Greetings sports fans and welcome back, or welcome for the first time if you’re just now tuning in, to a very special edition of Vegas Valley Sports Beat, that spicy little meatball of a sports column that defies all logic, authority, odds, and or gravity. Depending upon whom one asks. As both of my regular readers in Wahoo, Nebraska can tell you, all of my columns are special editions if you ask me but today’s edition is especially special especially to me because it is my third-anniversary super-special special edition.

It’s a gloriously beautiful day here in the verdant Las Vegas Valley region on the 31st day of January. So far we have had a very mild winter temperature-wise but a cold front is expected to move in from the Northwest on Monday or Tuesday bringing cold wet weather our way for a day or two. The more rain the merrier because it makes the grass that feeds our wild Mustangs, donkeys, and burros grow and it makes the desert bloom and that, as my fellow felon, the very lovely Miss Martha Stewart, says is a good thing.

I would like to first say it is a great and very rare privilege to have a column at all in spite of what anyone has said or may say to the contrary. To them I can only say, it didn’t go out the same ear it went in because the other one puked it out. If I were satisfied with pursuing the dreams of someone that petty I’m certain that I would be mind-numbingly bored of living in them by now.

But I digress.

Much ado has been made since the election of President Donald Trump in 2016 about the press being fake and reporters of fake news. There is no refuting that is a fact in some cases. But certainly not all of them. It’s no secret that all of the corporate media are owned by a few people. Apparently there’s no law against that or the FTC would be on it. At least I would hope so anyway but in the wake of the James Comey and his antics, that’s not an easy sell where I live. It’s not playing too well in Peoria either I might add.

President Trump was saying at one point that the media were enemies of the state and I addressed that issue right here and made it clear that while I myself know for a fact that CNN has lied on the air and has suborned false narratives by false witnesses. That issue was also addressed herein and names were named. I stand by what I wrote 100% because I can prove it and did so. I’ve even called them out on it a few times since and the offer still stands.

I know for a fact that there are many more good ethical journalists in the press that do not sell their opinions to the highest bidder or present false facts s truth through any means be it telling a direct lie implying one through innuendo and conjecture to lead their readership to a false conclusion. I also know that Vegas Valley News is one of those news agencies that answer to no master, corporate or otherwise. I know I certainly do not nor does my Editor-in-Chief Mark Satorre because ever since my first few months of writing for any news agency he gave me complete editorial control over this column. That means content, subject, the works.

I publish this column myself and have been for 3 years now without more than a few initial changes I was told to make in my first three articles. Those were the three articles I had to write for Mark when I auditioned for this job on January 31, 2017. They are the three articles that got it for me. Very much to my delight, I should add. You have to trust the judgment and discretion of a journalist a whole hell of a lot I think, to allow them to run wild in your newsroom with a pen and no leash. I can honestly say I have not violated that trust to any degree and have no intention of ever doing so.

It is a privilege to have such a venue to speak out in and to be able if necessary to bring you all the news that is the news to Las Vegans and also to those who visit our fair city from all over the world and a rare one at that and so I want to take this opportunity to thank God for His mercy, and Mark for his infinite patience, understanding, and friendship. No other news agency would have given me the opportunity he did and then keep me too considering the irregularity of my columns publication schedule. There is no way in hell any large newsroom like CNN or whoever would have let me stay even if I did tell lies or sell lies or just offer to lie for free because I can’t write as much as I wish I could.

That has been the case since 2017 and the only thing that’s changed is I have a steady income now and for the rest of my life as an expert reviewer for for whom I review the work of home repair and renovation experts for accuracy, grammar, and to make sure the composition of their articles comply to DIY style guidelines before they are published online. There’s very little writing involved beyond a few minor additions now and again such as Pro Tips or unwritten safety warnings.

I have Vegas Valley News to thank for that job and I love it. Thank you, Mark, from the bottom of my heart. I can’t promise you I will not embarrass you in the coming year but I can promise it won’t be because of a lie being knowingly printed in this column.

That being said then I wish to reaffirm my own commitment to covering the positive aspects of life in and around Las Vegas and the world whenever necessary. In the coming year ahead, I plan to try to return to regular coverage of the Las Vegas Lights FC games at home. If they’ll still let me have my regular pressbox seat that is. I plan to bring you more live coverage of our great friend, Frankie Moreno, the undisputed King of Las Vegas, live and in concert along with a few other select bands to possibly include Roger Waters concert in September. I hope to have more travel pieces, and more special event coverage onsite in Las Vegas for you this year as well. Or not. We will cross those bridges together as we come to them. Or not.

I would be remiss in my duty to Vegas Valley News if I did not mention the fact that we are always in the market for content writers. By that I mean you must be content with writing small articles for Vegas Valley News as a contributor without pay. 400-450 words are all it takes to make the grade and they can cover a great variety of diverse subjects as long as they are a positive aspect of what makes Las Vegas the most unique place to live and play in the world.

What?! You might say. No pay? Are you daft man? I am an aspiring writer I have to get paid for writing. Sure you do. The question is, do you? No publisher, editor, or literary agency is ever going to ask you to submit work you have been paid for nor will they ask you how much you got paid for it. Why? Because they won’t that’s why. So if you have been writing content for Vegas Valley News like I have for a couple of years and doing it regularly then you will go far. You have the opportunity here and now to take charge of your dream of being a serious journalist or novelist, or ghostwriter, or whatever literary field you wish to set the world on fire with. What you put into it is what you get back in return.

A lot of writers I have seen in the 20+ years that I’ve been writing suffer from self-inflicted confidence issues like the one they call imposter syndrome. There’s no such thing. As Yoda says, there is no maybe. You are, or you are not. I won’t lie to you, some of them really do write poorly but that is never a reason to quit writing. If someone tells you that your writing is the worst garbage ever written then they have a serious personality deficiency. That would be their problem, not yours. But, if you take criticism to heart and let it get to you then you should take their advice and quit with all alacrity because writing as a whole is a very tough and highly competitive field that eats the unprepared for lunch.

Writing takes a lot of practice and study if you wish to be on the bestseller lists or win a Pulitzer Prize and it never ends either, there is always something or someone new to contend or compete with. That is what keeps the bar high but it is never unattainable to anyone determined to reach and exceed it and the resources available to writers now open up limitless possibilities not available to earlier generations of writers.

What a venue such as Vegas Valley News offers a serious budding writer is a chance to learn, publish, and grow. I can assure all of the aspiring writers experienced and otherwise that there is no such thing as a free lunch in writing. Publishing is not for the faint of heart or purpose but those who do put the work into their careers are writing and dining while those who don’t are wishing and whining.

If you are just getting started writing, you are semi-experienced, or whatever reason works for you and you wish to take your writing to the next levels then  I would strongly urge you to contact Mark at and query him about an internship. Believe it or not, this is hardly a new concept. Many reporters have started out in the mailroom of a news agency and had to work for years to get a byline in their own company’s news journal. With Vegas Valley News you can go straight to the byline and start building your professional resume and portfolio of published articles.

You don’t even have to be crazy to work here either, we have a free training program. Best of all you will have an editor who is looking out for you and helping you to develop your skills. We here at Vegas Valley News, all both of us, are trying to build a large news agency from a small one and that we shall. Believe that. This is a chance to be a part of that and help build a legacy in Las Vegas that serves the people of Las Vegas while building your own brand as well and that at the end of the story is the reason we do this.

If however, you feel that the road to writing fame and fortune lies in submitting hopeful pieces to various writing contests or non-paying journals that literally have 1,000 to 100,000 other submissions you have to compete with than I can respect that. You are far more likely to crack your cranium against the wall you’re beating it with but, okay, break a leg. We only want he smart ones anyway.

So alrighty then that concludes this special edition of Vegas Valley Sports Beat and begins year three which is leather. To celebrate that magical milestone as a sports columnist I treated myself to this beautiful Dallas Cowboy’s leather jacket because the money to pay for it came from this wonderful opportunity that I was smart enough to take advantage of because I knew it would pay off in the end. I do not know if anyone even reads this or not because I don’t look at the stats but to all of you who do or have my most heartfelt gratitude goes out to you as well.

Thank you all, and good night.

Charles Ramos Jr.