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Greetings sports fans and welcome once more to Vegas Valley Sports Beat. The little sports column that could. To all 3 of my dedicated followers, I apologize for the long absence between columns but taking care of my mom and my own health has to come first. A man has to know his limitations and have his priorities in order.

That being said it’s time to face the fact that IT”S FOOTBALL SEASON! WOOHOO! That’s still in the top 3 on my list of priorities. God, family, and football. In that order. Only a slice of apple pie a la mode would make it more American when opening night kicked off Friday night in Philadelphia as the reigning world champion Eagles played host to the Atlanta Falcons whom the Eagles beat in the playoffs to advance to the Super Bowl.

NFL: Atlanta Falcons at Philadelphia Eagles

I have to admit that I was unable to catch the first half of the game but came in early in the third quarter but oh what a game it was! I was like Holy Moly all the way up to the last play of the game which ended with 1 second on the play clock when the Eagles were called for illegal contact on a failed pass play to the end zone on 4th and goal. Wow!

The Falcons made a great showing of themselves against the tough Philadelphia offensive line but when the Eagles started running the ball straight down Atlanta’s throats the score quickly turned back in the favor of the Eagles in a game that almost saw more penalties than points along with some spectacular plays on both sides of the ball.

I don’t have Many photographs from the game for this column nor am I going into the play by play but it was a very exciting game and the men on both teams played like warrior Princes. I have high hopes for the rest of the season and all of the upcoming rivalry games. I am sure we all love Monday Night Football which is branching out to include Thursdays this year.

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Having grown up and hooked on professional football in the early 70’s by my father who loved the Dallas Cowboys; I think all NFL football should be free for everyone to watch not on pay-per-view or by subscription. I  think that is just bunk as garbage.

I hope the Dallas Cowboys don’t get called for half as many penalties all season as both teams combined for tonight but I know it is going to be a great season all the way until the final play is called dead and the Lombardi Trophy finds a new home in February. Provided that it doesn’t decide to remain in Philadelphia who are undefeated as the new season kicks off in style.