Greetings sports fans and welcome to a historic edition of Vegas Valley Sports Beat that feisty little sports column with an eye on the world. As of this writing, senators are speaking live and stating without equivocation their reasons for voting to acquit President Trump on both articles of impeachment when the vote comes up before them tomorrow. Democrats in the Senate forced the vote to be tabled until after President Trump delivers his State Of The Union address to Congress tonight but they failed to stop the Republicans from stating their votes and the compelling reasons for their verdicts on the Senate floor today before the speech.
On the other side of the aisle, and the issue the Democrats, in the face of the same overwhelming public sentiment we are seeing mirrored by the Republican Senators, continue to try and spoon-feed this trumped-up garbage down the throats of the American public. I for one have had far more than enough of it and have taken to muting the testimony of the Democrats because it’s all blah blah blah, and self-serving bologna. I don’t need anyone to call new witnesses, especially John Bolton of all people. He had his chance to speak on what he knew before the House and they blew it. Do not try to convince me otherwise because that is simply not going to happen. After 17 Witnesses, 28,000 documents, 192 video clips, 180 questions, and an Ungodly number of rhetorical patriotic speeches coming from the mouths of traitors and hypocrites they want another bite of the apple. The same political party that clearly does not subscribe to a single principle for which the Founding Fathers or we the common people of America stand. Having witnessed this entire fiasco from the start I cannot even imagine a theoretical scenario in which the house Democrats could make me believe a word of this impeachment case as they have presented it is true and not a blatant coup attempt on a scale unprecedented in the course of human events.
I have been watching this entire process since Donald Trump came down the escalator and announced he would run for the nomination. In point of fact even before then I was very vocal about not even allowing Donald Trump to even run for the nomination, much less for president. I said that when he fired the Navy don’t come crying to me. President Trump has not fired the US Navy he has fired them up. He has polarized our nation like never before and the members of the Democrat party are beside themselves. The new Democrat slogan should be, To insanity and beyond! Why is that? Why are they so mad? Am I the only one who is deeply troubled to find that half of America’s politicians are infuriated by a President who has kept all of his promises to America?
But who could have foreseen the sweeping changes that we now see in America? Employment is at 3.8% which means every person in America who wants a job can get a job easily. CNN and their good friend Adam Schiff can lie all they want to the numbers do not lie. I took economics in college too I know what the economic numbers mean. I also know that business in Las Vegas is booming once more like it was when I left here in 1999. In the time that I was gone, however, President Obama came along and turned it completely around. At one point we were up to 21% unemployment in Nevada. Almost one-fourth of our state was unemployed when just a few years prior to that we were booming like we are now. If that doesn’t trouble your mind it very well should.
Perhaps the Democrats did foresee  President Trump succeeding wildly and that’s why we are where we are today. A nation divided for the sake of party politics and deliberately being set at one another’s throats. Much to the delight of our enemies across the globe, I might add. Good job Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff, Chuck Schumer you have effectively undone 230 years of progress and freedom for the entire world. But America will not be so easily undone by the likes of you. Not now, not ever. I have no doubt in my mind whatsoever that every last one of those persons involved in these flagrantly treasonous acts will find themselves facing justice soon enough.
I did not earn the office and title of Special Inspector by being stupid. My field of expertise may not be in jurisprudence but I am still a code enforcement officer, which means civil code or law if you prefer, but I have studied criminal and constitutional law of necessity and of my own volition. I am in fact an officer of the Court and what I have witnessed and spoke out against numerous times publicly in social media against this farce that began on the day Donald J Trump was sworn in as the President of the United States of America. Enough is enough America it’s time to end it once and for all while we still have a country to call our own.
That very same day the Washington Post published an article stating that the campaign to impeach President Trump had begun. Don’t think for one second that I or everyone else who cares has forgotten that fact. Nor the fact that all the members of the House and their Hollywood friends, along with every lunatic liberal that has internet access or a smartphone, has been bad-mouthing and trashing this president since day one. They constantly demand his impeachment or ouster, and yet if you ask them, how come? They can’t say why. If you present them with facts that refute their theories they flip their lids to a man and go off the deep end with just the slightest nudge.
Some of them, and by that I mean a lot of them, have even advocated for acts of open Civil War against anyone who supports the President. In point of fact, that very thing may have been narrowly averted last Fourth of July by a patriotic show of force and social media unprecedented in human history. I saw it all go down, in fact, I helped kicked it off by reciting the Pledge of Allegiance and publishing it on Twitter, Facebook, FUBAR, and LinkedIn where the hottest debates were raging. That was joined immediately by such an overwhelming wave of dedication to the principles of America and not those of party politics that the Liberals retreated to lick their wounds and plan for their next assault on the presidency of Donald J Trump.
And so here we are.
This is not my opinion, these are facts which I have myself witnessed. At Vegas Valley News I have the option of covering any news, any subject, in any manner I choose. Typically, we choose not to cover these controversial issues but try to present the positive aspects of Las Vegas. However, in matters of such great importance, to say nothing would be at the very best an act of base cowardice against the people of Nevada and the U.S. and at the worst, akin to treason. That is my opinion. Feel free to try and change it if you wish. I am open to any and all arguments presented rationally and based on facts supported by factual evidence or facts found in evidence. I don’t want to hear some rehash of rhetoric from a crash test dummy like Robert De Niro or another Fonda family sellout ranting about how f*ing stupid President Trump is and how he should be punched in the face, and his grandchildren kidnapped, raped and killed, etc, ad nauseum, ad absurdum. That is not even part of an adult conversation and it’s insulting to children to call it juvenile so let’s just call it what it is. Unacceptably divisive, hateful and criminally violent bullshit. That is something that I will absolutely not engage in at Vegas Valley News or anywhere else. Neither directly or indirectly by looking the other way when it happens and we, in fact, have not.
Nor will we shrink from our duty to support and defend the Constitution of the United States of America and our duty as Americans to the law, and to the Republic on which it stands. The 1st and 2nd Amendment were written to defend one another from such tyranny as the house Democrats have tried to perpetrate on the American people openly and without any degree of shame whatsoever since 2016. Why? Clearly, it goes far beyond the 2016 election loss in and many of us are aware of that fact. Many more American’s will wake up to it in due time as well.
There is no doubt in my own mind, nor can I conceive of any rational person believing the Democrat party’s narrative that says there is no issue with the Bidens. I myself have seen the videotape of Joe Biden telling a TV audience in living color and full detail how he did exactly what they are trying to remove President Trump for. Taken liberally that means the complaints from the House must be applied equally to the Obama administration and that administration should face the same impeachment but if you speak against Obama you’re a racist. Yeah, screw that noise. Let that be their story then. No one is above the law right? Happily, the President who did not do it is going to be acquitted tomorrow while former President Barack Obama may still face his own music thanks to his friends in Congress.
I find myself wondering constantly why President Trump has been able even in the face of stiff partisan opposition, been able to accomplish so much in so little time while no one before him could. I’ve heard any number of excuses from the liberals but none that make sense, much less any that rise to the level of being even remotely acceptable. I don’t know where Congress, the Senate, or the White House get their information on the mood of the American people but I do know that I personally have spent enough time in social media, observing and watching out for people as an American journalist to say that the majority of people are not asking the Democrats any of the insane questions they contend we are. Nope, we are asking why Congress has nothing better to do than play political games when they were sent there to do our will and to work for our benefit, and not for their own. But here we are at the terminus of the most shameful period in our long history as a nation. And the President is going to be acquitted.
Yesterday Senator Lindsey Graham stated that there will be a day of reckoning for the Biden’s and for the FISA Court abuses. I personally think it needs to go a few steps further than that, Mr. Graham. I contend, sir, that both the House and the Senate need to get their shit together and take a page from President Trump’s playbook. You all need to get down to the work of making America even greater than it is now instead of dragging it down into muck and mud and miring our progress as a nation in the legislative throes of a sham impeachment trial. One man is making you all look like a bunch of incompetent fools or worse, deliberate malingerers and they call him stupid.
The house Democrats failed in their attempt to remove a sitting president because their case was garbage from the beginning. Garbage in, garbage out. The House Democrats brought this partisan garbage to the Senate and it got a lot more due process than it had coming but the time is well past due to put an end to this scam and make certain that it shall never happen again in the nation. It is the duty of the Senate to throw this garbage out unanimously.
The DNC should have been disbanded when they started the Civil War but President Lincoln decided that it would be too damaging to the country to do so. Now they are about to start another one. Clearly they care nothing about the principles upon which this nation is founded and we have all heard their socialist plans to change almost every aspect of the Constitution starting with the right to keep and bear arms if they should take over. Clearly it is a clear and present danger to allow the Democrat Party to remain in the United States of America which they very clearly have no love or loyalty for even one day longer lest they try an even deadlier gambit the next time or the next. This is not going to stop here it is going to be regurgitated at the Democrat party’s first opportunity. Watch and see if it isn’t.
We must all take a stand here and now. We the people in the States, cities, towns, and neighborhoods must take a stand, as do we at Vegas Valley News, we as a news agency, and as members of this blessed Nation, must take a stand in order that it shall remain just that, now and for all time. Liberals have already demonstrated that they do not stand for anything which we hold dear and they insist we stand by and take it. We the people must decide here and now in the wake of this high treason to stop and look at it objectively and see it exactly for the treasonous fraud that it is. The truth is that it’s not President Trump alone it is we the people upon whom it is being perpetrated as much as the president and I for one call bullshit. Turn out the lights Democrats your party’s over.
As the Senate votes to acquit President Trump now and rightfully so, we the people must rededicate ourselves to maintaining a nation that is blessed, free and dedicated to the principles that all persons are created equal and endowed by their creator with certain inalienable rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness so that these rights shall remain unchanged and inviolable in perpetuity to ourselves and to our posterity. Just as they were handed down to our generations by the hands of the American patriots who fought and died to write them, and to defend them before our time. If we fail in upholding this obligation then we deserve to lose America and our freedoms to the Democrat Party and that is simply never going to happen. Socialism can suck it.
End of story.