Greetings sports fans and welcome back for yet another thrilling adventure in journalism called Vegas Valley Sports Beat that spunky little column that demands to know why the fifth Trident dentist is still holding out. Why? Sugarless gum matters, that’s why. I want to wish a very Happy Father’s Day to all of you most excellent fathers out there. The ones who sacrifice their time and sometimes their lives just to get up and do it again every morning if they still can for the sake of the little people in their lives. It’s a great and noble responsibility to raise a child because that is as close as a human being will ever get to achieving immortality on this planet. Don’t blow it.

It was a beautiful day but sweltering hot here in the verdant Las Vegas Valley region this afternoon and the weatherman as you can probably guess by now is calling for more hot tomorrow followed by hotter still the day after that.

Ladies and gentlemen, start your engines, it’s time to go racing! A bit of good news I am sure our racing fans in Pahrump will want to cheer about as the Pahrump Valley Speedway is open again and racing is back on the big dirt track. From reports, it wasn’t easy to get permission for the track to reopen in the wake of the quarantine but the owner has been given the green flag. Track capacity will be limited to 75 drivers and 500 spectators but the venue is quite large so fans will have no problem finding ample space to watch the races in comfort and safety. If you spring for an all-access ticket you can wander around the pits and other areas around the track itself. I worked security out there once, and the place is great. First-time visitors to the Pahrump Valley Speedway will surely fall in love with the sights, sounds, and the smells of hot oil and burning rubber and the ever-changing excitement of fortune lost and found in the pits. Just don’t take any peanuts in there with you.

But I digress.

I wrote a review about LV Powersports this morning but somehow it managed to vanish without a trace into the Ethersphere so here I am typing it out yet again. But that is certainly not a problem for this review which I am only too happy to repeat. To recap briefly, I bought a 2002 Suzuki 1400 Intruder in February and I knew it needed a lot of work to repair a lot of neglected and worn out, and in some cases, damaged parts. I replaced quite a bit but I knew from past experience that it would be worth the effort and I have not been the least bit disappointed save for the traumatic experience I had at Parker’s Kawasaki in Pahrump where the mechanic didn’t know his arse from a hole in the ground. When I called them out on it and rightfully so as the evidence shows, the owner of the dump got abusive, told me I had a piece of shit bike, and threatened to get violent.

Two different motorcycle mechanics agreed they were out of line all the way around. I did not take my bike there to be messed up more. I can do that myself. I asked them to diagnose and fix the gremlins in the wiring system. They could not.

I took my bike to LV Powersports next because I had heard many good things about, Moe, the young owner of the shop. we loaded the bike on the trailer and took it to Vegas. Moe said he was going to go through the wiring and work on it all night and he had it fixed the next morning. I went and picked it up that afternoon and it has not given me any trouble whatsoever.

The contrasts between LV Powersports and the Kawasaki dump in Pahrump run by that Parker chump are like the differences between day and duh. When LV Powersports says they are re-establishing customer service they mean just that. From the moment I walked into Moe’s family-owned and operated shop I felt confident and at ease. Unlike the horrendous experience I had at Parker’s Kawasaki Moe did what I asked him to do without excuses or delay. Parker had my bike forever and damaged it more than they fixed it.

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To put it in their own words consider LV Powerspot’s mission statement because they’re not just paying lip service they are all about customer service.

“LV Powersports is a Family owned and operated Motorcycle Dealership/Repair shop. It is our belief that everyone should have a great experience from the moment they come in with all of our staff. We are reestablishing what the meaning of Customer service is, starting from our front desks, and ending with our technicians always going the extra mile. We are home to the Goldwing and specialize in all Japanese & American makes and models, and also work on European motorcycles. Bring your Sportbike, Cruiser, Quad, Side by Side, or Jet Ski and you won’t want to take it anywhere else.”

Truer words have I never heard spoken. He has my future business on lock and I’ve owned a lot of motorcycles.

Conveniently located at 1934 Western Avenue. Las Vegas, Nevada. 89102

Their phone number is (702) 685-8667

You will have to call ahead thanks to the Coronavirus but LV Powersports does conform to CDC guidelines for social distancing and so on and so forth. Wear a mask and tell them Charles sent you. They’ll be like, who?

Happy Father's day to all fathers, even those in heaven!