Greetings sports fans and welcome to another thrilling adventure in honest Journalism known as Vegas Valley Sports Beat. That frisky little sports column that defies gravity and censorship with both thumbs in its ears and its tongue sticking out.

What a beautiful day it was in the verdant Las Vegas Valley region this afternoon and if the good Lord is willing and the creek doesn’t rise first, tomorrow looks to be another day in paradise as well. Let’s see what the weatherman has to say. Yep, that’s what he says all right. 62 degrees and partly cloudy in my neck of the woods though temperatures might be a few degrees higher in Las Vegas.

Today’s topic is not really about anyone’s posterior of the men who love the smell of them. That’s actually an inside joke that relates to how the left-wing yellow media have their nosed buried in Joe Biden’s bum already. Actually, it’s not about that so much as it is about corporate-sponsored public censorship.

There is nothing filthier or more repugnant to me than a combination of those two elements in any free-thinking society. Yellow journalists who knowingly lie to their audiences and employ others to back up their lies by styling themselves as fact-checkers. The fact is they don’t check anything except a checklist of what is and what isn’t acceptable for you and me to say. Our voices are being silenced by corporate social media censors that publish lies knowingly and who edit content, and that is clearly not protected by any act of Congress that I know of. Nor should it ever be. God forbid such evil should befall America.

Tell me that David Hogg did not lie about being at school when the shooting began in Lakewood, Florida on Valentine’s Day. Tell me he did not stand in front of CNN cameras and say that anyone who said he wasn’t there was a lunatic conspiracy theorist news agency. Meaning us. Me. I called him out again and again on it until he finally admitted he was not there. Fact-Checker dot cum and the rest of their ilk like Snopes ( hawwwk-ptooie!) backed Hogg’s claims up along with his demands that everyone who disagreed with his lies is boycotted. Fakebook still defends it. Snopes and fact-check both published lame retractions that don’t even apologize for their libelous words.

Crazy conspiracy theorist rags eh? Those deliberate lies that these sites told and presented fraudulently as fact really hurt my career at a time when it was really taking off. If any civil rights organizations or attorneys feel sorry for a broke-ass Mexican (me) with a landmark case to make and no money, please feel free to contact me about a pro-bono deal. I’ve never lost a case in civil court and this one’s a slam-dunk. There is no defense for this you could argue successfully in front of any Federal Civil Rights jury you could pick. It takes little to nothing to prove they might have done it to a jury, and that is in fact the standard of proof in the U.S. District Court in any civil rights matter. You don’t have to prove they did it. Only that they probably did it. ask O.J. Simpson how that worked out for him.

I saw the criminal trial and his acquittal was almost predictable because it had reasonable doubt written all over it. But then the Goldman estate sued O.J. for wrongful death in USDC and won big time.

But I digress.

For most of my life, I have aspired to write as I do now and to publish my own work. All my life censorship has ringed like a dirty word in my ears. It’s bad enough when it’s done in the name of any cause, but when it’s done for the purposes of silencing a political group and allowing the other side to demonize that group and demand they be put into internment camps and reprogrammed is asking for more trouble than anybody wants a part of from my point of view. I can think of no fewer than 78 million heavily armed patriots that take exception to that nonsense right off the top of my head.

If you’re Japanese, Jewish, Native American like me, or any right-thinking individual at all the very idea of internment camps in America should make the hair on your neck stand on end, and make your blood boil. Do you seriously believe they won’t put you in there too if you say the wrong thing? This is how freedom is lost. Not with a bang but a whimper. They will nibble them away, one tiny bite at a time until they’re all gone. If anybody is put in a concentration camp in this country it’ll be the treasonous snakes that build it.

Operation Northwoods