Kicking Off A New Season


Greetings sports fans and welcome to the Vegas Valley News, Valley News Sports Beat, where we bring you all the sporting news, concerts, festivals, and events that are the lifeblood that keeps the heart of Las Vegas pumping. I am your host, Charles Ramos Jr, AKA, Mad Max.

I’m a retired union Ironworker, and active structural steel and welding special inspector. I have lived and traveled all over the United States and been in the Las Vegas region off and on since 1995. I have a great many talents and interests but I love writing, music, travel, art, riding, and sports the most.
In the years ahead it is the intention of this reporter to bring you not only a comprehensive list of events in the Las Vegas and Pahrump valleys, but to take you inside the music, and the madness of professional, and collegiate sports along with exciting events such as Burning Man, EDC and more. Together we shall explore all of the wondrous travel destinations there are to be found within the reaches of this beautiful region; such as Yosemite, The Grand Canyon, Death Valley, and so much more.
Whether you live here, or are just visiting our colorful city; it’s truly a magical time to be in Las Vegas with UNLV’s exciting sports programs, Area 51 baseball, The Golden Knights NHL hockey, The Las Vegas Lights pro soccer, and The Raiders bringing the NFL to town.
Now just sit back, and relax with some snacks. There’s no muss, there’s no fuss. Just enjoy the journey and leave the writing to us.