Greetings once more sports fans and welcome back to a rare double-day edition of Vegas Valley Sports Beat where that spunky little sports column whose motto is I get knocked down, but I get up again, you’re never going to keep me down! But as long as I’m down there any way I might as well take a nap first.

Turning our attention once again to the wonderful world of wide sports, NABISCO announced today that they were going to introduce a super duper sized double-double stuffed Oreo cookie.

Speaking of bad tickers; retail dairy and whole milk prices rose sharply in trading, while public healthcare industries took a major beating on Wall Street.

While in other fake breaking news, Best Selling horror novelist, and self-styled political activist, Stephen King chastized President Trump today over the caravan of South American people who are currently marching for the U.S.-Mexico border. A mob which has stated an intent to cross into the United States illegally against the warnings of the Oval Office.

In this statement, King said that the caravan was basically just a group of tired and hungry people. Trump is rumored by a noted rumorologist (whose name has been withheld solely for the sake of convenience) to have tweeted back; Yes Mr. King, but so are zombies, as I’m sure you must already know. Since you’re such an authority I’m sending them all to your house so you can feed, clothe, house, bathe, and sort them out with the INS for a grateful nation who thanks you for your service. Not.

Okay so President Trump didn’t really say that but he should have. It’s never too late you know.

And now from the wide world of real sports news, the Dallas Cowboys squared off against the hated Washington Redskins in DC. Coming into this game, Dallas was 4-0 over the past two seasons against Washington who were no doubt looking to put an end to it and take the lead in the NFC East if they could. They did.

On their opening drive on 2nd down and 10 from the Dallas 37 Smith connected to Bibbs at the Dallas 26,  and Bibbs ran it the rest of the way into the end zone for the first score of the game. That was the first time in their last 12 games that the Cowboy’s defense has allowed an opponent to score on their opening drive.

Ahead now to the 2nd quarter. With 1:07 left in the half, Dak Prescot took the snap on Washington’s 49. Stepping back deep to throw Prescot connected on a gorgeous long bomb spiral to #13 Michael Gallup at the 15 from his own 43 like a wire-guided missile. Gallup easily ran into the end zone a mile ahead of the nearest defender for his first NFL touchdown and a beauty at that.

Congratulations Michael, you’re not a touchdown virgin anymore.

With 9:14 left in the 3rd quarter Washington attempted a 21-yard field goal on 4th and goal making the score 10 -7 Redskins. With 12:37 left in the 4th quarter Washington kicked another 3 pointer from 25 yards out to bring the score to 13 – 7 before Brett Maher kicked a 47 yarder to make it 13-10. Redskins.

Then on 3rd and 14 on the Cowboys, 10 Dak Prescot took the snap from center, dropped back into the Redskin’s end zone and was hit by #91 Kerrigan who stripped him of the ball which rolled into the end zone before being snatched up by Preston Smith for a Washington touchdown.

With the score now at 20 – 10 and only 2:48 left in regulation, the Dallas offense had its work cut out for them and for a moment there it looked as though they would rise to the challenge.

Dallas lined up in an onside kick formation but the ball sailed into the Redskin’s end zone and they started at their own 25.

After an uneventful 3 and out series the Cowboys regained possession on their own 46 and proceeded to march the ball down to within Brett Maher’s effective range for field goals. That would have tied up the game and sent it into overtime where the Cowboy’s might have won given the level they were playing at. There at the end especially.

Excellent play calling, execution, and clock management got Dallas down to within a leg’s reach of a tie. And indeed they gave it hell too. No doubt about that. The only problem was that when they lined up the first time for a 46 yard field goal try,  #91  of the offense was called for a snap infraction and the 5 yard penalty made it a 52 yard attempt instead.

When Brett Maher’s foot made contact with the ball I’m sure everyone was, as sure as I was sure it was a sure thing, sure it was going to be good for 3 points and for the tie. But as the last seconds expired from the play clock, the ball hit the center of the left upright and was deflected away making it no good.

The Redskins finally broke that 2-year losing streak to the Dallas Cowboys and take the lead in the  NFC Eastern division, while Dallas falls back into third behind the 2017 World Champion Philadelphia Eagles.

Both teams meet again on Thanksgiving Day in Arlington, Texas at 1:30 PST

The final score:

Washington Redskins – 20 (4-2)

The Dallas Cowboy’s   – 17 (3-4)


Images courtesy of Google, the Dallas Cowboys, Washington Redskins, and the NFL for whom all rights are reserved.