I Robot – Burning Man 2018

I’ve never been to Burning Man but there’s no doubt in my mind that this is an annual event that should be on the bucket list of every free thinking human being on the planet. For the rest, attendance should probably be mandatory.

Founded in 1986 this annual festival draws as many as 65,000 musicians, and artists from around the world. They all come together to let their hair down and to freely express themselves. All the while learning to share ideas and knowledge with an eye towards learning as an intelligent species of animal to live together working to solve the pressing social issues that trouble all of mankind from America to Zaire.

From August 26th through September 3rd participants will construct a small town called Black Rock City out in the desert that includes a post office, fire department, and medical facilities. Campers are asked to bring what comforts they will but that all should respect the Earth and leave behind only footprints. Tire tracks will cost you extra.

Every Burning Man has a theme and this years theme is I, Robot. https://journal.burningman.org/i-robot/ A robot’s first directive is that one may not injure a human being, nor through inaction allow a human being to come to harm.

Whether one should choose to construct an elaborate robot, wear a robot costume, or to walk, talk, and/ or act like a robot for the duration or …. ? Just come as you are, with an open mind and an eagerness to live and laugh in the desert sun and to be yourself.

Registration began on Wednesday and closes at 12pm PST on Friday. This is only the first part of the ticket purchasing process. Burners must register and create a burner profile before tickets go on sale next Wednesday for $425. If you plan to drive to Black Rock City you will need to buy a vehicle pass for $80. Presale tickets have gone for as much as $1,200 per person.


Registration opens: January 24, 2018 12pm (noon) PST – Closes: January 26, 2018 12pm (noon) PST