Happy Father’s Day sports fans and welcome to the latest if not then the greatest edition of Vegas VAlley Sports Beat that spicy little sports column preferred 4 to 1 by patients who chew gum in a recent White House poll. But that’s another story for another day, then again maybe not.

But I digress.

It was a rather hot day Saturday in the lovely land of the one and only Las Vegas Valley much to the surprise of not one single local or repeat visitor to Nevada in the latter part of June. The good news is that it’s not nearly as hot as it’s going to get before mid-September when the temperatures start to drop again as we head into the winter of 2021. Nope, it’s going to get much hotter by mid-July. But if you’re acclimated to it you know it’s a dry heat.

What that means for you honored fathers out there is to carry a sufficient supply of water with you if you have a family outing on this beautiful Sunday morning and stay well hydrated with plain cold water. None of those fru-fru sports or energy drinks. The Nevada desert is a cruel unforgiving place to get lost in without water or a means of contacting help in the event you do get lost. It happens to the best of us. It’s never happened to me personally, but that’s another story for another day too.  Actually, that’s pretty much it.

But again I digress.

I don’t have any kids but I can easily imagine that it must be the best thing in the world to be a daddy or papa to a child that has their whole life ahead of them, and you. Provided of course you don’t get lost in the Nevada desert with no water first. But, daddy dearest, because you were wise enough to read this sage advice imparted free of charge herein you are not going to be that guy.  Not today.

It has to be tough, even scary at times raising a young child when you turn on the 6’oclock news and see what’s going on all over the world. Some people have even come to the conclusion that you must be insane to even think about having a child in this day and age, and they have gotten themselves spayed or neutered as the case may be.

Since most of them are liberal/Marxists the jokes pretty much write themselves, but I’m going to stay on the high road because someone has to lead them by example because they’re already being led around by the nose by the mainstream media, and their teachers.

When I’m the voice of reason in any crowd then you know we’re all in deep doo-doo for real. But here we are.

The good news is it doesn’t have to be that way. A lot of us had bad parents and many grown-ups tend to carry on the so-called sins of the father because they think that’s how love goes. But it’s not and it doesn’t have to be that way. The cycle doesn’t have to continue. The scars and the pain may never go away but they need not be passed on to a new generation. It does not have to define you or your posterity.

It takes no more than the sheer determination to be the father you wish you’d had if you could have designed your own. You can’t go back and redesign your parents, but you can always redesign yourself.  As long as you are still breathing it’s not too late to be the person you always knew you were and knew you could be.

What an astounding responsibility it is to be a father at any point in history because your legacy will live far beyond your own years. At this point, however, it’s arguably the toughest time in all of our history. The horror show of horrors some children face every day in certain school districts in America is simply inexcusable to me, but there it is, and it must be dealt with swiftly, and severely.

Children are openly being force-fed critical race theory in more and more schools and that is guaranteed to make some of those schools a living hell for any children unfortunate enough to have the wrong skin color.  That’s just the tip of the proverbial iceberg when it comes to the dangers children face from day to day when an estimated 8,000,000 children are reported missing every year all over the world. That means there’s a 0.1% chance your child could vanish next.

I could write a shopping list of the atrocities the average child might see or hear about just on the playground much less walking to or from school. In my honest opinion, it’s heartbreaking to think how terrified they must be all day long. The thought of never knowing when someone is going to lose it,1 and suddenly shots ring out and your child watches as another student opens fire on them and their classmates with a rifle. Or a bullet is fired through a baby’s chest while it sleeps in its stroller and they see those things being cheered on by the mainstream news media.

What America needs isn’t a miracle. The miracle is that child that looks up to you. What they need is a superhero they can be proud of, and emulate later in life. Superman isn’t going to show up and do it for you so the dads have to step up and be the supermen in their lives. Changing the world starts with changing yourself and the rest follows as a  matter of course.

They are being told things that are sick and wrong and that simply cannot be allowed. Ever. They need someone they can trust to show them the truth and how to discern it for themselves by asking questions and seeking the answers for themselves rather than getting it from someone that may or may not be a Marxist, or worse yet, a bigot.

They need to see that people are not like that at all. They’re being told that because of their skin color they might not be allowed a level playing field when it comes to higher education and employment/career opportunities in the adulting world. What a load of bullshit, and they need to know it for what it is. It’s legalized systemic racism and nothing more. Every child in America can succeed if they work for it. I’m living proof.

The people who matter don’t care what color your skin is, and those who care don’t matter. It’s really that simple.

It used to be said that cheaters never prosper but that doesn’t seem to be the case anymore does it? Children need to know that this still holds true in America. That we as a people value hard work and fair play and the pride of a well-earned victory. There is no honor in cheating at any endeavor in life.

They need to be fearless when it comes to standing up to a bully no matter who it is, and that fearlessness comes from having a superhero in their corner to champion their cause if they have to defend themselves, or someone else from a bully. No child wants a sell-out parent who goes to the school and brown-noses the Principal who should also be in that child corner but never will be in most cases. That’s the ultimate betrayal for a child in such a situation. Nobody should be made to feel that way.

The most important rule that you can ever impart as a father is to live and play by the Golden Rule. Do unto others as you would have others do unto you. It’s very easy to remember and to practice every day in every way.

Teach them that giving respect is about one’s own dignity as is disrespecting others or being disrespected for any reason and it is beneath them. Show them the value of integrity and how easily trust can be shattered by a broken promise or a lie. Rarely can it be re-built.

If nothing else teach them that their happiness depends on them alone, and they should never hand the keys to their happiness to anybody else because they’re sure to ruin it. Teach them that a real superhero looks, and acts the same always, whether anybody’s looking or not. Teach them that it’s never okay to tell anyone a lie because you’re always going to get caught and it’s always going to be at least twice as bad if you lied about it. More importantly, it robs you of your own self-esteem and nothing’s worth that much.

Religion is a personal thing for each parent but children do need to be taught to look into it and to decide for themselves what’s right. Even an atheist can look into their own heart and ask it what’s right and what is wrong. Those who don’t know tend to become sociopaths and socialists which is really the same thing with a different name.

Happy Father’s Day to all of you awesome unsung fathers who already wear the invisible cape and tights of the superhero.  Make it epic, Superdad.