Riding The Big Canyon-Grand Canyon National Park

Greetings sports fans and welcome to another fabulous Las Vegas Sunday morning. I’ll be your tour guide for this ride as we wend our way to Arizona to visit the Grand Canyon.


I have logged many miles down many roads; one of the most memorable was through an old covered wooden bridge, and down an old rail bed running between Claremont and Windsor New Hampshire, on my 1964 XLCH Sportster.

I have ridden a bike through the Great Smoky Mountains from Mississippi up to my home in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains near Gretna, Virginia. I closed up my motorcycle shop, known affectionately as Motorcycles Of Uranus, and rode my 1981 Yamaha 1000 Midnight Special home to Virginia. It rained all the way from Nashville to South Boston but I made it home.

I’ve ridden from Loveland, Colorado to Sturgis, South Dakota and back on a Honda 750 Four Square with my wife behind me. I’ve ridden the White Mountains, I’ve ridden the High Sierra’s, and I have ridden The Rockies.

I’ve ridden my share of miles on two wheels but the one that gets my vote for #1 best ride of all time is to the Grand Canyon National Park. Whether you opt to ride out to see it on a full dressed Harley-Davidson RoadGlide or in a passenger vehicle my advice remains the same. Do not at any time in your life get anywhere near the Grand Canyon and fail to go see it.

Your conscience will never let you live it down.

I have been to the Grand Canyon 6 times and every single time I see it my breath is taken away from me. I can only stand and stare in wide wonder at the majestic splendor of it all.


I picked my traveling companion, Melanie up at 5 in the evening and told her to grab a coat. She allowed as to how being from Canada she would not be needing one but I advised her that the rim of the Grand Canyon sits at an elevation of over 10,000 feet above sea level.

Take heed too because it does get extremely cold up there at times during the winter months. Unwary travelers can easily find themselves having to be rescued by Park Service Rangers and you really don’t want that to happen. My 1998 Harley_Davidson Heritage Softail Classic, Arianna, was gassed up and ready to run.

We made good time over the hump to Las Vegas and from there it was on to Boulder City where we caught Nevada Highway 93 into Kingman, Arizona. After gassing up the tanks we were off for The night ride through the rolling Hualapai Mountains rose up higher and higher in elevation as we came into Winslow where you must turn North and ride, or drive, another 105 miles to the park entrance.

As the road rose up beneath us the temperature dropped around us. By the time we pulled into Winslow we both needed to thaw out hands and feet out and purchase a pair of gloves for the rest of the ride. By then, however, the sun was coming up and it turned out to be a beautiful day.

We stopped in at the visitors welcoming center and had breakfast and then started making our way around the rim, stopping off at all of the scenic oversight areas along the way.

Mel had never seen the Grand Canyon before and I was proud, as any American should be, to take her there and show it off to her. I’m certain neither one of us will forget losing the Harley in the parking lot at the visitor’s center and then walking all over it to find our ride home.

Sadly though a thunderstorm came in on us out of nowhere trapping us with our backs against the canyon with no shelter in sight. We decided to bug out and made a run for it but a heavy downpour caught us outside of the Grand Canyon Village and a near accident and I decided that this trip was now at an end.

We lodged at the Red Feather Inn for the night and then made our way back to Las Vegas the next morning. By then the clouds were out of sight and the sun was shining brightly. I chose to get off of the interstate and take route 66 on into Kingman. The gentle twists and turns made for a nice ride and after stopping in at the Road Kill Cafe for some grilled possum http://www.route66seligmanarizona.com/the-roadkill-cafe.html we mounted up and made turns for Kingman. A quick stop at the flea market and a tank of gas and then we saddled up once more for the final leg of our journey through Las Vegas and then home.


I’ve camped out during a January blizzard on the eastern rim and I have slept the night in a cave beside the Colorado River so you can take my word for it when I say that with all of the things there is to see and do inside the confines of the Grand Canyon National Park there is no reason why anyone in their right mind would wish to miss it. Nor is there any reason why anyone in their right mind would just want to take my word for it. Visit the Grand Canyon National Park today.