Happy New Year sports fans! Greetings and felicitations to all of my dear friends and followers. (you three know who you are) I seriously doubt it but still, I can hope that I am the first to wish you and your loved ones great joy and blessings in the coming new year. If nothing else, please allow me to be the first to welcome you to another fun-filled episode of Vegas Valley Sports Beat at Vegas Valley News dot-com. That crazy little sports column that is, as always, downright tickled pink to be able to once again bring you the constant variety of news and sports you always wanted to know but you were watching CNN instead.
Today is Wednesday, January 1st, 2020 and it is officially the first day of the Roaring 20s v2.O which I am hoping to make a Twitter trend out of because chicks look awesome in flapper dresses. Now I just have to run out and get myself a new zoot suit and I’m set to swing Daddy-O.
I am directly beside my window and it is open because it is just a drop-dead beautiful day in the neighborhood. The current temperature in the Pahrump Valley is 43 degrees according to my phone. The winds are calm and it is overcast but bright and sunny just the same and it feels good on one’s face.
A nagging little voice in the back of my head is telling me we should probably be worried about this on seasonably warm weather after it was so blasted cold last week and that voice is probably right. As I speak a northeaster is bearing down on the New England states bringing with it a lot of rain. That is unusual because it’s normally snowing there this time of year. But that is going to come in the second phase of this strange winter storm when it turns into a winter nightmare for everyone else it touches. It’s not typically good whenever a storm of any strength runs into cooler temperatures. In my own experience that is when barns go missing, cows start flying around in circles and hailstones, the size of softballs start falling from the sky. You get the picture.
All persons to whom this might apply are encouraged to exercise the utmost caution while driving in wet, snowy conditions. In New England especially where the rain is expected to turn to ice on the roads and where I have friends and family I wouldn’t want you to meet by accident. Do not overdrive the road conditions you find yourself in, or you may find yourself in a condition listed as critical, or worse. Take the extra time to get there in one piece because the number of lives you save might include your own.
A look at the playoff picture shows that it is really shaping up to be a promising postseason. There are sure to be some great games and a lot of broken hearts before two teams face one another in the Super Bowl.
Unfortunately, but hardly unexpectedly, the Dallas Cowboys will not be attending the playoffs except as spectators again this year because Jerry Jones is allergic to the playoffs or something, I don’t know. It just seems like ever since he fired 2019 NFL Hall of Fame nominated Head Coach Jimmy Johnson, Mr. Jones has continued to uphold a tradition of shooting the team in the foot and keeping them away from anything that might lead to a playoff win, or (God forbid) a Super Bowl appearance.
In all fairness, it must be pointed out that the team also played a starring role in their own demise this season. It is so widely agreed that Dallas has the talent and the ability to win the games they lost. And handily at that. Perhaps they’re following Ezekiel Elliot’s lead and giving Jerry Jones a little taste of what they can do when they don’t play like they’ve got their hands in their pockets. Now none of them will show up for the first day of training camp.
I would really love to take this opportunity to tell Jerry Jones what a moron I think he is but that doesn’t seem very gentlemanly so I won’t go down that road. This week. Check back next week.
My picks for the Super Bowl are the New Orlean Saints and the New England Patriots with New Orleans winning the Lombardi trophy by 3 points in overtime. You may want to take that prediction with a grain or two of salt though because I picked the Cowboys at the beginning of the season so my judgment is obviously quite impaired.
No matter who is playing this year it is sure to be a great game and I will be covering my third Super Bowl game live since joining the staff of Vegas Valley News in January of 2018. This year I intend to present the game as a play-by-play. There might even be a few old Super Bowl commercials thrown in for good measure.
I wish to wish all of you a safe and peaceful New Year filled with love, laughter, hope, and happiness. 2020 should be a year of seeking peaceful resolutions to the issues that divide us as a nation and as a people and the decade of the Roaring 20s should be dedicated to lifting up those who are less fortunate than ourselves and setting their feet on the right path and uniting this nation for all Americans. Those who seek to divide us as a people and as a nation cannot possibly have anyone’s interests at heart but their own. Whatever your race, creed or color, there is no escaping the fact that we are one. No matter which way you slice it. 8 billion souls with the same great grandparents.
Prejudice is an ugly and ignorant way of thinking that has to be a form of mental illness because it cannot possibly be right. People who are predisposed toward hatred of another human being can even see roses as ragweeds and would seek to eradicate them as a blight on their landscape. To any right-thinking individual that is insanity. It is selfish and abhorrent behavior given that the DNA taken from any two human beings share a common strand that links us all to the same parentage. The same origin. Those are the findings of the sciences that atheists and other groups hoped would support their insane theories that say there is no God. These are not the findings of religion who simply called them Adam and Eve. So one can truly say of their fellow man, there but for the grace of God go I.
If you don’t believe in God anyway? No worries. Just hold that thought because you’ll be able to tell Him all about it yourself soon enough. God believes in you. Once you start believing in you too, that is when miracles start to happen.
Every person is born to be free and equally deserving of the chance to be. No person, panel, or government should ever be allowed to infringe upon the right of any individual to be free and to have a say in their own lives and build whatever destiny they might for themselves. This year I renew my resolve and my vow to defend the meek and the children of God from tyrants, brutality, poverty, and injustice to the best of my ability. That’s my only new year’s resolution. Wolves beware.
If the key to everything is perception, that means your happiness has always been in your own hands. Don’t ever be afraid to be yourself and let it all hang out because you owe yourself at least that much respect. Only those who chase their dreams will ever catch one but those who help others catch their dreams catch a lot of them, all of their own included. If you don’t know what that means already, don’t ask. Just don’t piss in my corn flakes and carry on in peace.
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