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Turning now to national news, and to San Diego, California where a group of students at Hoover High School pitched in, together with assistance from Recycled Rides, Kids for Peace, and State Farm Insurance, to give the lunch lady, that everyone calls Aunt Debbie, a stolen vehicle.

A nearly new, white Mazda that had been stolen and subsequently recovered before being donated to, and refurbished by the school’s auto body technician program, whose students hammered out the dings and dents before presenting it to her with a big, beautiful red bow on the hood.


Food service worker, Debra Davis jumped for joy when they rolled it out for her at a surprise presentation and could not hold back the tears as she tried to start the car but was unsure how to do so in a newer vehicle. From the driver’s seat she said,”I’m not used to a new car, Y’all, what do I do?”


This is due to the fact that the beloved lady who serves her charges lunch every day, and delivers meals by wheels to the homeless in and around San Diego as well as doing volunteer work at local nursing homes, had been driving her beat up old 1976 Chevy Malibu for years. A car that has clearly seen better days, many miles ago.


Her job title may say food service worker, but to the students and faculty at Hoover High School their, Aunt Debbie is far more than just another generic lunch lady whom nobody ever notices unless they want extra portions, or perhaps have a complaint about the food. In fact far from it.

Debbie Davis stated to reporters from KFMB/CNN “I feed the kids, I prepare the food, I talk to them, I stop them from fighting. They don’t cuss. They have respect, and they call me ‘Aunt Debbie.’ ”


Hoover Principal, James Babineau (Seen here, the tallest man in the background) said, “Debbie comes to campus every single day with a smile on her face, ready to take on the day and serve our students, so to see this gift that so many people have been a part of in making it happen is a wonderful thing.”

Indeed it is.

The students had noticed the dilapidated condition of the Malibu she drove and got together to make this happen for their, ‘Aunt Debbie.’

Said, Aunt Debra.  “Thank you all so much, thank you all so much,”  “I’m looking for my reward in heaven and you all gave me a little bit here on earth.”

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Clearly you deserve that blessing Auntie Deb. Perhaps State Farm will be kind enough to donate the insurance for it so that you might better serve those whom you bless as well. Perhaps not, but in any event, God bless you Debra Davis. For all that you do this love is for you.

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