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I should probably go out and see for myself but from my window, it looks like a beautiful day in the Las Vegas Valley News region. There is so much happening it’s often hard to choose one exciting announcement from the next to bring to you.

Today is the first day of April and you can bet there will be a veritable army of pranksters out there looking for a fool so you can’t say you were not warned.

The Final Four is all set after Michigan State knocked heavily favored Duke off yesterday 68-67 at the buzzer. April 6, at 3:09 pm, #5 ranked Auburn will face the #1 ranked Virginia Cavaliers. Then #3 Texas Tech tips off against #2 Michigan State at 5:49 pm.

I know that we are supposed to be objective as journalists and I agree, however; I think there must be a special dispensation for sports reporters to reserve the right to cheer for a favorite team. If we were not sports fans we would not be sports reporters.

For the first time since Arkansas beat Duke out of the championship in 1995, I have something to cheer about in the Final Four tournament so I wish the best of luck to all, but I hope the Cavaliers end your season in tears. My bracket is trashed now anyway thanks to Michigan State so why not?

For both Texas Tech and Auburn this will be their first time on the big dance floor of the Final Four. The pundits, whoever they might be, are sure to have a field day punditing over the potential outcome of these historic match-ups but the games are sure to be tough from start to finish as the teams are remarkably closely matched in overall abilities.

Say what you will about any of the teams but if it’s because your favorite team is not one of them? Nertz to you. Support the sport because it’s not about you, to begin with. It’s about the thousands of men and women who strive all year long to excel in collegiate sports and academia.

A friendly rivalry is good too and it certainly has its place in competitive sports but lifting up a competitor raises the level of play for everyone. If Martha Stewart doesn’t mind me saying so; I think that’s a good thing.

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