Kyle Rittenhouse Needs Us. Now.


From Day 1, the case against Kyle Rittenhouse has been political, malicious and built upon outright lies.

And now that trial has begun, it’s starting to fall apart piece by piece.

Just the other day, FBI surveillance video which had been kept from Kyle’s defense team for months was finally attained, and it clearly shows Kyle was the victim of a planned and violent ambush.

The good news is this – Kyle can 100% win this case and in doing so, safeguard the right of self-defense for you, me and every American.

But the cost of his legal defense is immense, and they’ve now had to bring on extra security to deal with a growing slew of death threats.

I’ve been helping his mother Wendy raise money but we still aren’t where we need to be.

So I’m asking you to dig deep now. Kyle needs your generous support and he needs it today. At this moment. I cannot emphasize it enough.

For 15 of my nearly 40 year career in law enforcement I served right near Kenosha as Sheriff of Milwaukee County, Wisconsin. I know the area well.

What was done to that city last summer by a bunch of violent lunatics was an absolute disgrace. Kyle was there that night, you better believe it.

But instead of starting fires, he had a fire extinguisher trying to put them out.

Instead of trying to hurt people, he had a medical kit offering first aid to anyone who needed it.

And instead of yelling at our TV or computer getting angry about this obvious miscarriage of justice, you and I are going to help.

We’re going to make sure Kyle gets the legal defense he deserves.

So please donate to FreeKyleUSA now. It could not possibly be more urgent.

Thank you.


Sheriff David A. Clarke (Ret.)