Las Vegas Lights Defeated, Yet Undimmed By DC United Loss 4-2

Greetings sports fans and welcome to another sun-drenched Sunday morning in the Las Vegas valley. The stars shone brightly in last nights game, played out before a delighted, if not sold-out, hometown crowd.

Coming on the heels of 2 consecutive losses and sweeping a kind of trifecta no coach could want to see, the loss to DC United certainly had to sting but from what I saw last night at Cashman Field it will not be long before the Las Vegas Lights FC come into their own and make a name for themselves on the world soccer stage.

The crowd loves their Las Vegas Lights seemingly win or lose considering they have yet to win and that is to my own way of thinking what the sport is all about. Without fans what really is the point in playing save for something to do on a Saturday?

The Lights defense was really on the ball last night but you cannot block every shot, you cannot stop every play to the net. This is professional soccer and the pro’s play to win. What I saw as a team that is determined to improve with every game, win or lose. They in fact stated as much at the press conference following the game. Our own Golden Knights NHL hockey team were at first thought of as an upstart and a joke by many fans. and now they are serious contenders for the Stanley Cup according to the pundits.

In spite of their coach’s contention that “we are shit” I have to respectfully disagree. I may not be a professional soccer coach but I know that what I witnessed last night was a team of players who are surely going to come into their own and soon.

While I can certainly understand Coach’s way of thinking, and I do not intend to imply that I know better than he does how to coach a team, I do know that if you keep telling someone over and over that they are worthless they will begin to believe you and act accordingly but not ever for the better. I respect his passion if not then his approach.

I obtained this attitude from my own personal experience when I was 13 and a starter on my school’s basketball team. At only 5’5″ I was the tallest player on the team. I was consistently given the other teams tallest players to guard too. They generally thought that was funny until the short kid ran under the ball and stole it from them. More to the point our team lost every single game we played that year but we had a hell of a good time doing it.

We were never yelled at nor denigrated in private much less in a worldwide media forum by our coach and at the end of each month, had he done so we likely would have kicked his butt, but we got trophies for our performance, not trashed. I held the best field goal percentage on the team and for a time I had the best free throw percentage as well.

That was a great source of pride for all of us and it kept us from feeling like a bunch of losers even though in reality that was precisely what we were. But we went to each and every game with the same we can do this attitude.

And got our butt’s whipped just the same.

We practiced hard we trained harder, we listened to Coach, every word, and we did our best every second of every single period we played. We drilled and drilled and then we drilled again. And got our butt’s whipped every game just the same. They were no better than we were they simply outscored us. What can you do but try harder the next time?

I contend that our own Las Vegas Lights are up and coming champions and I have no fear that they will prove me right. I personally am a big fan of Manchester United but now I have seen the Lights.

Viva Las Vegas, Viva Lights