instead, their large majority gave them license to pursue their own selfish interests and shut others out. This session was all about the radical national agenda of the left…”

Read Jill’s full blog post here.


Code Coffee  is a pro-law enforcement coffee shop located in Reno which gained prominence after Starbucks refused to provide service to police officers that put their lives on the line every day to protect us. Code Coffee has been targeted by Democrat bureaucrats in Nevada for providing a safe space for Republican clubs and campaigns to host events. Whether you are looking for a delicious cup of coffee, amazing food, or want to thank our men and women in Law Enforcement, Code Coffee will have you covered. We thank Code Coffee for always supporting Republican values and standing up for the constitution!

Sagebrush Caucus


The Sagebrush Caucus is the Nevada Republican Party’s recurring donor program. This program is designed to help the Nevada Republican Party sustain a continuous operation to assist Republicans all across the state. All donations will go towards our efforts to combat the radical left-wing here in Nevada benefiting our grassroots volunteer teams, data operations, and digital campaigning.


Recap: The Nevada Republican Party attended a Clark County School District Mask Mandate protest this month to register new Republican voters. Hundreds of parents and students attended in protest of unconstitutional mask mandates. We were able to register voters and join in our stand against unconstitutional mandates!

Now, we need your help! Not sure how to get involved? We are holding volunteer interest meetings every 1st and 3rd Wednesday via Zoom!

All contributions made to this email will make 500% the impact and add you to GOLD LEVEL DONOR. 


●      Republican Women of Reno – September 9th

●      Pahrump Valley Republican Women Meeting – September 13th

●      4th Annual Heritage Ranch BBQ– Douglas County – September 25th

●      Southern Hills Republican Women – September 28th

View all upcoming events here>>


A tragedy is unfolding in Afghanistan, illegal immigration is running rampant, vaccine passports are being mandated, Nevada’s economy is in shambles, our state is among the top in the nation for unemployment, and our top officials for the Silver State are doing NOTHING… except hosting a dinner. Even though Northern Nevada is up in flames, Governor Sisolak still hosted a maskless Democrat Fundraiser at the Governor’s Mansion. The Nevada Republican Party refused to let Democrat leadership get away with this hypocrisy by leading a welcoming party of energized Republicans that want to fix Nevada’s failed policies.


As Democrats continue to push for unconstitutional mandates this “Talk Freedom To Me” shirt will remind Democrats that you can never take away our rights. In fact, we have a whole “Independence Collection” of teeshirts, hats, koozies, and stickers that everyone should stock up on!


Nicholas King

Help us welcome Nicholas as a new Nevada Republican Party intern! Nicholas has already shown great enthusiasm and dedication to uphold our values and work to get Republicans elected. Nicholas takes initiative at events, registering voters and engaging with the community about the message of conservatism in the Silver State.

Although Nicholas has only been a part of the internship program for a few weeks, he has already established himself as a reliable team member that can be counted on. Thank you, Nicholas!


Power2Parent is a pro-school choice conservative group that has presence all across the Silver State. Power2Parent’s mission is to Identify, Equip, Train, and Mobilize parents in order to empower them to advocate for their children and their parental voice. They organize protests, rallies, and events throughout Nevada to promote parental rights and school choice.

Notably in 2017, and then again in 2019, Power2Parent was instrumental in stopping a planned parenthood bill that would have taken away parental notification when a student began to learn sexual education in school.

You can learn more about Power2Parent here.