Greetings sports fans and welcome to a surprise midnight edition of Vegas Valley Sports Beat. That crazy little column that is boldly changing the way America looks at Journalism one mind at a time. Okay, who’s next? Now serving number 42.


The biggest surprise is it’s not quite midnight yet, but it’s close enough. Let us turn our attention to this coming Saturday, April 13, and Las Vegas’s own House Of Blues where JACKYL will be performing live in concert. Tickets range from $39 -$74 for the seats closest to the stage.

Whether you’re visiting Las Vegas This weekend or if you’re stuck here all the time like the rest of us and looking for a night of music to remember I would have to say that spending the night with JACKYL would be the experience of a lifetime if only to see them play, “The Lumberjack Song,” one of my old favorites. I used to play the solo on my 18 inch Stihl chainsaw when I would cut firewood for my farmhouse in Virginia.


I have not had the pleasure of seeing JACKYL perform live yet but I have seen a few of their videos such as, “Just Because I’m Drunk.” and, “When Will It Rain” and I love the message in the hard-driving music that speaks to my inner gutter punk. Especially “Down On Me.” I promise to go along quietly if they wish to send a car around and invite me to the show. But I digress.

I cannot speak for anyone else but myself of course but I know if Bach, Beethoven or Mozart were alive and in Las Vegas Saturday they would likely be at The House Of Blues rocking out to JACKYL. How can I make such an outrageous claim you ask? Poetic license for one, it’s my column for another and the boss is asleep. For another, I would drag them there myself just to get their reaction. That would surely be priceless. I like to think they would be very receptive to the music for what it is and not for whom they were back then. Wouldn’t that be something?

Whatever you do this weekend get out and enjoy the weather it is going to be OH, MY GOD, IT’S HOT! Hot again soon enough. Take in a show, a concert, or spend a dinner and movie date with someone you love. Even if you have to go alone.

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