CNN-The Communist News Network Is A Vile Hate-Speech Outlet.

Prove Me Wrong.

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But I digress.

Let us turn our complete and undivided attention now to today’s lesson on Communism and how to spot it when it’s sneaking up on you. Lesson one. If CNN has anything to do with it, then you know it’s Communist propaganda or an outright lie with a hidden agenda. One that you don’t want anything to do with.

Am I the only person in the world who’s noticed not one single Commie peasant has ever come forward and extolled the virtues of being a state-owned slave? Unless they were being held at gunpoint that is. I’ve never seen one. I did see many times when the Commies had to keep their slaves under armed guard while they were in the US to keep them from defecting to freedom. They still do.

I’ve spoken at length with two gentlemen, friends of mine. that described to me the horrors of living in Communist Poland, and Fidel Castro’s Cuba. Neither one had anything good to say about their lives under communist rule. Clearly, that’s the path Joe Biden and the DNC are trying to force America down at the threat of violence and internment in concentration camps. They are dismantling the US Constitution and the economy. At the same time, they’re attempting to impoverish, and demoralize Americans by threats and by violence so as to get us all under their control.

Line up for a vaccine that’s not even a vaccine by definition. Line up for food, line up for shoes, line up for toilet paper. Oops! The state cannot afford to support you anymore because you’re old, sick, or infirm. Line up for extermination for the good of all mankind. Where does it all end? Not anywhere good for you and me that much certainly is certain.

In the 25 years that I’ve been what some call a social media influencer, I’ve seen some really foul things spoken by hate-filled trolls like, Adeel Raja but this one takes the proverbial cake for all-out hatred and disgusting misuse of Journalism to promote an unspeakable evil. We put Hitler in his grave along with his 3rd Reich and that’s where we’ll put the next one.  After he took poison in an underground bunker like a coward, leaving what was left of Germany to pay the Piper. He didn’t have the balls to face the evil he brought on the Earth but he still has to face God on Judgment Day.

This brings us back to the snake-in-the-grass disguised as a Journalist hiding behind the People’s  Socialist Republik of CNN. I cannot even imagine a bigger red flag waving in the face of American’s than this. If they had it their way they’d change our name to the USSA. The United Socialist States of America and I’m here to tell CNN that is never going to happen in my lifetime and I know for a fact that my life doesn’t end until Jesus Christ returns.

I love this column because I’m free to write whatever I wish. I wish I did;t have to write this, but here we are, and here it is. More than 50 million people died fighting the evil that Adolph Hitler wrought upon this planet and we are still fighting the dead bastard. Only now the dead bastard lives inside our own gates in the form of a propaganda machine that calls itself CNN. Yeah, I said it, sue me for defamation CNN because I can really use the money. I have a defamation countersuit that’ll shut you down forever.

Don’t imagine for a second that we’ve forgotten how you, CNN backed David Hogg’s lies about being at Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School on the day it was shot up. I remember him rehearsing the bullshit story about how his “friend” confronted Cruz in the boy’s bathroom during the melee.

Don’t even think we’ve forgotten how you, Snopes, Hogg, and Fact-checker swore up and down that Hogg was here and any news agency that said otherwise was run by crackpots and conspiracy theorists. I paraphrase but that’s close enough for the awards jury we’ll convene against you in a  civil rights lawsuit, CNN. I never pick a fight I haven’t already won, CNN and you are a slam-dunk. We welcome any lawsuits you care to bring. Isn’t Laura Ingraham an attorney? No worries you have nothing but legal misery coming if you call me to court. Bring 1000 lawyers and 1000 sack lunches for the trial because I only need one lawyer, and a granola bar to take you and them down hard.

I can overlook a lot of the lies CNN tells day after day after day after day, ad absurdum, but this shall not pass. America is clearly under attack by the Democrat Party who has now splintered off into the People’s Party. Where have we heard those slogans and names before? China. Russia. Venezuela. From the mouth of the biggest Fascist of all time, Benito Mussolini. The very same fascist that trained Adolph Hitler. And most recently it’s spewing from the mouths of the Communist left-wing psychopaths in charge of CNN and the rest of the scripted mainstream media.

I’ve studied the 3rd Reich and I’ve seen footage of some of the inhuman things they did to their captives. Jews, Gypsies, Americans, whoever didn’t goose-step along with them was trampled under hobnailed boots and burned, or buried in mass graves.

There are some people that have the audacity to say that it never happened. If that’s true then Adeel Raja won’t mind taking a shovel and exhuming some of the empty mass gravesites around Dachau or Auschwitz, so the bodies they claim aren’t buried there can have a decent burial, will he? Ground-penetrating radar would make that a moot exercise in a matter of hours without disturbing their remains.

Cancel culture be damned, this is about Journalistic Ethics. This is not Journalism, it’s a blatant attempt to destroy the credibility of the free press through propaganda from CNN, which clearly has nothing to do with Journalism. Prove me wrong. Going on Television and spewing lies and misinformation such as the David Hogg fiasco that ended with Hogg finally confessing that he was not at school that day is not anything akin to Journalism and it literally rises to the standard of falsely pulling a fire alarm in a crowded theater. Every single day.


Frankly, I find it hard to believe anybody at CNN even believes the crap spewing from his hate-hole. In my opinion, he’s otherwise an abject nobody who found a touch-hole he can ignite with meaningless drivel and a keyword name and the puppets do his favorite dance. In my opinion, the fool just loves the press it gets him from both sides. Don’t forget the old adage, there’s no such thing as bad press. There is, however, a limit to bad judgment, and acting in deliberate bad taste.

There’s also such a thing as consequences for words and deeds on this earth, and this crosses way over the foul line. Not only that but it highlights the truth behind the two faces of the lamestream media. That includes their lapdogs, Antifa and BLM.

I predict that this is not going to end well for CNN at all. If people tear them down brick by brick they are well within their rights to do so in my opinion. Isn’t that what CNN calls a peaceful protest? I wonder how they’d report peaceful protests like those in Portland if they were happening in their offices?

Look what happened to the AP building in the Middle East the other day. Instant Karma? That’s what the reports say. You have a right to say whatever you wish but you have no right to present opinion as fact and as news. We as Journalists do have a code of ethics and this is going way too far by throwing gasoline on an explosive situation. That to me is completely unacceptable behavior coming from anyone, especially a so-called Journalist. You are a base coward hiding behind the base cowards at CNN to spew hatred at your fellow human beings.

You have no 1st Amendment right to break the law and cover the offense in the name of Journalism. No court in the world would uphold that ridiculous theory but CNN does it with alacrity. They not only let David Hogg lie to us and about us, but they also encouraged him to do it and they gave his lies national headlines. They gave him the audacity to knowingly call us kooks and conspiracy theorist nutjobs. He tried to cancel us and he got his bitch ass served. Now he needs to be sued back to the stone age.

David Hogg; reporting lies 3 years ago. This must never be forgotten. The boy who cried wolf, when the wolf was in on it. In evidence, I give you these disgraceful performances of a whole pack of lies.

Two years ago, David Hogg reported that 97% of Americans are in favor of universal gun checks. Bullshit. And, he still says he was there. That’s a whoop ticket on his lapel. In truth it’s the market price of the silver he sold Laura Ingraham, me, et al, out for and the actual value of his own hide. Just saying. ;c)


Damned again by your own words, David Hogg. I proved you’re a crisis actor. I still have a copy of your IMDb page that says you’re a crisis actor and you wrote it. Only you can write on your own page.


You erased it just an hour after I got the screenshot. I published it here the same day it was discovered. I also know that page is still there. I’m a member too. Lie your way around that, David Hogg. What’s up CNN? Have you got any fresh lies to replace these stale ones with? 

Screenshot (42)

We don’t have any advertisers so do your worst. You stepped on the wrong toes. I have copies of those videos published already of you, David Hogg confessing to your lies with witnesses from the school. If they even think of retracting that, forget it.  You are damn sure no Journalist by any stretch of the imagination because you have no integrity whatsoever. You are damn sure no peer of mine. To err is human, but to condone it, revel in it, profit from it by rubbing it into real-life, open wounds as you did is sheer and deliberate evil, and such as this cannot be tolerated coming from anyone ever. Not any individual or corporation, news or otherwise.



  • 1.newly received or noteworthy information, especially about recent or important events: “I’ve got some good news for you”

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Lies and the liars that tell them in the lamestream media like CNN are noteworthy for reasons all their own, David Hogg. I can only pray any one of you will want to go to court. I have evidence, and you have nothing but lies.

Like all of these fools, this fool has the right to speak the truth. As a Journalist, be it paid, or unpaid I have a sacred duty, not just the solemn responsibility, to tell the truth. Always, not whenever it suits my purposes. What you did was cancel any credentials you might otherwise have claimed honestly. You had a real chance to be somebody, and you blew it. That’s the beautiful irony of the real David Hogg story. You played yourself for a fool, and you helped take CNN down when all you all had to do was tell the truth and you’d never be facing cancellation as you are going to now. Clearly, you have no one to blame for your downfall but yourselves. But that’s just my opinion.

In Closing Let Me Say This.

We’ve got your Hitler, CNN.


On Deez Nutz.

Spread love not lies there are children watching. What if someone you influenced grows up to be your killer? It’s happened before.