Greetings sports fans and welcome to the very first annual Martin Luther King Jr Day edition of Vegas Valley Sports Beat. That persistent little column crying out in the desert, believe in the power of your dreams because they know you better than you realize.

As this goes to press many of you are sleeping snug in your beds; wherever that might be I wish you sweet dreams. Some people I know are sleeping on pillows fit to grace a Queen’s head tonight, many are sleeping on pillows that cost less by degrees, while many others heads have nowhere to lie but upon the ground. I know how that feels. I’ve slept on satin and  I’ve laid down to sleep on concrete and stone more than one time. By the same token, I’ve seen days when I didn’t even have a stone to lay my head on.

I ‘ve slept in a king size waterbed that was literally fit for a king in my own bedroom. It had Tiffany mirrors on the massive bookcase headboard and 6 more large mirrors made up the wooden canopy. I had no fewer than 8 pillows of every size and comfort level and several quilts and comforters in case it got too cold to get up and relight the woodstove at 3 am on a frigid winter night in Virginia. The mattress was heated anyway so it didn’t really matter unless a storm knocked the power out. It was half the size of my bedroom.

Not so long ago I was living in a ditch in Henderson, Nevada. This past December I slept in the desert by a busy roadside in my own town on two cold nights.

I have even had a three dog night where 3 homeless people huddled together in a small tent behind a grocery store. The wind was bitingly cold and blowing fiercely. Even in the lee of my truck and a small hill, it cut nearly straight through my tent. What kept us all from freezing out butts off were the three grown dogs we had between us. The night before we all slept at my house. I on my own queen size bed.

2 years ago I was sleeping in the entryway of a public library and got drenched with cold rain by a sudden torrential downpour from a storm I thought I was safely out of. Again my only pillow was stone. I’ve even slept out in the snow in West Yellowstone, Montana when I spent a night on the back porch of the Chamber of Commerce building in December of 1981.

I have been a kind of gypsy all my life moving to Puerto Rico when I was six months old I have lived, traveled, and worked all over the United States and I have met,  lived, and worked with more people than I can count. People from all walks of life from paupers like myself, to crown Princes.

Like Dr. King, I am also a simple Baptist minister having been ordained to keep my word to God on a promise made. I don’t talk about it but I’ve spent most of my life seeking God and trying to understand His word as it’s written in the Holy Bible. Many times I have walked down lonesome highways in the boonies arguing my case before God but I was talking to myself, or so it often seemed.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. It is not possible to be in favor of justice for some people and not be in favor of justice for all people.

Still, I knew God had to be real because I’d seen angels in the clouds coming to save me from drowning and I had seen demons dancing around my bed by the time I got to first grade. I saw them first in a nightmare but when I woke up they were still there. I climbed up in the top bunk with my older brother and they were still there when I went back to sleep.

I know the truth of God now so I must write this and tell you all, the things I know are true as I may never get the opportunity to do so again. My own inclination is to keep to myself and say nothing but as Dr. King himself once said, “There comes a time when silence is betrayal,”

If I do not tell the truth here and now of God as I know HIm to be then I will betray God and I have seen first hand the power of God when His anger has been aroused by a recalcitrant child who should know better.

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One dark night in Virginia I was lying in my bed when a vision appeared before my eyes in pitch darkness. I could see it just as plain as you can see the nose on your own faces and try as I might I could not close my eyes to it or look away. No matter what I did the vision remained in front of me.

I gave in to it then and I saw a vast colorless landscape along a vast lakeshore. I was looking from above the lake and I saw men fighting and killing one another along the shore. The lake was on fire and it came to me that the lake was filled with blood.

As I  looked out over the lake a man began to sit upright from out of the burning blood. He was to a man as a matchbox is in size to a mansion. He sat up, bending at the waist, I saw a two-edged sword which He held in both hands. The sword was upright before His face and it burned with the same fire as the blood. That fire was all I could see in His eyes. A fire whose flames had endless depth in them. They say no man has ever seen the face of God but that has to sound pretentious even to an Atheist. Say what they will I saw His face and it was set in anger.

As you can well imagine I said nothing about it but to very few people since it happened in 1994. Since that night I have struggled to understand the meaning of the vision. Why should it come to me of all people? God would say why not me I know that now. Why not indeed? Did I not seek HIm out for all those years?

I had been in the presence of the Holy Spirit once before so it should never have come as such a shock but it certainly did. I was still partially blind but now I see everything with perfect clarity. So here and now I share that dream of mine with you all in the hope that if even one person might be saved from the death that is coming it is worth any amount of public ridicule I might encounter as a result of having done so.

I know that God is the Creator of all things and I know for a fact that Jesus Christ is God because He told me so to my face. In October of 2017, I was supposed to have a cancerous tumor removed along with my left kidney but I was determined to let nature take its course rather than have the operation. Then it was given for me to know that God saved my life so that I might tell you these things which will come to pass within my lifetime and I’m already 55 and not in the best of health even with the tumor gone and cancer with it. Allegedly.

In any event, I was instructed that I am to make straight a highway in the desert for the day of the Lord is at hand. Anyone who has understanding can see what is going on in the world and what it means for all peoples of Earth. The entire world feels it now as the Master approaches. The Earth trembles and the Heavens are in a rage. They remember He who calls them by name. Even the animals know it. They were there when God was born to a Virgin in the little town of Bethlehem over 2000 years ago.

[Repost] In regards to the events after Freddie Gray. Doesn't matter which side you're on. Rage induces more rage. Violence induces more violence.  MLK - True Peace

I know for a fact that the seals have been broken in Heaven and the day of Judgement is upon us all. Soon many will die. I have had dreams of missiles falling on Las Vegas and I felt the heat from the blasts before I woke up. Believe as you wish, I have done my part.

I was exactly one month old when Reverend King gave his famous I have a Dream speech in Washington, D.C. August 28, 1963,  I don’t recall it but I do know that I believe in his dream because I know the truth of life and its elusive meaning. It’s very simple. We are the beloved children of God and God is in us. As Christians we have no religion we only follow the teachings of Jesus Christ that we are to love one another as ourselves even as He loved us Himself.

I know that every single person is a child of the one true God who is God and I know that His word is law just as it is written in the Holy Bible. I am given to tell you all that the Lord thy God would have you who are tired, sick, hungry, homeless, and lost that you are to take heart and to be of good cheer for the Day of the Lord is at hand. God has heard your cries for justice and he has felt every drop of innocent blood that has been spilled on the Earth since Caine slew Able. It cries out to Him and He shall not for the sake of the Elect wait to bring that justice to mankind’s doorstep.

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There is nothing anyone can do to stop the events that have been set in motion since light first shone upon the face of the Earth because the Devil knows the time has come and it is short. He has sent the beast among you to deceive the nations and lead God’s children away from salvation unto sure swift death on the blade of His mighty flaming sword. Those souls shall wade in the Lake of Fire and blood for eternity who make a living from the blood of innocents, and of murderers. The Holy Bible states that anyone who hates his brother is guilty of murder and nobody with blood on their hands may enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

God has said HImself that He is not coming to spread peace but fire upon the Earth and I testify that those words are true.

In parting, I will say only this. and nothing more. You cannot save every person on the planet no matter how badly you may try. God said so that some are not meant to hear the truth of Jesus Christ so you are advised to look to your own soul. But then if we do this is it not betrayal again? Betrayal of God and of one’s own family and friends. If that person refuses to hear then walk away but there are hundreds of millions more people who will hear the news and be saved simply by confessing from one’s mouth that Jesus is the Lord thy God there is nobody else.

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There is no lack of lost souls who live close to all of us and we as Christians owe it to them to at least try to reach them and teach them. If nothing else each person can reach out to someone in need of comfort and ease their burdens for them if only for a little while.



Remembering Martin Luther King Jr. #MLK <3                                                     ~ Martin Luther King, Jr. #MLK

There are people in the world even now who seek to do wonders and great signs and they will heal many in the name of God but they are not of God and God knows them not. I know who they are because I met them on social media early last year and they were not claiming to be God then so why now?

No matter. What does matter is that you shall know that of all things only love survives forever. Those who have failed to understand this will swim in fire forever with their souvenirs floating all around them.

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Fear not when you see the things written about in the Book of Revelations unfolding in the days to come for the Lord has promised that not even one of His sheep shall be lost. Not one. Woe unto you who are numbered among the goats.

Reverend King was murdered in cold blood for preaching peace and he is not going to be the last one. But there will not be many more before every person shall see Jesus Christ returning in the clouds at the head of an army of angels. Every eye shall behold Him and every knee shall bow before the King of Heaven.

Jesus told you  HImself and I’ll say it again. See that you are not deceived, children. The time of tribulation has come. Blessed are the meek for they shall inherit the Kingdom of God, Blessed are the peacemakers for they shall be called the children of God. Blessed especially are they who hear the word of God and endure unto the end. Amen


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