Greetings sports fans and welcome back or welcome for the first time to Vegas Valley Sports Beat at Vegas Valley News do com. That irresistible meatball of a sporadic sports column that refuses to be so easily swayed by the opinion of one unidentified “Dentist” that reportedly doesn’t like Trident Sugarless Gum. Nor will it ever allow itself to be deprived of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness by any party or parties.

I am sure we can agree that the pursuit of the aforesaid happiness invariably hinges upon the ready availability of Girl Scout Cookies relative to one’s individual timeline. Let’s cut to the chase here, shall we? Nobody shares their stash of Thin Mints or Peanut Butter whatsits and I’ve never seen one given as a gift to anybody ever. You’ll get no Judgment from me, nope. Or Thin Mints. Just saying so don’t ask. If you’re a Cookie Monster then there’s no need to explain. If you’re not then give me your cookies. But I digress.

Before the Virus that we can’t call the China Virus even though it unquestionably came from China, just as Ebola Zaire came from Zaire and we can be adults about it, Girl Scout Cookies were, for me anyway, a rare treat in that I rarely saw any selling cookies. Regardless of the origin, the pandemic drove them all indoors so you’re probably not going to see them in front of Walmart ever again. I think it’s just as well all things considered. But, again, I digress.

The good news fellow cookie monsters of Las Vegas is that I heard on 97.1 FM The Point Sunday morning that the Girl Scout’s cookie drive has gone virtual and the cookies are now 100% anti-viral, contact-free, and they’re available through their local partnership with Grubhub.

I personally have no Girl Scout Cookie bias but a lot of people seem to have a specific favorite. That’s cool of course. Me? Mego Cookie Monster on all of them, I honestly can’t decide on any specific cookie.

Mark Cuban And The Dallas Mavericks.

Turning our attention now to the wide world of sports, Mark Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks was way out of line in taking the national anthem out of his team’s home games. Deep in the very heart of Texas? That’s either a joke or a pathetic publicity stunt in my opinion. Either way, it’s pathetic and exceptionally insulting to me as an American sportsman. I learned at the youngest age that nobody likes a poor sport. Not a poor loser, nor a poor winner. It’s just not cricket. Just ask Tanya Harding what it’ll cost you in America if you don’t believe me. Ask Nancy Kerrigan her opinion of it.

I’ve always played by the rules because cheating is a hollow victory that I find distasteful and foul. If you can’t win without cheating then you still can’t win and you have to know it unless you’re a pathological liar. Even then they still know the truth. Doing the right thing is always the right thing to do on the field and you never seek the harm or destruction of your opponent outside of a war zone or video games.

I’ve played high school basketball and I’ve sat in the bleachers at many different sporting events as a spectator, supporter, and sports reporter. Here In Las Vegas where I’ve covered live Aviators and Lights FC games, and I even helped build the Las Vegas Sports Arena Complex. I love all sports, even video game sports.

My childhood dream was to grow up to be like Oscar Madison from The Odd Couple and I’m living the dream so to me Mark Cuban’s decision to disrespect America, the sport, and worst of all the fans is unconscionable. It’s not about Mark Cuban or the team’s belief systems, plural. Those can easily change on the same whims tomorrow.

It’s a slap in the face of every person that bled their lives away on foreign soil so he could be such a public display of the very reason they’re over there. They’re still fighting people just like him for something that has stood for 245 years without much help from Mark Cuban as it is. Nobody likes a tyrant, Mark.

I lost a lot of friends in Vietnam. Some of them came back and it horrifies me to think of the fate of those that didn’t. The arena is not for political wrestling and grandstanding or kneeling to make statements that only cause strife. It’s for nothing but the love of the sport, or it’s a pile of self-serving horse cookies.

You didn’t care enough to kneel in high school did you Colin K? Why now? I suspect it’s because in high school nobody would have tolerated that kind of aberrant behavior. You would’ve been cut from the team before you got off of your knees. I’d bet money on it. Mark Cuban had every opportunity last year and every year before that to stop playing the national anthem before games to show his secret depth of disgust at having to live in America but he didn’t. So, why now? Methinks he lacks the power of his convictions, and to prove it I hear he’s back-peddled on it now. That’s no shark that’s an eel.

Honestly though? Who cares what the excuses are? The fact of the matter is their antics are self-centered nonsense. They’re a severe insult to everyone that believes in good sportsmanship, to players who train hard and play fair, and to America’s people as a whole. It promotes a foul message of division and hatred to fans of all ages, but the ones that I am most concerned about are the children and how they see it. This shows them that if you don’t like what someone else stands for you have the right to disrespect, cancel out, attack, and/or even destroy it. There’s nothing good or productive to be gleaned from such an unhealthy ideology as that and it cannot be allowed to flourish.

Bottom line, I don’t need Mark Cuban or the Dallas Mavericks. Many lives in Dallas and all over the world depend upon the income the team generates, but the team relies just as much upon the revenue the fans generate worldwide. A vast number of those people are veterans or they have friends and family in the military, or who died in service. Others simply believe in the same principles those soldiers served to protect and defend with their lives.

This type of tyrannical insanity doesn’t require debate or protest it requires immediate and decisive action by the NBA to protect the dignity of the nation that gave it birth and supports it still. If Mark and the Dallas Mavericks have it that bad in America then they can pick up their balls and get the hell out. And that’s all I have to say about that.