GOODBYE DOLLY – CAROL CHANNING January 31, 1921 – January 15, 2019

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Turning our attention now to the world of show business, the business that’s like no business I know, where tonight the world is in mourning at the news of the passing of a Broadway and Hollywood legend, Miss Carol Elaine Channing.

A well-beloved American icon and star of stage and screen, Carol Channing was a singer, dancer, comedienne, and a natural-born entertainer who discovered her love for the performing arts in the fourth grade. She was an actress and a very lovely soul who played starring roles in many musicals both on Broadway and on the silver screen.

Miss Channing is best remembered for her infectious smile, quick-witted humor, and bubbly personality. Fans of the television series, The Simpsons will best remember Carol Channing as the only little old lady who ever beat Mike Tyson by TKO. 

It’s unquestionably one of my favorite episodes, however; NFL fans might remember her as the first entertainer to perform in a Super Bowl halftime show when she performed with Louis Armstrong at Super Bowl IV in 1970.

Prior to that Super Bowls only featured marching bands during halftime. Then Carol Channing went marching up on stage, and Super Bowl halftimes were transformed forever. Presently, the Super Bowl halftime show is arguably the most-watched televised event in the world.

Carol studied acting at the Neighborhood Playhouse School of the Theatre in New York City and began her storied career as a musical actress by starring in the 1949 stage production of Gentlemen Prefer Blondes

Tomorrow January 16, 2019, will mark the 55th anniversary of the 1964 opening of Hello Dolly on Broadway. A role she would later win a Tony Award for Best Actress in a Musical.

In 1995 Miss. Channing revived her role in Hello Dolly as she did over 4000 times throughout her lifelong career. This, however; would be her last time in the role she made a household name.

1983 Press Photo Carol Channing in Hello Dolly, touring Portland – ora00850

Nominated for her first Tony Award in 1956 for The Vamp, Carol Channing soon followed this with a Tony nomination for Show Girl in 1961 and earned a fourth Tony nomination for the musical Lorelei in 1974.

On the silver screen is where Carol Channing really sparkled, winning a Golden Globe Award for her portrayal of Muzzy Van Hossmere in Thoroughly Modern Millie (1967) a role which also earned her an Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actress. Her other films include The First Traveling Saleslady (1956) and Skidoo (1968).

She appeared on television countless times as an entertainer and on a variety of variety shows, from The Ed Sullivan Show to Hollywood Squares. And many more if you include cameo appearances and talk shows. In 1966 Carol had what was the first of many television specials, An Evening With Carol Channing.  And in 1985 she gave a critically acclaimed performance as The White Queen in the TV production of Alice in Wonderland.

In 1981 Channing was inducted into the American Theater Hall Of Fame and received a Tony Award For Lifetime Achievement in 1995. In 2002 she published her autobiography, Just Lucky I Guess and then in 2012, Larger Than Life, a documentary film about Channing’s career was released.

Carol Channing had an electrifying smile and a beautiful heart to match and she continued performing and making public appearances well beyond the age of 90. She loved telling stories and sharing her songs cabaret style with her fans who are doubtless myriad or more. On the 31st of this month, she would have been 98 years old.

To say that she will be missed goes without saying, however; I sadly say it for myself and say goodbye to Carol Channing. I not only loved you, at first sight, Miss Channing, but I also bet on you to beat Mike Tyson’s ass. Just as I will bet the farm the Heavenly Choir is better than ever before now that they’ve got you singing along with them.

I say farewell, Dolly, it’s been swell, Dolly.

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Rest In Heavenly Peace, angel.