Fauci Ate The Bat

Coronavirus Has Become a Pandemic, W.H.O. Says - The New York Times




He  looked extremely cocky for the WHOville Nine that day,

The virus was ashore and it had not come here to play,

So when one died in Seattle and another the next day,

A pallor wreathed the features of the people left in play.

For they thought if only Fauci could get a crack at that,

They’d bet on their lives for him, but Fauci raised the bat.

The elitist left got up and split, leaving there the rest,

A cure that just might make you dead, Or sterilized at best.

But Trump listened to Fauci and the measures he must take.

But the former’s good for nothing, and the latter’s just as fake.


But then Trump let loose the vaccines, to the wonderment of all,

And the much-despised Trumpie tore the covers off them all.

And when the press had spun it, and they saw what had occurred,

there was Fauci at the lectern, spreading lies with every word.

Dr Fauci adjusts his mask

From the sheeple now infected there arose a censored roar,

like the silence of the lambs that have been screwed this way before.

It struck without a warning and grew strong in people’s fat

But only Fauci knew back then, cause he had raised the bat.

In Dr. Fauci we stan: the coronavirus leader has become a beloved meme - The Verge

There was pride in Fauci’s manner as he stepped into his place,

There were lies in Fauci’s heart and a smirk on Fauci’s face.

And when responding to the press he said do this and that,

No stranger in the world could know that Fauci’d raised the bat.

Ten million eyes were on him as he dished out lies that hurt,

Five million tongues applauded as he rubbed Trump’s face in dirt.

And when the Commie money greased the wheels for Fauci’s op,

Denial gleamed in Fauci’s eyes,  he thought his head would pop.

And now the protein covered sphere went hurtling through the air,

While Fauci stood a’watching it without a freaking care.

Close by the lying Doctor, the flu unheeded sped,

That’s not Chinese said, Fauci. Bullshit! The Donald said.

From the censored platform people, there arose a muted roar,

Like the bleating of the Doc who told, and now he lives no more.

Kill them! Kill the old folks! Cuomo shouted on TV,

And it’s likely he’d have killed them had not Fauci said, “let me.”

With a Cheshire Cat’s shit-eating grin, Fauci’s masked face shone.

He quelled the calls for proven drugs, the foolish game went on.

He virtue blasted Trump again and then the slander flew,

And Fauci still denied it while the Chinese blamed the W.H.O.

Dr. Fauci Predicts Grim Coronavirus Outcome For U.S.

Fraud cried the maddened sheeple, and the echo answered fraud,

but one scornful look from Fauci and the audience was awed.

They saw his grin go stern and cold, they saw his brain cells strain,

and they knew that Fauci would not let the sheep unmask again.

And now the virus has the world, and now it starts to grow,

And now the world is shattered by the force of Covid’s blow.

Oh somewhere in this blessed land the sun is shining bright,

A newsman’s lying somewhere, cause those fools just ain’t right,

Somewhere Grandma’s dying, her heart-line has gone flat,

But there is no saving Grandpa, Doctor Fauci ate the bat.