Greetings sports fans and welcome to another thrilling adventure in journalism called Vegas Valley Sports Beat. The little column that can and will, and that as they say is that. It is a gray dreary cold day in the Las Vegas Valley region and that old song about April showers is ironic when it snows instead; doncha think? I’m sure people across America think so right about now.

Please don’t forget those less fortunate than you be it man or beast. If you see someone out in the cold and storm help them to shelter don’t leave it for someone else to do when you may be their last hope. You would do it if it was you there would you not? Just saying.

Let us turn our attention now to the wonderful world of sports and the Las Vegas Golden Knights who lost to the Sharks last night in San Jose by a score of 5-2. The Sharks are fired up by all accounts with making the playoffs and are playing with a renewed energy. That energy was sufficient to allow the Sharks to get past Golden Knights goalie, Marc-André Fleury who to his credit has been a serious obstacle for San Jose in recent times. Last night they held the Knights to just 11 shots in the first 40 minutes and shut out the Knights offensive attack that had netted them 57 goals against the Sharks in their first 14 games against one another

Still, the Sharks have to win 3 more games including the game scheduled for tonight in San Jose. Which apparently they have already played. The Knights won evidently. the Golden Knights return to Las Vegas for game 3 of what is sure to be a heated ice battle as the hockey world holds it’s breath to see if KHL star, Nikita Gusev will join the Knight’s on the ice in the post-season.

Justin Emerson reports in the Las Vegas Sun today that the 26-year-old Russian Olympic Gold Medalist in men’s hockey in the Pyeongchang games in 2018. In 2017 he skated to a bronze medal finish with the Russian team at the World Championships in 2017. He was a star in the KHL and in my opinion Mr. Gusev is sure to be a good fit for the Golden Knight’s bench.

Scuttlebutt has it that he might not do so well with this being his first time competing on American ice and he has yet to practice with the team but I have a feeling he is going to be made to feel right at home by the team and the fans alike. The Knight’s picked Gusev’s rights up from the Tampa Bay Lightning in the expansion draft in exchange for choosing Jason Garrison. Gusev led the KHL with 82 points over 62 games this season which was the second highest ever recorded in KHL single-season history. That was 13 more than the second highest scorer of the season.

It would be great for team morale if Nikita Gusev took the ice against the San Jose Sharks tomorrow and he is eligible to play in the post-season. It seems only right, to me at least, that Gusev should play in the playoffs too even if he is the new kid on the bench he is still a viable member of the team now and it would allow him to be tried by ice and put his feet in the fire along with everyone else.

As the Golden Knight’s make the playoffs for the second year of their two year existence as a franchise, my Spidey sense tells me Nikita Gusev will rise to the challenge like a champion and he is in the perfect company for that level of play in the post-season. Good luck Knights, go for Lord Stanley’s Cup. Good hunting.